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Making the Niantic Project story simple
Making the Niantic Project story simple

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Thinking of Joe. Never had the pleasure of meeting him in person but did talk to him many times.

If you've noticed there has been a gap in the videos, you're right. Production got hung up last weekend. We hope to shoot twice as many this weekend. If we manage that, we'll have a bunch of episodes for you in the coming two weeks.

Hang in there!

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Episode 3 is now out! Are you ready for it?

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You spoke, we listened. For the hearing, English, and computer speaker impaired, Episodes 1 and 2 now have accurate Closed Captioning.

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Lots of activity around the world today, but is the Enlightenment dropping the ball?

#ingress #nianticproject #Enlightenment #resistence  
We have recovered the fragments of a document which appears to be of grave significance. Luckily for us, an NIA operative failed to use proper protocol in destroying it. In order to protect this information, we have made copies of the pieces and distributed them widely.

Monitor faction COMMs for further instructions.

We will give scanner activation codes to anyone sharing photos of a find — 3 for the first copy and 2 for the second. We call on the investigative community to reconstruct this document, and share it with the world.

#ingress #nianticproject

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Due to the overwhelming response to Episode 1, I was able to finish Episode 2 ahead of schedule. Enjoy!

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Today we release our first episode! Episodes 2 and 3 are in post-production and will be released this week. The goal is to get everyone caught up on the story in a few weeks. Enjoy!
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