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Just wanted to share that the new cover for the combined LL/AEC is progressing. I saw a great pencil last week, and it is being colored up right now.

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I'm working on new projects and gearing up to keep communication flowing to people about all things Goblinoid. Please consider joining the mailing list. List members will receive early notice about projects, occasional exclusive offers, and exclusive discounts.

Does anyone know whether there are plastic ape man figures out there sort of like the old green army men, or other similar plastic figures like those produced by TimMee? Seems like someone would have produced small PoTA knock-off figures like this?

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Paul Kidd has just released a source book for Starships & Spacemen 2e! I've gone through it, and there is a lot of meat to this book. Lots of things to use for your campaign.


Kitsune Press is proud to announce the release of the first-ever campaign book for Starships & Spacemen.

"The Lucanii Drift"

Available in PDF, soft cover and hardcover, with additional free, printable colour maps for players.

The Lucanii Drift:

Set deflector screens to maximum! All ahead full!

High above the main galactic arm lies a brilliant stream of stars – the Lucanii Drift. Separated from Confederation space by a hazardous wilderness of storm-swept space, the Lucanii Drift is only now being entered and explored.

Player characters crew a Confederation starship. Their mission: to chart the unknown star systems of the Drift. To explore its new horizons. To make first contact with alien species, and to support the fragile Confederation colonies.

But all is not as it seems. The Drift is haunted by old enemies – and even deadlier ancient secrets…

The Lucanii Drift is a sandbox campaign setting for the Starships and Spacemen RPG by Goblinoid Games. It can be easily used with any science fiction rules that allow player characters to ‘boldly go’.

Inside this book:
· Expanded starship combat rules
· New Equipment
· New character races
· Additional character generation rules
· Rules for improving and developing starships
· 15 sectors to explore, filled with conundrums and discoveries.
· Hundreds of encounters and adventures

Dust off your red shirt – and on to adventure!

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Apes Victorious is the of the Day at RPGnow! Merry Christmas everyone!

Apes Victorious
Apes Victorious

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Lulu perfect bound copies should arrive Monday so if they look ok then the Lulu version will go up for sale Monday evening. Finally resolved the glitch at RPGnow so as soon as files pass through premedia prep I will order proof copies of those. Sorry to keep people waiting!

As soon as I get a chance I'll post the world map on a larger page for easier reading. The map and symbols are in svg format and I'll post the original too in case anyone wants to " monkey" with it in Inkscape or illustrator.

The no art version is now up on my website for those who wanted to check it out that way.
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