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Read "Ready Player One" over the weekend. Lots of 80s trivia - especially geek / gaming trivia - throughout. But it wasn't really about the 80s. Good book.

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Technology innovations can be cool or, well, lame. This one is very cool.

Tactus has developed a touch screen with custom buttons raise up from the screen to show you where to tap. Pressing a flat button on current touch screens isn't the same. Current devices usually offer a vibrate or sound to let you know when the button has been activated. This new technology, however, will let you feel a button press.

The SDK or device drivers need to make the process easy so developers will actually use it but this is very cool technology.

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Here's an example of how public social media data can be used. If the data remains anonymous, I think this is a great use of the information provided by users. If you're looking to open a new restaurant or bar, where and when will you see foot traffic? Knowing where people are actually going can help business owners make some important decisions.

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Is an action "speech"? Feels like it to me. So clicking on a word - "Like" - is not the same as saying "I like that candidate"? I don't see the difference. Anyone that saw a name on the list interpreted it at a political position, of that I'm sure. And I suspect the sheriff did too.

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An interesting idea for approaching privacy online. Companies will wail and moan that it will cost too much, but they adapted to HIPAA and it didn't put anyone out of business (that I know of). In fact, HIPAA created (or maybe just enhanced) a whole new market segment.

Without a fairly standard structure for the sharing agreements, though, I wonder how much this could really protect the consumer. And by "standard" I mean clear limits companies cannot cross when creating agreements. And what say does the consumer have in that sharing. Can the consumer choose not to be included in that down stream slow? How clear will that choice be?

As we've seen from Facebook privacy settings, not everything is obvious. There are a lot of settings and many people ignore them all. Or don't understand them.

Not all implementations are equal and not all companies treat their customers the same. The guidelines, like HIPAA, are the key as we learned from the first recommendations that had to be revised.

In general, I like the idea but we need to think about how this is like and not like the HIPAA analogy. And how do we build in reasonable protections for both consumer and company? What do you think?

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So why bother with the first page on Google? What's so important about those first 10 or 20 links? Finely hone search algorithms? Who needs that?

SEO be damned (darned?). Why not skip the first million links to find the real uh crap, farther down the list.
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