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RSL fan and blogger

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Here is the fountain show at the Bellagio from my balcony at the +The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 

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This is what the view from my balcony +The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas looked like this afternoon.

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told you so

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This was the sunrise this morning from my balcony in #Vegas  amazing what you can see at 5:45am in this town.  

OK, thinking of doing a hangout later today, live from #vegas  so what do you want to see and talk about?  Has to be close to where I can get wifi.  I could try showing the Bellagio fountain show from my balcony again, or maybe my lunch/dinner from wicked spoon.  The Wicked Spoon Buffet +The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas isn't only the best buffet but the WSJ said it was one of the top restaurants in the US.  What do you think?

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Denzel Eslinger hung out with 5 people.julie harper, Rafael Martinez, disco george, alexandre herode, and Amine Alexis

I wonder how many twitter outages it will take to get more people over to google+? 

OK, well there will be no more facebook for me it looks like, as I got a notice when I tried to post a comment that I was now "blocked" from making comments.  So that means, Twitter and Google+ are now my tools of choice.

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OK, I am just saying this is a darn addictive thing.  But so much fun.

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A round of 3 questions to help you get ready for the Quakes
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