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Stephani Itibrout
Wife, Mother, Teacher, Runner from Trouble
Wife, Mother, Teacher, Runner from Trouble

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The Psychological Thin Line
This post is late, by my standards, and YOU DON'T CARE AND NEITHER DO I. I ran 16.2 miles last Sunday. 13.1 of those miles were with Kristin, who is amazing and I love her. The Medina Half Marathon course was the focus for most of our morning. Kristin and I...

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19 Miles!
Today I had my 19 miler--a mileage I have not run since training for the Akron Marathon. It went surprisingly well.  Here are some pictures and some lessons I learned: 1. (Re)Learn to run by yourself.  This one is odd for me. When I first started running, I...

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Flat Is Where It's At
I've focused a bit on hills lately, which is totally good for me in every way. . . This is EXACTLY how I look when I run hills.  See that look of joy? See the little kids in lederhosen?   But for my dial-back run this week, I wanted something flat and easy....

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Hills and More Hills
I had a dilemma: I had 18 miles to cover on Sunday, and it looked like I was going to run them alone until. . . Rachel came along. Rachel is another Cleveland Marathon Ambassador ; you can check her out here . What a happy coincidence that Rachel had to run...

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Still Got It!
First, this has nothing to do with running. Thursday night my friends and I attended Puddles Pity Party at the Cleveland House of Blues, and this happened: Best. Concert. EVER. I highly recommend you see him if he is in your area. Second, I was worried that...

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Don't Go Chasin' Waterfalls
Today I did 16 miles. I got up super early to run three miles along the canal at Bedford Reservation, and then I joined the Burning River Goddesses to do 13 more miles on the trails. Jen warned us that it would be an adventure. . .and that it was. The adven...

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Trails Are the Answer
I'm amping up the mileage, Peeps. Last week was a fallback week--13 miles. This week I intended to return to 16 miles, possibly do 17, but there was a weird parking problem.  All the trailhead parking lots were closed at 8:00, when I intended to put in poss...

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Magical Thinking
I believe in magical thinking. Call it what you want: prayer, visualization, meditation, voodoo. . .it's magic, and I believe it works. To this end, I have participated in some magical thinking lately: 1.  Achilles Tendon. My Achilles Tendon has been bother...

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And the Winner is. . .
Congratulations to Ron, the winner of a race entry to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Series! Want an entry of your very own? You have two choices: 1. Register here 2. Follow the Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors ( info linked here ) . We each host a giveaway ...

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A Giveaway!
This week I get to give away one entry to any one race in the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon series!  I am so excited, Peeps. As many of you already know, I am an ambassador for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. The lovely people in charge give me a free entry ...
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