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How to help your customers generate referrals for new business...
A satisfied customer is your best marketing tool. It's free, easy and can reap great returns for little effort. Find out how you can help your customers generate more business for you! Read more...

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Content Marketing is a critical strategy for increasing your customer base and reach. While it is a relatively new approach to marketing, those who are doing it right are reaping big rewards. Are You Making these 9 Content Marketing Mistakes? Read more...

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Why Referral Programs Work...

Want to increase your revenues with ALMOST NO EFFORT?

Referral programs (and loyalty programs) work wonders to help your existing customers bring in new leads for you...and be happy to do so. Read more...

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EVERY retail business needs to have one of these at their Point Of Sale (POS).

Email marketing is a proven, easy way to increase your revenues - when used wisely.

Engaging with your customers in a respectful, beneficial (to them) way will naturally cause them to both visit you more regularly, but it can also help them spend more.

For more info, check out this blog post:

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You have heard about this Blogging thing...but you're not sure what it's all about and whether or not your business can benefit from it. Here's more on the topic...
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