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the enemy of my enemy is my friend makes for strange bed fellows but what the hell! hop in and snuggle up you bible thumping weirdos
Evangelical Alliance Ireland (EAI) has called for a secular educational system in Irish schools, as proposed by Atheist Ireland.

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Photograph: John McElroy

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The next trip to France has a new stop on the itinerary 

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Muslim Brotherhood mouthpiece in Ireland and Sheik of BadTiming Ali Selim calls for Irish Education System to pander to his crap

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I have seen the future and its Solar Freakin' Roadways!
Game Over for the Oil Companies?

Solar Roadways will provide 3 times the electricity we need. 

We could be refueling our cars from the road soon.

Share this video with your friends. They will thank you for it.

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#SolarEnergy #SpreadTheWord   #FreeFuel

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Proselytisers in Ireland have been given free reign to hassle co-workers and customers on company time

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I had been on the lookout for a free software kanban implementation that had at least the basic features, was actively developed and didn't require a PhD in SCRUM to use. So many free software developers turn to proprietary services for this and it's really unfortunate .. well, the other week I finally found something that ticked all the boxes for me: Kanboard.

(Small update: I forgot to mention it has a web service API ... so a native client or at the very least some Plasma widgets that show your tasks is a real possibility!)

I immediately installed it on a server to try it out with a real project involving a handful of people. It took five minutes (literally) to get it running and less than that to learn its tricks and become a proficient user. I was sold. When I presented it to the rest of the team, they were sold too. Win.

I mentioned it to +Kevin Ottens and +Marco Martin as I know they are interested in such things as well and both pretty much immediately said it would be great to have this for KDE as a whole. What really caught my eye for KDE is that Kanboard already has LDAP support, and is backed by .. LDAP! Perfect fit.

This evening, I saw a blog entry by +Jonathan Riddell and it notes that +Ben Cooksley, sys admin superstar, has added Kanboard to the KDE infrastructure and the Plasma team is using it now. IMHO this can only help with development process. If it works for the Plasma as well as one might hope, then perhaps more KDE developers will adopt it as well for their projects. It is hooked up to, so if you have a KDE developer account you can try it out right away.

It is great to see KDE continuing to expand its developer workflow toolbox which is already quite significant.

As for Kanboard itself, there are a handful of things I'd like to see improved .. thankfully its merge request queue is full of interesting improvements and the lead developer is actively working on making it better, so I expect it to only get better from here. If you're a PHP developer who would like to help free software projects like KDE, perhaps you can get involved and help with the backlog of features? :)

Thanks for the invite.  I'll try to post updates on Theistic Bullshit Irish style.  Of course if I were to post given every opportunity I wouldn't have time to eat or sleep

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Only nine?
Here are some commands that can be used to check disk partitions and their details on Linux.
These include fdisk, sfdisk, cfdisk, parted, df, pydf, lsblk and blkid
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