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Our video featuring the types of evidence our Las Vegas private investigators are collecting daily. When you need the truth, Elite Investigations will find it!

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In the last few years, drones are becoming more commonplace. Since they are noisy and visible, they aren't particularly useful during an actual investigation.

But during the pre-surveillance period, drones have proven to be invaluable. Learn more in this post.

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Private investigators come in all shapes and sizes. If you need surveillance and elite detective services in Las Vegas, there is only one company to hire. 

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There's a reason why our clients rely on our proven and effective personal asset research services.

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At Elite Investigations, we are proud of our legacy of being one of Nevada's most trusted and meticulous investigative firms for over 20 years. We adhere to only the highest standards of discretion and professionalism in any challenge we undertake. We invite our friends and clients to view our listing on Yelp.

As private investigators in Las Vegas, we have done our share of cheating investigations. This April, the city woke up to a number of headlines about another type of cheating scandal, and not the "fun" kind - according to a law enforcement report, as-yet unknown adults at a Las Vegas elementary school are suspected to have altered students' test results in order to artificially boost school achievement statistics.

The findings are the result of a 2 1/2 year investigation by the state education department.

If you're wondering how it's possible to determine whether test scores were tampered with after the students turned in their exam sheets, investigators have a number of clever ways to get evidence, and far from all of it is CSI-style forensics. When it comes to test scores, statistics can be a detective's best friend. First of all, investigators zero in on large swings in test scores - while it's possible for a school to suddenly improve its literacy rates from 30% to 80%, this type of change is a large red flag.

Second, altered test scores can present some unnatural statistical patterns that become apparent during analysis. For example, a normal test distribution will show correct answers tapering off as problem difficulty increases; if you find a sudden spike in correct answers on a particularly difficult problem, this can be an indication that an unscrupulous teacher went back to the test sheets and corrected the results.

There is a place for forensics, as well - analyzing the answer sheets themselves reveals which answers were erased and changed. Students do this themselves with some regularity as they change their minds about an answer during testing, but investigators know the average rate of erasures - around 3%. An unusually high number of erasures may indicate tampering.

Between old-fashioned forensic work and data crunching, many things that were previously hidden become revealed. This is how we approach our work, as well - it's not just about surveillance and high-powered camera lenses. A data-driven approach can also be an extremely powerful tool in an investigator's toolbox.

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