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Google Places API for Android is a mess of horrendous documentation and buggy/borderline unusable implementation (filtering on location and place type simply doesn't work). WTF?

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Phwoarh, new Godzilla trailer looks amazing, monster vs monster!

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Just read this nice piece of BS:

So lets use deliberately blurred low res photos of some guys in Ukraine and some Russian soldiers that vaguely look similar and claim this is definitive proof. So lets see if given 5 minutes and the internet I can demonstrate how full of shit the US State Department really is.

Lets take the bearded guy. The guy in 2008 Georgia was the Chechen second in command of the Vostok Battalion. The guy in Ukraine is a local Cossack:  (second from the right)
Same guy CLEARLY? At least if youre blind or if youre looking at deliberately blurred photos from the US State Department.

Ok, lets move on to the helmets. Let see...
Pretty clear the helmets are not the same. The Russian helmets air holes diverge going back, the helmets in Ukraine converge. But I guess thats hard to see if again you are looking at reduced resolution photos.

Wow, so that debunking exercise took 5 minutes and the power of the internet. Someone at the US-SD should look into that.


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Well, I'd imagine it seemed like a good idea at the time...

not sure how though
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Turns out government sponsorship of fitness programs is literally Stalin! 
Whats next, funding for highways is literally Hitler? Hey, do you know which government was the first to ban smoking?

Bias doesn't get much more blatant than this.

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Motorola's announced smartwatch is hot:

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So THIS exists... A $500 USB cable.

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Interesting album that shows many of the pictures posted to #SochiProblems  actually had nothing to do with Sochi. In the age of reverse image search it's hard to get away with such bs for long, but the damage is done.
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