Sacred Whitebuffalocalfwoman, humbly i offer love and appreciation for inviting. My heartbeat sends waves of love and hope as you have linked my empty broken heart to find such beauty, such hope, such passionate devotion again. Slow bunny hopping down the trail i may be; ;however, i sing love unto you sacred sister, friend you have shared unto plane ole me. I bless you now send and sing into the winds, i bless this space, i even bless insecurity in me an any of the we, he or she. For love is greater and fear i aint no hater and hider of your divider, BUT i stand now sitting, typing for this new old hyping. I want to live again as Jimmy Stewert says in ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE... For death i have been living, but b/c love you gave in the wave for me and us all Sacred Whitebuffalocalfwoman how i bow down to love and rise up sending love back up and thank you for filling my cup now i shall try to share that new wine and living water. much love, sincerely i sign off 
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