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I've been trying to use Linux for all my computing needs at home for a while now. Not really because of ideological considerations, but because in my opinion, Linux makes a much better development platform, especially for Web applications. However, Linux likes to blow up every once in a while and it requires quite a bit of time to set everything up the way I like it.

After trying Ubuntu, and Fedora, and Kubuntu, and Fedora KDE spin for a while, I got tired of having to reconfigure my system every couple of weeks. The problem with Gnome 3 and Unity is that they seem to be primarily targeting small laptops. That's nice and all, but I have a 30 inch monitor, and I'd like to utilize it to its full potential. As much as I like Qt, KDE is kind of a second thought in all major distributions.

Either way, I end up having to install a bunch of plugins and such just to get a usable system out of either Ubuntu or Fedora. In the process of doing this, the system usually ends up becoming unstable, or outright refusing to boot. This was becoming frustrating, I was seriously considering going the Hackintosh route and I would have, but my hardware is not compatible.

After being on the verge of giving up on Linux or spending $500 to replace my motherboard and CPU so that I would have a compatible Hackintosh chipset, I read about Linux Mint. They used to be just Ubuntu + Restricted Extras, but they've evolved since then.

Linux Mint now rivals Ubuntu in stability thanks to their more conservative update strategy. Unlike something like CentOS or even Ubuntu LTS, Mint is still based on the latest Ubuntu release, so it's got all the semi-newest toys. On top of that, they include a nicely configured Gnome 3, which in my opinion combines best of Gnome 2 desktop sensibility and Gnome 3's new features. A huge plus is that all made-for-Ubuntu repos work just fine with Linux Mint too.

Anyway, just wanted to share this, I hope this helps somebody.
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