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Human languages are very limited.
Human languages are very limited.
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Riders of ye storm
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This idea hasn't been going well.
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I'm a new Google+ user, so any input will be appreciated!

I encountered a community I won't name that's just shy of 250k users. There's also a community of the same name that has nearly 50k users.
Their topic is the same.

How can I unify my view of both of them? How can I cross-post my posts between two of them without much hassle? Is there something that'd allow me to browse those two communities, and only those two communities in one stream?

Thanks in advance!

As a new user I'd like to start some meta-discussion:
I noticed that there exist two visually indistinguishable communities on G+, both named Linux.

There's this Linux, topping at almost 250k users,
and there's a second Linux just shy of 50k users.

Why is that?

Two weeks ago expired my guarantee period on my personal tablet: SM-P900, aka Note Pro 12" (16GB).

I think it's time to get deep into this beauty, and for the first time in over 2 years: deliver the rooting it DESERVES!

I'm holding on to my hat! Let's go!
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*Hello, Google Plus*

Here I go pouring myself out here from on now.

I will end up writing up about my hardware and software day-to-day challenges as a currently unemployed person who began coding 11 years ago, when I was 13.

For now I can tell you that I love the smell of WD-40, and I am too ashamed to show you my desktop computer. It's not that bad, it's just all over my room. [small]AND IT DOESN'T HAVE UNNECESSARY PARTS AT THIS POINT[/small].

I know, I'm terrible at this, but hell - everyone is at their beginning. Tell me what you want!
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How to format text on Google+ posts and comments:

Take notice of the spaces between words! Sometimes it does not work...
Google's chief G+ architect is working on this, so let's be patient!

#formattingposts   #Googleplustips     #Plushelp   #Gexpertise  
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I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search.
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