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I've Moved!
Do come visit me at my new home:

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Even Low-Income People Can Benefit from Decluttering
Well, it was a lovely summer, but fall is in the air, and
while one might think that’s what has motivated me to get back to posting to my
blog, the reality is that reading “ The Class Politics of Decluttering ” got my
blood going and incited in me the urge ...

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Finding the Motivation to Declutter
Decluttering cannot be a one-time event. If you’re not careful,
your stuff will quietly multiply when you’re not paying attention, and before
long you’ll be back where you started. So you must be diligent about not
acquiring new items without throwing out a...

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Why Most People Want Tiny Houses
I’ve been under the weather lately, and having read a ton of
books and played too many games on my tablet, I became bored and decided to
watch something. I found “Tiny House Builders” on Netflix and watched all two
episodes offered. The concept is a good on...

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An Indispensable Decluttering Tool
Some people find decluttering to be easy, but I’m not one of
them. For me, decluttering is a challenging process that requires me to be in a
certain frame of mind. It also requires the use of my car. Yes, my car. You see, once I make the decision to get rid...

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Denial and a Parent’s Estate
George died after a good, long life, leaving behind two
daughters and a houseful of belongings that he had always intended to sort
through, but never did. Alice, the elder daughter, lives over 900 miles away. Amy, the
younger daughter, lives nearby with her...

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Now is the Time
Christmas is now behind us, and in its wake we’re left with
more goodies than we really need, in most cases. So this is a wonderful time to
go through the gifts we received, deciding which are keepers and which need to
be moved along, so we can remain clutt...

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The Desire to Acquire
The desire to acquire starts when we’re young. We’re setting
up our first apartment, or our first house. We want to put our stamp on it and
make it feel like home, so we shop for just the right pieces and decorative
items. It doesn’t matter how much or litt...

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Is Downsizing the American Dream a Bad Thing?
A recent article posted at laments the findings of interviews and
surveys that show that an increasing number of Americans, particularly young
Americans, are more concerned with hanging on to what they have than moving up
in the world, and a...

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Giving Up Your Furniture When You Downsize
What do you do with your furniture when you downsize your
life? Most likely you’re moving to smaller quarters and you just
can’t fit all of your furniture into it. So you’ll have to make some decisions. We moved from a 5-bedroom two-story house to a 3-bedro...
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