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Katie White

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Throughout this school year, my first one as a music major, I have grown and changed in many ways. These changes have transformed the way I perceive music, the way I practice music, the way I analyze music, and the way I relate to music. My classes, ensembl...

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Conditioning or Tradition?
For those of of who have grown up attending church, especially attending the same church for an extended period of time, it can often be weird or even difficult to attend another church with a different worship style. I 100% believe that different worship s...

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Come On Eileen
One of my all-time favorite songs is Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners. No matter how many times I hear it, the catchy tune always lights up my face and has me dancing. Through exploring concepts of music theory, we can determine exactly what it is ...

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Worship and Community
Looking around at the world around me, a concept that comes to mind is division. My world is divided, my country is divided, my school is divided, even my family is divided. Although I don't necessary think all division can be resolved, because I believe in...

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a word on prayer
So y'all know that I only post on this blog when Jesus really gives me something to say. Well, every Friday morning I give devotionals to my drill team, as the chaplain. Jesus has been SO FAITHFUL to provide clear messages to me every week, with words that ...

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This Love
The love that takes my breath away first took away His so many years ago. The love that raises my hands in adoration first pierced His in sacrifice. The love that makes me free  first nailed Him to His place. Because He was broken, I can be made whole. Beca...

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Introspection I am broken. Shattered to be exact. I am multicolored, I am a mess of contradictions. A singular human Babel. An oxymoron. But there is a beauty to be found in broken pieces. I am not untouched, I am tainted. But I am not stained. I am decorat...

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The Journey of Joy
Happiness is good. Really good. Happiness is fulfilling, it is restoring, it is reassuring, it is, for lack of a better word, happy. But happiness is temporary. Happiness is fleeting. Happiness is futile. So how can we go about our life knowing that our cir...

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Wars and Truth
I think that it is all too easy to forget who you are. Whose you are. And what you have. Something that should be permanently ingrained on our hearts is something that we sometimes go days without even acknowledging. Why?? And why is it that it is so easy t...
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