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3 Books Every Aspiring Sports Journalist Should Read
Joseph Nardone, the Managing Editor of Storm the Paint , shares his list of 3 Books Every Aspiring Journalist Should Read. If you'd like to connect with him, you can find him on Twitter @JosephNardone Anything and everything written by Dan Wetzel  "If you a...

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True T.Lo Stories: The job interview that changed my life
**The following is a story about a job interview that changed my writing career. If you like True T.Lo Stories, new entries are posted every Saturday! Years ago, I wanted to quit being a writer because although some people believed I was talented, an equal ...

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Social Media 101: Facebook vs Twitter
The biggest motivator and the greatest desire for all human beings is not money or power or anything else materialistic. The greatest motivator and desire is to be appreciated. After all, think of all the favors you have done for people because you cared ab...

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How to use Trends on Twitter to increase your social media visibility
On twitter, you may have noticed tweets that seemed random such as "I hate ham sandwiches #StuffYouDidntKnowAboutMe," and you may have wondered 1) why are people sharing such weird information and 2) what does that # followed by a phrase or a word mean? Wha...

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After the Flood: a Personal Essay
The following is a true story. I wanted to share the account about how losing everything in the 2007 Midwestern Floods changed the way my Chinese immigrant family viewed life and the true meaning of happiness, and I hope it inspires people to see the positi...

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Interview with Cynthia (cina) Pelayo, author and publisher of Burial Day Books
I am very excited that horror writer and anthology publisher Cynthia (cina) Pelayo has stopped by to talk about her chilling new book LOTERIA . I'm a big fan of hers and all that she has accomplished, and she was kind enough to spill with's read...

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True T.Lo Stories: The McDonalds Hamburger Experiment
**The following T.Lo True Story is told the way I remember it. It is in no way an accurate scientific experiment and all results are presented for entertainment purposes only. If you like what you read, new blog posts are put up every Saturday. Tell your fr...

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FAQ: What are some good websites to self-publish my work?
Aspiring writers have asked me how they can get their work published, and they often express frustration with obtaining their first job. Many outlets such as newspapers and magazines will not hire newbie scribes for paid gigs, and if a writer is new, then h...

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How to create a successful Kickstarter campaign: an interview with Liz Manashil
One of the biggest challenges in getting a film made is finding funding, and for independent filmmakers who do not have cash or connections, crowd funding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo provide a possible solution. The art of fundraising, however, ...

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5 Nonfiction books that every writer should read
Writing is my biggest passion, but certain aspects of being a writer such as rejection, self-doubt, and criticism used to make me, an otherwise normal human being, a neurotic mess. Luckily, I had found five books that had positively impacted the way I wrote...
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