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These piracy communities will never end I guess.. :/
#Piracy alert 2 plzz share to reach all the icon pack devs just tag the dev u know I seen some of icon packs in this channel and I have tagged some of them +Sikebo Giraz​​ +Max Patchs​​ +Morgan C​​ +Fraom Design​​ +221 Pixels​​
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Uploading 1.8.4 update for Substratum themes!
-WhatsApp now is awesome (dark messages bubbles for both sent and received messages);
-Play Music big rework and bugfix;
-Big rework in Google Keep, with dark notes too;
-Google Plus now is stunning even in the non-theme-ready overlay;
-Edits on "Android System": added an option to choose if you want to force the notification text near the icon to be white or not, on the ROMs that let that to "happen";
-Fix in Google Play Store;
-Fix in Google Assistant;
-Fix in SystemUI, and Navbar is now a separate option;
-Fixes in Settings;
-Fixes in Google Messenger;
-Fixes in Gmail.
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My first icon pack, called Dark Pixel Icon Pack!
This icon pack brings Pixel icons made for dark themes (my ones for example :P )!
Has almost 200 icons, for now, but ask me more with the built-in feature. :)

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(It seems like one my tooth is missing,but no, I've them all ahahah)
Beautiful day at Lucca comics with a very special meeting, my friend +Piereligio Di Sante​.
Two happy developers!

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#DarkStockTheme on an XDA news .

Thanks to +Eric Andresen for the notification. :D

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This is what I read at a first glance ahahah

It's a very cool device, just kidding. :P

#Google #Pixel #GooglePixel

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Join my official community of themes!
#BlackStockTheme #DarkStockTheme #NDarkMode

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These are the cool selfies! Ahaahah
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