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I am a 54 year old registered nurse, practicing nursing for 23 yrs. I am now semi-retired, as I am devoting all of my time to my husband, Chad, who was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer on September 4, 2015.

My husband has always been an active man, NEVER keeps still. Worked as a commercial diver for over 30 yrs. NOT an easy job.  As his doctor said when he found out Chad's occupation, "Man that's a tough job.  I actually think I'd rather go to prison." But somebody has to do it, and he's the best in his field, not to mention one of the kindest and most honest human beings I've ever met.

When he was diagnosed, I was devastated; as an RN I know what small cell means. It's a VERY aggressive and fast-growing type of cancer, mainly seen in smokers or former smokers. My husband was a heavy smoker up until three years ago, then he switched over to e-cigarettes. In September, he started with chest pain and fever. I listened to his breath sounds with my stethescope, and said I thought he had pneumonia. He went to the doctor the next day, and she sent him to the ER.  Sure enough, it was pneumonia...but there was something else on the X-ray. They did a CT scan, and there in his upper left lung was a mass approximately 4cm x 7cm.  I knew at that moment that my worst fears had come true. That was when I hit the internet and found a ton of information that even his doctors didn't know about. That's why I started sharing what I found - the highly experienced experts with whom we have entrusted Chad's life, simply don't know it all.  Who does, really?

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Arrive in Nashville on Christmas Eve with a sick husband, exhausting day, and they literally have NO CARS!! Garage is empty. Apparently trying to "borrow" cars from Hertz?! Have had reservations for two werks. Never again
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Great gym, very close to me. I'm lucky enough to be able to go at off-peak times. Otherwise, I can see how it might get pretty crowded, since it's a small place. Very clean. Only complaint would be the treadmills, as the screens for programming them have very little sensitivity, so you end up pressing buttons again and again until...well, something happens. Tons of parking, so no problem there.
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Kind and knowledgeable staff, welcoming environment, always feels like your among friends. Dr. Impastato has been a godsend, relieving years of neck pain, which even surgery failed to alleviate. He takes the time to listen and will answer your questions without making you feel rushed, or like just another "customer." It's because of him that I will probably never need another surgery on my neck. He also has great advice on nutritional health and healing, and my husband and I plan to work with him on a nutrition-based treatment plan, as my husband has recently been diagnosed with cancer.
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