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Alyssa C.
Events planner by day, music artist by night.
Events planner by day, music artist by night.

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Stinky Tofu, Tanghulurs, and Other Street Food in Taiwan
When a self-confessed foodie goes to a new place, of course she's going to Google what kinds of foods to eat there. My siblings and I went to Taiwan just before 2016 ended. It was an adventure of many firsts—first time for all of us to go to Taiwan, first t...

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It's Been a Great Year of Adventure, 2016
Oh, wow, haven't the last couple of months been busy? I've been reflecting on my trips this year (with the help of, which is an site that generates your best nine photos on Instagram), my planner, and my blog posts (or lack there...

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Five Things That Made Me Fall in Love with Ilocos
There are some places that, when you visit them, you fall in love with them and leave a part of yourself behind. Maybe because of the experience, because of how it looked, and how it felt. Maybe because of its history or its scenery. When I went to Ilocos N...

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The Liebster Award
The Liebster Award is an online award given to bloggers by other bloggers that helps spread the love that we all so desperately desire. Liebster is a German word that translates to “dearest” so getting nominated for this is bound to give you a warm, fuzzy f...

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Video: Triplets Explore Ilocos 2016
Last week, I went on a trip to Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, which are northern provinces of the Philippines. Lengthy post coming up about what we did and where we went and a bit of what we ate, but in the meantime, watch the video below that one of my frien...

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The 'One Lovely Blog Award'
Shout out to Hannah Henderson of Hannah Henderson Travel . Thank you so much for the nomination! I'm honoured. As part of the nomination, I have to surrender a portion of my soul. Just kidding. Please see the rules for The 'One Lovely Blog Award' as follows...

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Packing Tips & Tricks for Travel [Infographic]
Got too many stuff to bring on your next vacation? What goes in your carry-on? What should you put in your check in? What are essential and what can be left behind? I'm a huge fan of travelling light—and smart. I used to be the kind of person who would take...

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Books to Inspire You to Travel
Books have inspired me in so many ways. Not just to try to write my own stories or to use writing as a means of expressing myself, but as I mentioned in a previous post, my love for travel was born out of my love for books. I have compiled here some of my m...

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How I Fell in Love with Travel
Most people fall in love with travel on the first trip that they take away from home. Kids who go on camping trips that are destined to change them forever. Who go to Disneyland or DisneyWorld or what other form of Disney there is and enjoy the delights of ...

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Adventures in Puerto Princesa, Palaway Day 3: Island-Hopping
Note: Wow, this post is overdue. Way overdue. Like one year behind overdue. But I have been taking a class here and there about Blogging and Content Marketing with Shaw Academy, and I've been learning that consistency is key. And in work, I have been learni...
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