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I love this was tooooooo muchhhh

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I love them all exept for those of Voldemort (and the Golden ones tbh)

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Only one person succeeded to do both.
Her name is Luna Lovegood.

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I love this but which 'Mister Weasley' she's referring to? IDK

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This is a horrible drawing of mine, enjoy the pain in your eyes that is coming

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"Why does he get the right to not share how to make phones monster proof?" Nico muttered.

"Yeah, it's fucked up." Leo added. "If I got a hold of that phone I bet I could figure it out."

"I don't think it is." Annabeth whispered. "He doesn't leave it alone, plus he carries those headphones around 24/7, and monsters stay away from him anyway."

"Annabeth, why would monsters stay away from him? He's just a little shrimp who can't even beat Leo." Percy said.

"Hey! True, but hey!" Leo said, genuinely offended.

. . . . .

I know they talk. They don't know my life. They don't know me.

I wouldn't be in this stupid camp if it weren't for the counselors forcing me to stay.

I sat on the bleachers, closest to the action. I had plugged in my headphones, my "fucked up" playlist blasting.

I heard faint yelling as I looked up.

A sword coming straight for my face. Great.

Instead of flinching, I stayed still, unblinking. It stopped, unfortunately, right before the bridge of my nose, I think it may have been grazed.

The campers started surrounding me, asking if I was alright or something.

I left, not saying a word.

My phone isn't monster proof, I'm barely monster proof.

I'm not afraid of death. We all die, we'll all be cold and unmoving one day. The monsters know I'm willing to do anything to win.

Even if it means punching my own ticket.

I've tried before. I may not be afraid of death, but I'm sure as hell afraid of life.

My greatest fear is living forever. Imagine watching everyone you love die while you stay young and healthy? That's terrifying.

Monsters have learned not to mess with me. I don't kill.

I torture.

I will sit and take off limbs one by one for hours.

I will tie a rope that gets tighter and tighter.

I ignore injuries, so even if they get a good blow it won't do good.

I guess I'm the monster, huh?
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