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Jonathon Colman
Product UX + Content Strategy at Facebook. Introvert by nature, feminist by choice.
Product UX + Content Strategy at Facebook. Introvert by nature, feminist by choice.

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🚨 OMG 🚨 OMG 🚨 OMG 🚨

You may remember that almost a year ago, my mother-in-law Marcia was in a catastrophic traffic accident.

But thanks to you and all of your support, SHE'S COMING HOME later this month!!!

You can learn about Marcia's next steps at and contribute to her ongoing care, therapy, and home renovations that will help keep her safe and comfortable.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for giving us hope. Thank you for helping Marcia walk.

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JOBS: We're hiring designers, researchers, & content strategists at Facebook in Seattle!

See all our roles at and let me know if you have any questions or need more information.

I'm always happy to chat!

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Hey friends, I need your help.

Once again, I'm participating in Big Climb Seattle to help fight Leukemia and Blood Cancers and I need your support.

You can donate directly at

On March 26, I'll be climbing Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle: 69 floors of stairs, 1311 steps, and 788 feet of vertical elevation. And I'll only get to the top with your help!

Please donate to support my stepclimbing and to aid in the fight.

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Took this pic while hiking up Mt. Victoria during our final few hours in Wellington, New Zealand. Apologies in advance to whomever sits next to me on the plane, but it was worth it. 😅

We've treasured our 3 weeks here in New Zealand, touring all over the North and South Islands. My wife and I were married here 10 years ago and we renewed our vows at sunset on Piha Beach. ❤

Speaking at #Webstock and running a full-day workshop on core values and content design was like a dream come true. This event is truly a standout amongst standouts and I'm honored to be even a smalll part of it. I've never learned so much, laughed so hard, not been so inspired. 🚀

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Today I had the honor of giving the opening talk on the final day of #Webstock.

Thank you so much to Team Webstock for all of their help and support, for giving me the opportunity to hold a full-day content design workshop earlier this week, and for bringing me to New Zealand.

My talk was about aliens, nuclear waste, and the one thing that ties us all together: our shared fight against ambiguity.

We solve our problems together—or not at all.

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This is where I married +Marja Huhta ❤ 🇳🇿‬

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"When you change how you write for a product, you change how the product is perceived."

Love this new post from +Elizabeth McGuane at +Intercom

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Huge news for developers: Twitter is selling its developer platform, Fabric, to Google!

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Hey friends, we're hiring 2 content strategists in Seattle to work on a couple of really fun products.

If you're interested in UX writing, information architecture, design, and solving big problems for people, please apply!

I've been at Facebook for ~3.5 years and would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the role, working at Facebook, or anything else.

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Really nice article on writing and designing for bots by +Elizabeth McGuane in TechCrunch. She tells us:

"The real measure of success for today’s designers is making technology disappear so that it becomes a true tool for humans. The true measure of success for a designer who deals in words is making tools quieter to use, so we can use them more intuitively."

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