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Introducing the PirateBox: A DIY anonymous offline file-sharing and communications system built with free software and inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware.

#PirateBox #AnonymousFileSharing

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#D-DAY70th Operation

FRANCE - Normandy

44 agents
34 portals
61 links
30 fields

“Les sanglots longs, des violons, de l’automne, blessent mon cœur d’une langueur monotone…” (2 days before the attack, the BBC informs the French resistance of the imminent Normandy landing by the diffusion of a verse from a Verlaine poem). We are two days before the longest day...

Birth of the project
A group of Resistance agents suggested to perform the first cross-faction field art in Normandy to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Landing Day also called the D-Day (June 6, 1944 - June 6, 2014).
Both enlightened and resistance agents were excited with the idea and some projects were proposed (Lorraine Cross, Write D-DAY, …) but the final decision was to draw the dove of freedom and write the number 70.

Description of the project
The fields will cover both the lower and upper Normandy, from Le Rosel to Rouen and from Vire to Etretat (area length : 220 km / area height : 100 km)
After the involved portals were chosen, a discussion took place on which color choose to draw the dove and the 70 to be the most efficient and limitate the use of the car. The final decision has been taken to let enlightened draw the bird of freedom and the 70 will be drawn by the resistance.

Execution of the project
All the portals were linked between the 26th of may and the 1st of June, depending on the professional and personal moves of the agents. The field art was completed on the 1st of June at 4:15 pm.
We will try to keep it complete until the 6th of June, day of the D-Day International Commemoration.
For that, we ask to all the Ingress Players to respect that commemoration by not attacking any portals of the field art during the following week.

Enlightened Agents involved
Nabla93, Spir, Bajocasse, Slivo, Blackmomo, Heartnet, Funkyky, Emouchet, MiniSlim, slimactivia, Cooky, 22an9rpu, Mabogwen, eTE76, Guillmo, MrAEize, Enigtique, Naigel, Maxlamenace, Larandar

Resistance Agents involved
Aldochenon, Vidhar, Firejoke, PapaOne1, Kaptankap, MagiCrazy, MaLa3aR8D, MymyFawkes, Genwing, Kaminou, Gilou14, BaudFred, PrWillowSong, d1m2on3, Kittyhellsing, Egnet, Vanhced, Abeilard14, Pas Tek, Bbeuze, kaptankapjnr, SarahBlackwood, matthieudraft, taiisuki

A sincere thank you to all the players which have contributed in different ways for the success of that operation and to those which will permit to that field art to stay in our sky until the 6th of June.

+Ingress +Niantic Project +Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Matilde Tusberti 

#ingress    #ingressreport #resistance   #D -Day70th    #DDay70   #dday70th   #normandy   #normandie  
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Project “Hedgehog under a Leaf”
A cross faction project 3 months ago...

A resistance couple (Hofeherke & Mcfly13) decided to leave Hungary and to move to another country. They wanted to do something big as a last act to give a goodbye gift for the Ingress community. They collected more than 1300 keys from one portal in the middle of Budapest and started to organize the last move, a portal with 1300 links.

A big action like this is unthinkable without the help of the other faction, so everybody in Budapest was invited to the event. The deal between the factions was, that the enlightened faction helps the resistance to make whole Budapest blue (but no mods in the portals) and at the end of the action a big green field will be built over Budapest. A further side deal was, that the resistance faction does not touch a  big (20+ portals) enlightened L8 farm for 48 hours so the enlightened faction can get enough XMPs to restore the original balance between the factions.

The event started on a Saturday night at midnight on 7th of February. 6 enlightened agents (the destroyers) and 17 resistance agents (the builders) met by the center portal and the handout of the keys began. The agents started the operation exactly at 01:31 with the first link. The 2 and 3 man teams swarmed out in every direction.

At the beginning the number of the links increased rapidly:

  01:55 ca. 100 links
  02:45 ca. 300 links
  03:40 ca. 400 links
  04:30 ca. 550 links
  05:15 ca. 700 links
  07:20 ca. 900 links

At this point many of the agents got tired and some of them went home. The central districts of Budapest were already blue and the teams had to go to the outer districts. 

At exactly 11:13 a green agent who was not informed enough used a Jarvis on the center portal. 1171 links were destroyed in one second. Everybody was sad, because the big green field, the leaf wasn't built yet.

The 10 enlightened agents who were working on the green field finished at 12:00.

This was the “Hedgehog under a Leaf” cross-faction project in Budapest organized by local agents. 

The destroyer team (the Enlightened agents) in the project:
Atter87, MoparMan, nightie, pifta, steamy001, AmandaBp

The builder team (the  Resistance agents) in the project:
JuDgETom, kamonditamas, Biboka, Bby, cd334, Vereshurka, Minditthalunk, Babulo, PiszkosFred, Galduilfeusban, SirGeoff, Deirf, morcosmacko, Hungerwood, balzsamecet, Mcfly13, Hofeherke

Thanks for all participants and for all agents who supported us by simply not destroying our work.!
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Awesome error message is awesome.

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I wanted to do something really special for the Satellite anomaly Ingress players.  A few weeks ago i brought some ROXO bracelets to the Columbus anomaly and we had a stats contest to hand them out. They were so popular that I went back to the company, ROXO LLC, +ROXO , and they were generous enough to send these GREAT bracelets for the players at the St. Louis Anomaly tomorrow!!

You can easily take the charms on and off, you just pull on the band and slip it off, so you can swap and trade charms at events.  

Not going to the anomaly?  No Problem!  Order Online!
ROXO gave us a great price if you want to order more PLUS a 25% coupon code so you can upload your own team graphic and make your own charms to add. I made a cool Essex one for a friend, and a Resistance Detroit one, as you can see in the pictures!

THANK YOU! To our own great Resistance Detroit player, +Roger Minton  who put together the webpage, and THANK YOU to the folks at ROXO who worked hard to have them ready for the anomaly this weekend.  We really hope you like them!  More charms are coming to the website soon!  Don't forget to use the coupon code RECURSION to save 25%

Here are ordering details:
Be sure to use the coupon code: RECURSION
to get 25% off - expires monday 3-10-14
International Shipping

#ingress   #recursion   #recursionexcursion  +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brian Rose +flint dille  +John Hanke 
PhotoPhotoPhotoPhotoPhoto USE COUPON CODE: RECURSION to get 25% off
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On Sunday evening several Krakow agents from both factions came together to show their support for the people of Ukraine, the Ingress way. First they wiped out over 400 portals in the city center, then drew a trident (Ukrainian’s coat of arms) pointing towards Kiev and surrounded it with 12 stars - symbol of Europe. The operation “Together for Ukraine” took four hours and was executed without major issues.

There’re a few portals near city center related to the history of Ukraine, including “Memorial of Ukrainian Holodomor” and “In memory of the victims of totalitarian systems”.

Drawing: mehow
Execution (Enlightened): Jew, KWADRAT, marecki007, qringo, ukog51
Execution (Resistance): 0x4721, bbbzzz, fiedlerone, LiskaU, lolek, szekla
Intel support: mehow, Szymon, Tatanek, Zabrolak
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#ukraine   #odessa   #ingress   #niantic   #crossfaction  
Anchor, one of the symbols of the city.

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