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Michael Nolan
I've now moved to my Apps account for Google+ - find me there!
I've now moved to my Apps account for Google+ - find me there!
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Google have finally released Google+ for Apps Domains so I'm moving over to +Michael Nolan. Circle me there!

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“Spherical Flying Machine”: a 42-inch remote controlled ball that can zip around in any direction at ~37mph

Spherical Flying Machine Developed by Japan Ministry Of Defense #DigInfo

iOS 5 upgrade failed to restore my apps. Kind of glad of the fresh start.

I might've been imagining it, but did I read hashtags are now supported on Google+? #lazyweb

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I love reading the constructive feedback people give the BBC for their new web designs:

And by "love" I mean it does my head in and these people need to STFU!

Would love to hear Amazon's justification for charging £89 in the UK for their $79 Kindle.

Update: apparently the $79 US version includes adverts.

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Very cool - can't stop going what it tells me to!
Sorry for my Twitter followers that have seen my tweet of this already, but it is too good to leave it over there. This is just fantastic:-)

Dear #lazyweb. Are hashtags searchable with Google+ now?
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