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TURN OFF THE NEWS - Saw this on Facebook and I think God has a point... I mean, Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman's brilliant take on what happened yesterday :

"You want to know why. This may sound cynical, but here's why.

It's because of the way the media reports it. Flip on the news and watch how we treat the Batman theater shooter and the Oregon mall shooter like celebrities. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are household names, but do you know the name of a single victim of Columbine? Disturbed
people who would otherwise just off themselves in their basements see the news and want to top it by doing something worse, and going out in a memorable way. Why a grade school? Why children? Because he'll be remembered as a horrible monster, instead of a sad nobody.

CNN's article says that if the body count "holds up", this will rank as the second deadliest shooting behind Virginia Tech, as if statistics somehow make one shooting worse than another. Then they post a video interview of third-graders for all the details of what they saw and heard while the shootings were happening. Fox News has plastered the killer's face on all their reports for hours. Any articles or news stories yet that focus on the victims and ignore the killer's identity? None that I've seen yet. Because they don't sell. So congratulations, sensationalist media, you've just lit the fire for someone to top this and knock off a day care center or a maternity ward next.

You can help by forgetting you ever read this man's name, and remembering the name of at least one victim. You can help by donating to mental health research instead of pointing to gun control as the problem. You can help by turning off the news."
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Turns out this wasn't Morgan Freeman.
Sal Gallo
I like Freeman...but hes wrong...we r all to blame our social model leaves to be desired...were creating monsters...and by not looking deeper for the underline causes of why a seemingly normal person would do such a thing...we are almost making sure that it will happen again
Never knew any of the shooters names and never want to know them 
Sami J
Mr.Freeman how exactly your "wise" words will save other kids lives!!!! Lame.

Enough with talking, Desperate times need desperate measures
Morgan Freeman did not say this but the sentiment is true as well as the point
Stupid. How can Americans still deny that guns are the problem? In 2008, the U.S. had over 12 thousand firearm-related homicides, in Japan where guns are restricted (it is illegal to even hold a gun if you do not have a license) there were 11. Throughout the whole of Japan, eleven deaths from guns. Even a fairly comparable country (in terms of culture) like the UK has less deaths from guns than the US does from 'accidental discharges' of guns. It is crazy, how you still deny these facts and blame the media instead, (no matter how terrible it is in the US).
morgan freeman is widely known as wise and critical. but i can be agreed with him for this issue.
Guns don't kill ppl kill . Once we realize that the world we live in is not gonna change. Its sit up that way . I can't explain it and neither can u . We can say things happen for a reason but not this way . We can complain until we change colors. And plz . Stop blaming the President for everything that happens. My opinion for example some will disagree and some will agree. We have choices. To do or not to do. Come on America let's stay together let's us all not fall apart over wht someone may have said.
He is right ! And That's the fact media world wide has been a paid prostitute who's purpose is ratings so that more people can watch their bullshit and they can earn more $$$ World wide there should be a standard rules for these bastard so called media persons !
+Virgil Vertrees I'll second that comment. It really doesn't matter who first said it in this case. This is a conversation and comment we should be having with every maturing teenager, journalism major still in college, send letters to the media telling them to stop, and when all that, if failed, a letter to a senator or something to recommend legislation. We need to pound this thinking into some peoples heads.

To comment on the people that are discussing criminalizing mental health. I think we should take your advice and lock you up for being insane. The US has too many people rotting in jail on the taxpayers dime for preventable and treatable health issues that have been criminalized by politicians and their constituencies. We should be criminalizing the barriers to health access in this country. Individual health is a relevant issue but not core to this discussion. We need to be targeting the real issue here, which is the macro-social psychology that is triggering these people to kill in the way they do.

These overly simplistic comments on Gun Control are just that. Its also relevant but not the core problem. Many countries have just as many guns, however the United States has exponentially more gun deaths. If gun control were the only answer, those figures would have linear correlation. As they don't, please don't embarrass yourself by only suggesting gun control.
Whoever said this is correct. Blame the media. Blam televisions. Blame videogames. Because if we never knew what a gun was through any of the prior or how to use them for harm, their would have been no attack at the school. The media is their to sell a story. Their was a stabbing near a school in Manhattan. What did they do? Ask five kids who weren't really watching and a random adult who just came down the block. They aren't there to help anyone. They are there to sell their story, do shit in terms of letting us get a feel for who these children were, and spread lies and violebce to the world.
Donate to mental health research? How does that help anyone in a country where mental health is completely unaffordable and only covered on the most robust of insurance policies?

And of course gun control is the answer along with better promotion and care of the mentally ill. 
Charlotte Bacon, 6
Daniel Barden, 7
Olivia Engel, 6
Josephine Gay, 7
Ana M. Marquez-Greene, 6
Dylan Hockley, 6
Madeleine F. Hsu, 6
Catherine V. Hubbard, 6
Chase Kowalski, 7
Jesse Lewis, 6
James Mattioli, 6
Grace McDonnell, 7
Emilie Parker, 6
Jack Pinto, 6
Noah Pozner, 6
Caroline Previdi, 6
Jessica Rekos, 6
Avielle Richman, 6
Benjamin Wheeler, 6
Allison N. Wyatt, 6
Rachel Davino, 29
Dawn Hochsprung, 47
School principal
Nancy Lanza, 52
Mother of gunman
Anne Marie Murphy, 52
Lauren Rousseau, 30
Mary Sherlach, 56
School psychologist
Victoria Soto, 27
People are media freaks... and I think in all reality tv kills a person when taken like a drug. The media is the American way to fame and fortune... I do believe this article, but america isn't going to change... there will be people that understand and there will always people that can't stand; for them who don't,? Well, they will try their best to stand out by any means necessary...
I agree with everything he just said except for the gun control thing. Gun control won't stop stuff like this happening but it will help.
RIP to all those souls named above ..
You can help by supporting UNIVERSAL psychiatric health care. Also, by correctly attributing this quote to its author.
This was almost certainly not said by Freeman. But having some Joe Schmoe say it (no matter how true it is, I agree with the sentiment - the news vultures are complicit in the next shooting spree copycat) is considerably less interesting than if it was said by Morgan Freeman. 
he played bruce almighty and evan baxter
The media? I hope he's lumping Hollywood in that tirade (whoever said it).
Sir ( and I call him Sir) Morgan Freeman has a point. I think we still need gun reforms and changes in the movies Hollywood
puts out.
Well said. "Congratulations Media".

Guns are the problem 
Morgan Freeman is God. He never ages. He is omniscient.
I agree with william take the guns of the street and things like this wont happen. let go back to sorting a fight out with our fists that only if we really have to and turning our cheek isnt working that's the best way. We have no right to take any life not even our own life it belong to us it's just a vessel on loan from the all mighty
Reminds me of the movie Natural Born Killers. Very nice points made Mr. Freeman.
Anyone who ever read anything written by Freeman knows he's an intelligent sensible guy and that, that last pro-gun nut job sentence would never had come out of his mouth.
Guns don't kill people, people kill people.
So I guess we should ban cars because you can plow through a playground and kill kids.
Gun control is already in place.
More gun control isn't the answer.
This dude was a sick fuck.
He wanted to do this he could have made a bomb and walked into that school or mall or movie theater.
He wanted to kill and be remembered as a monster.
Roger erbert said this... Not morgan freeman.
While not bashing the media in particular, our preacher made a similar argument years ago:

We live highly stressful lives, but fail to notice that we feed the stress by tuning into the news (generally bad) every chance we get. When we wake up, when we're in our cars, when we get home from work, before we go to bed.... And everywhere in between, we're feeding it to ourselves on our little portable screens.

"Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10
That young man had an evil spirit. No one has the answer to why he did what he did. We can say this or we can say that. He took his life along with innocent babies. I know that he will burn in hell for what he has done. The bible states that "THOU SHALL NOT KILL." HE TOOK SOMETHING THAT DIDN'T BELONG TO HIM. HE CAUSED GRIEF & PAIN FOR THE FAMILIES OF THESE BABIES. I PRAY THAT THE FAMILIES FIND COMFORT & PEACE. IT'S A TERRIBLE TRAGIC SITUATION. 
Take the guns of the street? Wow, what genius! That way all these good, law abiding, serial killers won't have guns! How smart! No, not smart. Stupid. Very stupid. If you're going to go shoot up a school, a law saying tis illegal to carry a gun probably won't make much of a difference to you either way. What do they teach in schools these days...
Remember we need to also ban all knives! They have been used in TWO school attacks in China! The last one had 20 kids hurt!
+Marco Lopes  You love gun control, you sign away your right to own and use firearms.

Everyone else can be neutral, well armed, and well protected. Like Switzerland.
Big media, big business, controlling your thoughts and actions more than most realize. All according to their plans. 
Banning knives and guns wont do anything, they'll just use a chainsaw or an axe or something else then instead. The belt on your trousers can be used as a weapon if you really want to hurt somebody. The weapon is not the problem. 
It's your dumbass American second amendment laws, let's arm all the first graders with guns now .....that will solve everything.
Sad, while the media rushes out to grab views and make the most of each piece, do not forget who turns on to watch it. So saying the media this or the media that is not the answer. Our society seems to just love this type of stuff. The media at the end of the day is selling us what we ask for. Do you think the way news is reported would change if we did not rush to check it out and share it so rapidly? We must look in the mirror, and realize that its really not as simple as some make it of blaming the media. Maybe next time instead of rushing to google "the lastest shooting" let's either google "victims of such and such shooting". Let's not rush to share a news story posted online 5 minutes after an incident, which we know can't be the whole story. Yes media has issues but we should fucked it we must look in mirror as well. At the end of the day media corps are out to make money, and will change what they try and sell if they know it won't help them make money.

As for gun control, we need to address that also, but let's not make that an issue just because of another shoot out. That's not the way to do things. 
Thank u for posting their names..May they rest in peace!!!
If those teachers were armed they could have neutralized the threat.

Why is it that prisoners are safer in jail than our kids in school?
Look at the laws for gun control that are in place in DC and Chicago and then cross reference murders and assaults committed using guns. I'm not some pro-gun nut job who's trying to scream how they're trying to take our guns away. People need to think rationally about what they're thinking in terms of gun control. Taking a gun from a person intent on killing people is not going to deter them from killing people, it will cause them to be more "creative" in how they commit the atrocity. Evil exists. Whether you believe in God or not, you can't deny that some people are just intent on doing harm to others. 
If I remember, crack and heroine are illegal. How many people does that kill? It is not the tool that is being used, its the tool that is using.
God is always spot on. He said: "do not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil". Satan said: "God only said that because He knows that if you do, you'll be like God" - that was a lie! The Bible says that Eve looked at the fruit, saw that it looked good, and thought that it was good for food, and desired it to become wise. And she disobeyed God.

This is why there is evil on the world today. It comes with disobedience to our Creator.

But good news ... For unto us a child is born ... He is our hope for a better life to come - where we can be restored back into the presence of God.

It is NOT the guns its the PERSON...common sense! But yes...the media is shit!
+Matthew Thornton I agree with you.  A weapons ban?? Worst idea ever. Good idea to have unarmed police vs smuggled weapons.  Arm police? All you have to do is ambush an officer.  It's physically impossible to keep a continent free from weapons.+John Stilwell are you serious? Ban knives?? What do we eat with? What do we cut trees with?? What do we cook with? And as Matthew said, the attackers weren't exactly top-of-the-morning productive citizens who would decide to immediately give up all their weapons and confess. What if the attacker use a stick?? How you get rid of that? :P 
(John, people use knives to cook. McDonald workers don't just drop a live cow into the fryer) 

+L. BROWN Guns don't kill people, people kill people.
So I guess we should ban cars because you can plow through a playground and kill kids.
Gun control is already in place.
More gun control isn't the answer

+Barak Obama "We will keep guns away from criminals"
WOAH! Why didn't we think of that?

If he wants to kill people he will kill people. No third party factor can change that in a moment. 
Morgan Freeman is a stand up man, I hear him. 
Gun control is not the answer, it's not realty relevant. The guns in question were not owned be the shooter. The news media's over reporting of these events contributes the most, Mr Freeman has it right. We don't get the names of the victims though in respect to the privacy of the family's, in that the media has it right. I don't know the answer, however I believe we would be better served if these events had minimal coverage to reduce the transmission of ideas to other deluded people seeking a form of fame or infamy.
+tanika essary that is one reason why I don't believe half the shit I hear on the "lamestream" media news.  We have stations like NBC doctoring 911 tapes to make a man look racist, we have other stations covering up killings of Ambassadors, etc....
China just had a mass stabbing at a school a few days we ban knives next??
+L. BROWN To make a bomb you need to well... first learn how to make it, then find the elements and the equipment to make it, then hope it works at the right time... A semi automatic gun or guns that you have at home because you mother bought them is much easier, isn't it? If the kid friday didn't have access to guns at home he would not kill 26 people that day! Simple.
It is within human nature to kill one another ,,, humans are really not an advanced species as they would like to think,,, it was a human killing humans ,, what else would be new
So +Theodore Maniatis you're going to quote big media and back their rational in a post about how big media distorts Americans thought processes ... Nice! Get a clue. Big media doesn't want you to have guns, it doesn't fit well into their whole controlling you thing. It might not be good if you ever find out what they are up to. Lol
Guns by they're very design are weapons by which a person or persons operating them can KILL or WOUND much in the same way that every other weapon built my man throughout our history was developed to do,the only difference is that when a policeman or a soldier carries or discharges a firearm they have received the necessary training with these weapons and will only use them in life or death situations to protect innocent civilians and themselves and the first rule is to treat a gun as a lethal weapon and respect it as such so a gun in untrained hands is a tragedy just waiting to happen.
+Carmen S. Vega I agree with you... but the kid friday had the guns that were legally purchased by his own mother... 
Interesting how governments try to justify gun bans under gun control. While at the same time stockpiling nuclear weapons as deterrents to being invaded.

Well armed and trained citizens are a deterrent to crime the same way nuclear weapons are a deterrent to being invaded.

We may not like it, however all the little countries invaded by the Soviet Union, China, U.S. were all non-nuclear.
Look at the what goes on in The Middle East. They want to kill & terroize the population, so they strap explosives to themselves and go where ever and detonate it.

People Kill People!
More Gun Control Isn't The Answer.
How many times have you heard of a police station under attack in America. Or a police officer being attacked.
Never to rarely. Why? Because they are trained and armed.
Too many unarmed sheeple are in the streets and the wolves are noticing and attacking.
It is not yet over. More shooting would still come. 
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Blame the media, but don't forget to blame the GUN. Same day, different place an attack in a grade school, 22 kids were attacked but none died! Why? The attack was in China and they have GUN control!
I did not recognize those names posted. And I do point to gun control laws, as simple statistical analysis of the murder rates in countries with strict gun laws and those without is very compelling. 
Right to bear and carry arm is enshrined in USA Constitution but this has crossed the limits and has killed many innocent chldrens as small as 6 yrs .No sane person would like to see again a mad man running amok  with a gun in the schools and streets and destrying the families.Please look into the face of your child and decide that it does not happen again .Arms should be controlled like any other hazardous
material.Our prayers and sympathy to departed young souls and familie.May god RIP....
+Stefan Pahor then lack of proper parenting is to blame.
What would you say if instead of a gun he drove his car to the playground and plowed through those innocent children on purpose ?
Would you be ready put a ban on cars?
That's a yes or no question Sir.
22 children attacked in china with a knife - all survived!
Joseph..the media needs to be more controlled... our govt wants to control everything it seems BUT the media! I guess all we can do is keep ignoring and stop watching...
I don't thing Gun Control HAs nothing to do with this. Excuseme Mr Freeman. I agree with your comment about the media, but in LA countries (3rd world countries full of criminal gangs with Ilegal Guns bought all over the world) this doesn't happen.
I think Gun Control has everything to do with this and thinging the opposite is just trying to cover the Sun with one Finger.
Yes Stop making celebrities of these monsters and STOP selling guns on supermarkets, and stores.
Guns do not kill people. Pleople with guns does. This is Uncivilized than during the Wild West times For God's Sake.
Floyd Marshall the wise. You are a dude I can line up with. 
Erase them from history. Do not use their names. Make no movies, write no books, replace their names with the word sociopath
So lets do away with cars so we don't have drunk drivers killing people!
When will people learn?
Gun control only takes guns from the law abiding citizen NOT the criminal or mass murderer! 
It makes no sense to take away the protection of ALL because of a few confused people.  The problem is in the media, who we have let, make us believe that violent movies, videos and cartoons are OK and just entertainment.  The truth is that, if you imagine some thing you can materialize it.  If you see it graphiclly it can be materialized more easily and quickly....justjer
Gun ban in NYC, but still violent crimes involving guns are committed.
Hmmmmm I wonder why?
Man has killed from day one and will kill till the end of his time.You can take all the gun's and Knives away and he will kill with his bare hand's.The fact is there are killers out there and there are us that don'nt,So what is there to do about it?..Human is what Human does
We got a ban on drugs but drugs are everywhere.
Hmmm I wonder why?
Also If you want to get a gun you CAN get a gun. Even in the UK most of us know where to go to get one Semi auto or Full auto weapons. Uk open borders. If you can get 20 people through our borders 20 auto weapons are not going to be that difficult to get through are they? There would have been no Arab spring without guns including Libya & Egypt. Our government is talking about arming rebels in Syria to overthrow their government but want to strip us of any way of defending ourselves. Does anyone see the hypocrisy here? The USA without guns would still be British & maybe would have been invaded by Japan in 41. Maybe they should however ask why their kids are so angry they want to shoot other kids or their parents. Legal guns are not the problem its just now & then a nutter gets hold of them. We should give these killers no tv or media exposure .
This sentiment has merit, but is a bit unrealistic. Take it to a more personal level. Look people on the eye and smile at them. Give the time of day to someone a little different.
Let those who need help get it. The person you give dignity to may be the one who gives the shooters reason to believe in yourselves 
I couldnt agree more Morgan, the media is a MAD HOUSE, and really, do they care ? Not much, at best.  But just like when 911 hit, that douche bag on the morning Show, Matt Lauer, didnt miss a beat, and instead of having a sense that people were dying, I got the sense he thought, along with his crew, that they were "Scooping" the story, what a joke.
And as for the shootings,  If this country spent a little more time living and teaching morality, visa vie Belief systems based on TRUTH, rather than worrying about the 1% who dont have the right to be Married, thats the big story in this country, and by the way WASHINGTON DC cannot advertise morality like its tyying to do, what a fing joke.
The research showed that this was never said by Morgan Freeman, but I do must agree
+L. BROWN You bet its the lack of proper parenting, its the lack of Morals, its the lack of control about what kids should be watching on tv, seeing on the internet, or playing as a game. The only way to raise kids in this country, is to UNPLUG< and do it yourself. THATS IT
Most strict gun control laws in the country = Chicago. Most gun related deaths in the country = Chicago. So yeah... good luck with solving this problem by simply tightening gun laws while ignoring social and environment. 
if you know......this is the killer of muslims.....i hate them......
+Stefan Pahor Then the mother did a horrible job securing HER weapons. If they were in a safe he would've never gotten them. 
The real problem is the evil in people. The gun is just a tool.
Banning it solves nothing.

Address the issue of the lack of good parenting to start. Then the mental health issues of those individuals that gravitate towards evil acts.

Matter of fact, what about those bang bang shoot em up video games that I bet most of you fools play or have your children playing that has no respect for the value of human life.

Then you sit back in amazement and amusement, wondering why & how?
I was just telling my sister this,all signs point that way life is crazy GOD BLESS EVERYONE AFFECTED DIRECTLY AND INDIRECTLY
 His comments are exactly right. The "Media" only exists if there is something to report so they become obsessed with reporting. If it bleeds, it leads, and leads, and leads, ad nauseum, all to bolster ratings, sell commercial time, and enrich their shareholders. Common sense is thrown out the window. Respect for victims is thrown out the window. Just read where an ABC newsman tweeted the relatives of the victims incessantly for information. In my humble opinion, I think we need to get rid of the 24/7 news channels and go back to the news broadcasting era when it was 1/2 hour nightly on the big four networks and then on to entertainment.
I was with him all the way to not pointing to gun control, obviously any solution to this problem has to involve gun control to a certain degree. 
Or are we saying that to solve a problem we need to flood the market with the product in question? Well then, hello drug war! 
A teachers job is to educate and encourage children and to inspire them not to shoot would be killers.
I don't know which has the greater mental problem; the kindergarten mother bearing 9mm pistols in her home, or her son to have utilized them.  As unfortunate and disheartening as is the innocent caught in the crossfire, nature did take care of itself albeit too much good went down with it.  Symathy to the families.  
Agreed.   And yeah, turn off the news.
Aummmmm yes....  shure... the media... but what about all the freaking weapons out there? Gues he couldn't have done a massacre with a citchen knife...
Am proud to say my granddaughter s school does teach morals. To respect, to be responsible, to think for yourself, to do your job, and to be proud of yourselves. You see it in the teachers and the children react well, I asume feeling safe for the structure it provides. Not all well turn out well, but when she comes home and is honest.about her behavior it is woeking
I' ve been saying the same thing for years. Yes, the media had a indirect part in the shooting and should be held responsible.
Firstly its not morgans words but still what lurks behind it is quite true......I agree with this 
I'll let you take the 2nd amendment when you're ready to give up the 1st.
Colin m
Gotta love the way Obama pretended to wipe away nonexisting tears,freeman is certainly the better actor
Hear me out guys, all I want to say is can't we strike an agreement and enforce it. We are decided by different mind sets but why are blinded from the fact that we have the same purpose of keeping the country save and secure. Although not an American by birth, I'd be unpatriotic to call it my dream country, but I did it anyway. Polluted by many facts and viewed as a country of bloody death trap, I have never been prouder to call myself an American one day. We must agree that America is the only nation that would falter by only itself. Half of us is pro gun, and the other half would like to see, gun away from the public. The fact that the law enforcers aren't there for you all the simply put us in the frontline of our own security. I hope to illuminate the fact that gun ban laws would only keep guns away from law abiding citizens who want nothing more than the safety of their family. Let us pray to God that brighter days are indeed in front of us. Amen. 
+Phil Fearless The death toll wouldn't be the same with a belt, or even a knife, fact of the matter is with a gun you can go on an unstoppable rampage, with a knife crowds of people can runaway, or even wrestle the attacker to the ground, much higher chance of survival.
+John Platt I agree with you, but I axpect the teachers and staff to keep my child safe. That's why a made the comment of "if the teachers where armed they could have neutralized the threat."
I hope you expect that, the physical condition you put your kid on the bus or drop them off to school, is the way they should be returned to you.

It beggars beleif that rather than confront your problem head on you listen to movie star giving twee sound bites about the victims, readdressing your gun laws would be a start, but I doubt that will happen, at least not untill the NRA are reined in of their overbearing power
A citizen with a gun could have stopped him In his tracks.
Wow....I can't believe I agree with him...Stop the glorification of these sick individuals and it does at least cut down that notoriety and infamy aspect....we will still have these tragedies but maybe not as many....with no TV time some may just seek help or skip the killing spree and end their life at home???? Gun control is surely not the issue here....I have never even thought of making a contribution to a mental health charity but I think I will today.....
I read that statement in Morgans voice in my head.
I agree with Freeman that media coverage encourages this kind of insanity. I'd like to see media treat these situations like they do streakers and other loons who run onto sports fields during play. By refusing to put them on camera, it takes away any incentive.

This can't be legally enforced. It needs to be something the media agree  to do.

One thing I don't agree with MF though -- we don't need the victims all over TV either. I'd rather see the grief and privacy of these suffering families respected.
Morgan Freeman is absolutely correct. He also has a video on YouTube on how to end racism. Anyone that disagrees with this, is blinded by society and government. I hope because I said they're blinded causes then to be more open minded instead of putting up more walls
With great individual freedom and power comes great individual responsibility.  Turn off the dramatic inflation "news" of the bad guys.  Complain to the networks that broadcast it.  Focus on giving the victims the support they need.  Focus on the families who neglected the bad guys to the point they could get attention no other way.  Take the needed steps to developing responsible citizens, no matter the effort or cost.

Then and only then will the population of this country live up to the expectations of the people who granted the freedom and power to the people who live here.
The real nut jobs are the gun control activists. Whether you look back to the American Revolution or to modern examples, like Detroit or Venezuela, you can't help but find the facts show gun control increases crime, because most criminals obtain guns illegally and don't follow the laws in the first place.

When criminals know that a large population of people are restricted from owning firearms to protect themselves, they take their guns and go rob people without the fear of citizens pulling guns and protecting themselves.

In most mass shootings, particularly those that took place in public gun-free zones (sigh, neon sign), one trained citizen with a concealed carry could have taken out the shooter before they were able to kill so many people.

While I highly doubt the words above came from Freeman, the message rings true.
Gun control won't solve any problem. Is the person whether they decide to do such act. There could be an gun act not to bear arms but it isn't gonna stop someone on buying it from black market or illegally to commit an crime. Its same as saying I'm gonna go to school tomorrow and then not go at all. You decide. He decided to commit hideous act. Wasn't force to. 
First, Freemen didn't say this. Second, people keep talking about arming teachers. Most patents won't like that idea at all. Putting guns in the hands of under paid teachers who are seen by a large portion of congress members as being incompetent. 
I just can't beleive you guys, " a citizen with a gun could have stopped him in his tracks " that in a nutshell sums your proboen up 
I actually thought of this as well, it's so dissected in the news...
To relate to your own movie, Mr. Freeman, the Joker would have stopped his campaign if he hadn't received so much coverage and attention.
I agree with Morgan Freeman in part and that is this is a mental health issue and an access to guns. If the guns had not been in the home or better secured his mother would not have been killed by what appears with her own guns. I am not blaming the parents but just maybe it would have been a little difficult to do this. 
Is it true! That man is going to destroy himself? Think about it for a moment! We're all in is thing together.
In Canada we're mortified by the release of a doctor that stabbed his kids to death and got only four years to hear that they think he's mentally stable now. We had another man behead a man on a bus and the powers that be were trying to give him day passes after a couple years under the care of psychiatrists. My country has to learn from this tragedy as well because treating the mentally ill shouldn't be taken so lightly. So sad for all the families.Peace and love to all. 
Morgan or not.
Does it really matter who said it?
The statement has merits.

+Donald Dunham is so correct.
+daniel Bradshaw elaborate further. 
@Stray Bullet, Dohhhhh
At least I've just read about the clever, calm, brave, loving educator Victoria......  

RIP, all sufferers.  
So you think we should all be ignorant and events like this be swept under the carpet? Think on this! If that same media was switched off as you suggest then how could we remember any victims name? We wouldn't know them! Before you post again I would suggest that you put your brain in gear before using your keyboard. What a poorly thought out posting and shame on Google for putting it in the "WHAT'S HOT AND RECOMMENDED" section. Shame there isn't a minus 1 section for both.
Your first mistake was looking on Facebook.
But I read it in his voice, so it must be him ;)
Americans should watch news, just not news underwritten/sponsored by big business. +PBS NewsHour for one. The Internet hopefully will eventually lead to wider availability of independent non-biased news.

First and Foremost: I WILL NOT get in any political, controversial, or religious debate on any social media. That being said.....
What has been overlooked here is wether or not that man, or any in the future, have access to guns or not....they are going to snap......someday. Mass murderers and serial killers are mentally ill people and it is only a matter of time before they snap. Their has been studies on their brains after they are gone and they have found these people are litterally not "wired" the same way you and I are. And this is why all of us just can't understand.
Unfortunatly society lets most of these people fall through the cracks. Police will tell you, they can't arrest someone for being crazy. THAT needs to change!! They say they can't do anything unless they are a threat to themselves others. By that time, it's too late!! Most of these people lead perfectly normal lives, with just little signs here and there.
Not only am I an avid studier of true crime, but unfortunatly my ex-husband is a mentally sick man and getting worse as time goes on. Although I don't believe he would ever physically hurt someone he know, I have seen how he is when he "goes off the deep end" and I can fully see him completely snapping one day. He is the father of my only child and I would hate to see this happen and no, I'm not the only one that see's this....nobody in his family will have anything to do with him anymore. Unfortunatly my hands are tied. I am truly scared that this will the the legacy he leaves for our daughter.
I have decided however that the next time a cop tells me it's not illegal to be crazy, I am going to nicely explain to him that if it was.....maybe Conn would have never happend!!
Well, I'll jump off my soap box and leave ya'll to continue arguing gun control.  Have a great day!
Plus this if you read the text and heard his voice :-)
+Phil Fearless Exactly the same point I posted to my blog. There is a sickness in American society and it is not the glorification of the killer, it is the glorification of guns.....End Of!
Understand the sentiment, but most likely not something Morgan Freeman said.
+Randy Butler Well I don't know enough about that, to comment. Knife aren't alway designed for killing, there a tool thats needed, a hand gun is design for taking lives, what is the obsession with guns in US. "I need a gun to protect myself" well if no one else had guns you wouldn't need a gun to protect yourself, there is no logic in it. In my opinion its selfish, "I want a right to have gun" the big picture is your gun crime problem is bigger than the whole of Western Europe put together. 
I'm going to suggest that we look at mental health issues and how we deal with them. According to an interview with the author of a study of mass killings over the last 30 years on NPR, mental health issues are one thing most cases had in common.

My other suggestion is that wen you see people talk about how gun control won't or can't work, is ask them "OK tell me what will work?" Insist they start providing solutions.

Some of you are just so blind, it's pathetic. You just don't want to admit that this country has real problems. And because of that things will never change. 
I've only heard about this tragedy through social media networks and I haven't heard about the killers name just seen pictures of the brave teachers and prayers for the family's. Hope this restores a bit of faith in humanity.
Some of you are just so blind, it's pathetic. You just don't want to admit that this country has real problems. And because of that things will never change. 
+Cleopas njovu       Just because he is a legend (debatable) it doesn't give any more weight to his words! Legends can talk crap as well as anyone else, just check out some of the things Pele has said
Right Vic Farrow a nut went around slicing children in China but they did survive. Still horrible but they are living.
So turn off the Media..turn off world news and put your head in a hole and be as ignorant as can be..our Culture of gun's and Violence has been from the start of man's time..Man is a killer..has been and will be only records it.Your not cutting my right to information away..Look to your shelf's and Communities for answers. 
+L. BROWN yeah, cars ARE pretty readily available.... he chose not to use his moms car cause that was too easy maybe? 
That's well said. Ignore the media, they are just giving the killer what he wanted. 
Hey William shut up. People like u is why OUR rights are being stripped and killed. I live and have defended this country without forgeting that your "perfect" country Japan murdered over 3000 American soldiers with those same guns u speak of exactly 70 years ago. And by it's pretty easy to show up America when Japan has only been a free country less than 50 years. Keep in mind when the government of Japan gets another tyrant of a leader in office the citizens WON'T be able to defend themselves. Japans GNP is at a staggering 300 trillion dollars ONLY BECAUSE OF AMERICA. Do your homework and see who buys the most from Japan and who goes to war so that your beloved Japan can have OIL. 
God is on our currency, he never wanted that, but not in our media. God is being pushed aside by TV media social. There are so many who feel that if we re-indoctrinated The Lord into our social fiber from media to religious tolerance, community upbringing and hands on discipline with a gun law of some sort. We may have hope. After a point you have to stop repeating the broken message, "it's not guns but people" its both. People love power guns are full of power not just fire but in a sick idolized manner almost sadly reverence and this needs to change. A Citizen may or may not get involved but more importantly the character of the social norm can stop it more. God pray for us. Happy Sunday everyone love everything! Its the best fountain of Youth!
Steve Snedden, so you're absolving all these mass shooters of all responsibility for their choices? Just because a gun was involved? The gun made them go on a shooting spree? Wow. What planet do you live on?

Bottom line is, every last one of these shooters made choices that led to these tragedies. If you want to get rid of everything that could be used to kill, have fun living outside. Naked. And without hands.

If these killers had used anything else, it would have been just as horrific, the grief would have been just as intense and the victims just as dead. It doesn't matter why they do it really. The "cause" is really irrelevant. They justified it to themselves somehow.

If guns are banned, then only the criminals will have guns. What do they care if guns are illegal? In fact, they'd probably like it if guns were illegal as that would mean they could do whatever they want to whoever they want. No one's gonna shoot them because, hey, law abiding citizens won't have any guns.

And BTW folks, guns have been used for things other than killing people. Historically they have also been used to put food on the table and protect against wild animal attack.

Guns aren't the problem, it's the people using them. We (in the US) are becoming a culture that shields its children from consequences, instills little to no empathy in them and is quick to settle any disagreement with violence. How many times have you heard on the news that two people got into an argument and one almost immediately pulls out a gun? Or goes to get one? Makes a sick sort of sense if you think about it. Can't lose an argument to a dead man, right?

People choose to pull a gun and choose to pull the trigger. Don't absolve them because they choose to end a life (or lives) with a gun.
Stop with it abut couples who needs to pass a big test before the have the rights to bring children to this universe..
OMG...I just said this on someone elses post and on my local news stations comment forum. I used the Columbine shootings as my example. Of course, if Morgan Freeman says it then it makes sense and has power but when I say it, I'm a raving lunatic trying to blame other's poor decisions on the media. Figures.
His words are enough.... 
Do you really think that if you did not publish their names or deeds that it would fix the problem? That's crazy. Their friends and the people that they are in contact will know and that is all the attention that they crave. These crimes are much bigger and deeper. Society is sick and sick people with guns cause much more damage than a crazy person with a pair of scissor or knife. The US has to deal with its gun addiction and living in denial does not help. The fact is that these things are not happening with the same frequency or seriousness in other countries.

I like MF and respect him, but his analysis does not address the fundamental problem and it may be doing more harm by distracting people from the real issue.
Morgan is a nice guy.the shoot out was horrific but i think the access to fire arms should be revisited.i think this is just tip of an ice bergh of how bad man can become if not guided/restricted
Tanks phenomena may be true to some degree but turning the news off will not end violence. Violence is the result of living in a world forever changed by sin. God in his love offers a solution to the sin problem but is a gentleman. He will not force it on anyone and so as we continue to take Him out of every part of our lives evil and violence increase. This is all prophecied in the Bible. Read it!
you can't deny the fact that the victims, families and other children suffered a lot..  
Couldn't agree more with these statements 
American society has to decide which right is more important - the right to own an assault rifle or the right of a 6 year old not to be shot multiple times at school.
Agree, the media should voluntarily refuse to say the name of the murderer(s). As if that would happen
There is no evidence on the Internet that proves Morgan Freeman wrote this. I checked last night when I first saw it. 
+Morgan Adzei that's a crock of shit. God doesn't even stop children from being molested in churches, or from being murdered in his name in countless wars- more god is never the answer. Better laws, better access to health care, cancel your cable subscription, and some common decency will go a lot further.
+Malcolm Sloan Seriously, "Hollywood" is fake. Any person should have been taught this. This is not. Knowing the difference and or being raised to know the difference is the parents duty. As should having been not to allow your young children to watch adult oriented movies. HUG and tell your children you LOVE them everyday!
That will never work.  We need to argue and fight over guns more and more.  Keep yelling and screaming shit at each other until we all end up in caves and holes clutching our firearms for warmth and safety.  DO NOT TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBOR!  They will just want to borrow something anyway.  Remain strangers and always be afraid, suspicious and fearful of the people that live right fucking next to you.
My thoughts also! Change the channel! Yes, families and others suffered. Protest to the News,  tell them stop glorifying the shooter.
Anderson Cooper tried to keep the killer's name out of his report for just that reason. Cut to the live on site and the lady is saying his name every 15 seconds. What can you do?
Let me start by saying that I don't wont to offend anyone and I say the below with sympathy. I think it's the American way that creates the monsters. This sort of thing happened only once in Canada (Montreal) but happens notoriously in U.S. Think about it... why would 95% of FREE living people need to own more than one gun and keep it at home? People in States are insecure, pumped up with war and terrorism ideas and afraid of their own shadows. They are brainwashed by their government and the whole " land of the free" is a hypocritical BS. We are worse than animals and we keep proving it to ourselves. If free roaming wildlife doesn't kill unless hungry or threatened but we do than we should be contoled to a certain limits. If it is THAT easy for a teenager to get access to that kind of weapons then there is something wrong with the country's firearm law and its execution and more. Gun control will not stop this, but it will definitely make it that much more difficult. Canada doesn't have the kind of problem! why? And on top of that the media... there should be somewhat of a restriction on how news are presented. There are shit lot of regulations on commercials presentation so why not regulate the news? Because its all about the money! I agree with Mr. Freeman; And I'm almost sure that there is already another psycho in the making as we speak who is deciding to simply "beat the record". Just because he can.
Hey Daniel Bradshaw drunk drivers kill people more than all cancer related deaths, more than all guns accidental or or not. Let's get ride of alcohol, cars, alcoholics, and guns. There is that better? R u kidding me. U think guns were made to murder children or anyone? Those same weapons u wanna get rid of are the same ones that our government protects u with and allows us to have these conversations on Google+
There are weak men in this world and to gain power they use fear and intimidation on us..who blame other's.this cycle of blame is a double talk to cast fault any where but on us,Media did not buy those Gun's..Media did not shoot kid's..we humans did it.Ask Morgan how many "shoot to Kill" Movie's he has been in..if any source of deadly information is needing to be "cut" why is'nt the MOVIE industry mentioned 
For pitys sake, Morgan Freeman didnt say this!

Not saying whoever did say it is wrong. Just stop sharing it cos you think freeman did!
If you keep on "trusting in God" that everything will be allright, you're yet another being responsible for the fall of our race.
Either Morgan Freeman is telepathic or he has just decided what motivated this shooting for himself and written this as if it is true. How arrogant is that, perhaps not as arrogant as Chino for sharing this as if it is a statement of fact rather than the mindless musings of a meaningless man. Perhaps if people were to stop deciding what causes these things and tried to find out instead we could do something about it.

Anyone who +1's or shares this post yet continues to support said media by watching the TV channels, listening to the radio stations, buying the newspapers and visiting the web sites is a raging hypocrite. The media only sell this shit because people buy it.  If people only bought stories about cow feet you wouldn't know that this shooting had happened. Who seems irresponsible now?
i agree with Morgan.....its the media that spread news whether good or bad. But rather unfortunately good news are not broadcast as wider and longer as bad and inhumane news.....why children ? if the media shuts the news.....bad news will not spread for evil people to do worse things

Fuck the law that gave right for gun production. People never question until something goes wrong. 
I believe it is in your constitution that you have the right to bear arms, but I don't think anybody needs to own a semi automatic rifle.

The news reports the rare commonly and the common rarely. Consequetially we all think that if our child is out of our sight for an instant he's been kidnapped, if a  loved one is late they've been murdered, and murder will make you famous.
I agree. American troops die daily but we hear little of the war from the media unless it has political gains. For 24 hours a day it seems the media tries to figure out how to sell us nothing of substance. I would say it is sad but it is not. It is the way it is.
He is right on the subject as a whole but I do not think that gun control should be a secondary subject in this matter things are connected take away the gun and the bastard just takes out himself and not the others with his rotten core underground using a rope or poison.
More gun control is a stupid knee jerk reaction that won't keep anyone safer. Perhaps you missed that the same day, in China, a man killed 22 with a knife. As long as our focus is on weapons instead of people, we'll make no progress on preventing this kind of horrible act. Until we decide as a society that raising our children is more important than putting more money in our pockets this sort of thing will continue. Hey, if the school principle had a gun locked in a desk drawer, maybe the killer could have been stopped. Unfortunately, one of the risks of living in a free society is that bad things can happen. 
Well...the nut bars are all out and about in Google+ tonight

They should certaintly heighten security in schools. Measures taken to prevent these incidents= lives saved.
I'm determined not to learn this guys name or see his picture. I don't have T.V. so it isn't that difficult.
blame the media for glorifying such tragedies. blame the gun makers for making guns. blame the constitution for making it easy to get guns. blame the healthcare system for letting these people fall through the cracks. blame society for its lack of morals. blame the lax gun laws. blame the overly strict gun laws making people unable to protect themselves. but don't blame me for not knowing my neighbor 2 house over. don't blame me for not helping out the guy across the street, that's his personal matter. don't blame me for not reporting the guy when i started noticing something weird, i not a behavioral expert.

it's always someone else's fault/problem, but never our own.
also we can't worry about not sending them back to school.  Schools are still supposed to be a safe place and you can't not send them.  They need to learn and interact with their peers.  We would be bad parents to take that away from them because we feel we live in fear.
The media should adopt a strict code of conduct. Never to mention the perpetrator's name. Simple refer to them as 

"the perpetrator is someone so insignificant as to remain nameless".

If this became standard practice, there would be much less of an appeal for the crazies to go out with a bang. In most cases, they are disturbed people who feel the universe owes them recognition. I say we should deny any form of recognition to any loser who choses this avenue to achieve it.
+Joseph N. Well, guns are usually used for hunting animals (for food), so banning those weapons  may lead to problems.
We are all trying to make sense of this horrible tragedy and pushing the blame on everything else except us. Don't think for one moment the there were people who knew this killer and thought the should have said something but didn't because they didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. We all know when someone is not right in the head, so why didn't anyone watch out for this guy? Blame anyone or anything you want but the fact remains the young man was mentally ill and we did t watch out for him. So it our faults. 
What the hell r u talking about Fiaz Ahmed? Fists? Turn the other cheek? THEY ARE CHILDREN...... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH U? Take guns away from people so this won't happen? GUESS WHAT? Oklahoma Bombing didn't involve guns nor did 911.......people kill people. GUNS DON'T KILL OTHER GUNS....... 
and yet westboro is planning right now to picket the funeral of the kids who died... IM SO GLAD THAT GOD IS ALL LOVING - AND DOESN'T ALLOW FUCKBAGS LIKE THESE PEOPLE TO SPREAD HATE IN HIS NAME.. 

oh wait.. he does..and the USA grants these people tax exemption.
Press sensationalise everything because of this I have stopped reading papers years ago. I feel that criminals have more rights in our society then victims. Criminals should never have their names and faces in the limelight, it should be victims we should be thinking about in any tragedy.
Maurice Shabbir uk

I'm keeping my guns for rednecks and US troops if America ever tries to bring its nasty form of "democracy" to New Zealand...guns for revolution, liberation and zombie apocolypse
We need to be strong for each other if we want to counteract these horrible events...
Getting Americans to ban guns would be like the Pope advocating condoms. It ain't gonna to happen.
As I was reading it Freeman's voice was in my head
@Daniel Baldwin: I don't know how this misinformation got started, but in China 22 children were NOT killed with a knife. They were wounded and none of them died.
Bless is the man that thinks outside the matrix good job freeman
god sure helped the native americans ... no wait they were slaughtered in the name of god.... 

well god must have helped out the mayans and incas in mexico... no wait they were slaughtered too in the name of god. 

what about god helping out people in the carribean? no wait all those natives were slaughtered too by christians.  

i bet spain loves god too - cuz you know millions of spanish people were also slaughtered during the crusades in the name of god. 

dont forget all the people mother theresa let die in her home in calcutta of violent disgusting deaths in the name of god.   

cuz we all know .. to suffer.. is to reach god. 
Yes always blame the tool of the crime. Why not blame Jesus while we are there ? 
And no wonder Nobel peace prize was awarded to gun powder production. We are living in a crazy world where devils are practising politice. Listen to what the say and watch what they do. A politician can have extra marriage affairs and nothing happens when caught but who are you as a lowly class? We all have to get to the top.
+Olivia Rondeau He isn't. Staying strong for ourselves= lives saved= showing we respect these children for their loss. 
I need to watch the news to get all the detail. So manta questions. Why does the mother need to own so many guns? Why is the kid with mental health problem can easily access them? How do we stop this happen in the future? 
What said in not so many words...they say things like "they used such and such gun. This is how powerful it is..." so the next guys goes...powerful, huh?
fun fact .. alfred nobel's famous invention was explosives lol. 
Stupid i celebrity says it you listen the rest of the world says it ignored....
Great Dominique Cherau let's not shoot children, let's be like Great China and start stabbing children. REALLY? Dominique in case u haven't noticed but in China there is 8 boys for every girl........Hummmmmm where the hell r the little girls disappearing too? China has a genocide still in progress...... little girls.
Finally a post that advocates getting at the real problem instead of just slapping the blame on gun control! Guns are objects that don't choose their targets, people with mental health issues choose the targets. We have to focus on identifying mental health problems and stop sensationalizing these mass murders.
Amen Daniel.  I thank anyone wanting to make us like sheep going to slaughter and TAKE OUR GUNS should get their ass OUT OF OUR COUNTRY.  Especially if someone trying to disarm us is an ILLIGAL ALIAN.  It is so obvious this country has so many enemy's.  Right here on our own soil.  Chinese are the smartest people ever....they don't let anyone in ESPECIALLY MUSLIM.
if guns dont choose their targets... why do more people in the USA die of accidental discharge, than gun violence in canada? lol.   
+Olivia Rondeau christians in the name of the westboro baptist church are going to protest the childrens funerals proclaiming they deserved it....   so yeah - i can't stand any denomination of the church... you're all hate spreaders.  If thats not true then do something about it.
I'm passionately against guns, but given the vast number of guns in circulation in the US, how could gun control legislation work? If it was made very difficult to buy guns form commercial suppliers, it would probably have negligible impact on private sales, let alone the black market (which could potentially rise in the aftermath of legislation). Besides which, given the number of NRA members who are also politicians, it would be very difficult to get legislation on the statute books.

There's also the statistical point of view. Every year there are something like 34,000 deaths from guns in the US. That sounds scarily high, but if you bear in mind the population is about 314 million, that puts the annual death rate from guns at about 0.01%, or 1 in ten thousand.

Improving mental health services sounds laudable, but given the US already spends twice the proportion of GDP on healthcare that most European countries do, for what is sometimes regarded as an inferior service, how would you pay for it?

Never mind that many people with mental health issues are (a) very good at hiding them and (b) don't want to be associated with the social stigma of being known to have a mental health problem. So they'll generally bottle it all up, and a very small proportion may feel depressed enough to take their own life, or in exceptional cases, feel that they'll take many innocent lives with their own.

As for the media, they're not going to change tactics any time soon. They'll do almost anything to get a story and sell copy - including requesting favours from politicians, hacking into voicemail, making hoax telephone calls and protesting strongly at the prospect of a media regulator having legal teeth... they'd very much like to continue the status quo of any apology they're forced to print being in small print at the bottom of page 23. After all, once a story's been published the message it conveys is in the public domain - even if (as in at least one case in the UK) they finger someone completely innocent as a murder suspect.
Bullshit, gun control is the issue! What 52 year old mother of two, living in an upscale community in the near NY suburbs of CT needs a semiautomatic hand gun (that is usually reserved for law enforcement ranks) and 4 other shotguns and a Sig Sauer assult rifle. Does she hunt game with them? Probably not, a Block and Sig Sauer NATO round chambered assult rifle with a 30 round clip was not on the list of guns available in 1776. Change is necessary, if not paramount in the coming months. If you feel like you need a gun, you can pee in a cup, then an extensive self and family history for psychological and physiological needs or concerns. Then if you pass all these tests, you are then subject to a by needs review by a board of reviewers, if it takes a jury of your peers to put you in jail, then the same jury can be used to give you a way to get there or not if used and respected. Now, if and only if a gun wantee can obtain a yes to all of the above can he or she obtain a gun legally. These rules can apply to the all semi-automatic weapons and any gun that has the ability to shoot over 1 round per minute. Keeping guns out of the reach of those that could use it to harm others is the goal. Unnecessary death of innocent people should be our goal as Americans.
its all you freaks fighting over WHOS GOD is the right one that create these problems!

although thats way off from the shooting in conn.  thats more my middle east opinion
Our Schools were not design to stop terrorist attacks, unfortunately, our Society is the results of our world, ourselves, our urban development, our surroundings that is not 100 % efficient for all individuals. Loneliness, distractions, health and many factors create all kind of individuals like the one  committed so hideous crime. Hopefully measures will be implemented to prevent them in the future. for now Improve school buildings with higher safe glass windows, short  corridors, steel access doors with improved open and close latches. no handles, avoid children crowds with time delayed time entrances to schools obviously even police security during bell times, All ideas are welcome.
+Olivia Rondeau - roll out the irrational religious shit why don't that your pathetic version of "taking this seriously"? Well how about you oversimplify yourself and get off the internet? You can't have it both ways...the electrons powering the modern world obey the laws of physics...nothing else. 
I think the whole is awful and so depressing. I am so happy that at least some children were saved and are still alive today. God bless all the children and adults trying to save the children who died during that tragic event. Thank you so much for what you did and may you rest in peace.
+Daniel Baldwin the man in China didn't kill 22 children, he INJURED 22 children. and that there is the real difference. everyone has their psychopaths, but a psychopath with a knife will be markedly less deadly than a psychopath with a gun - especially with a small arsenal of semi-automatic weapons.
Some valid points but in 6 months the public will not remember the shooters name. The media had poisoned minds and makes money from incidents like this. 
There is no source for the comments attributed to Freeman. considers it a spoof of some sort until they find evidence, other than FB, that he said it.   Sadly these little shitminds come out of the woodwork when everyone is so vulnerable and not able to think clearly and analytically very well because of their sensory and emotional overload.

The need to be found out and lose the account they posted on.
+Neil Thomas Yes, gun control will help. There is a huge difference between sportsman firearms and assault rifles. Many more children would be home with their parents right now.
I dont really agree with the semi auto thing - myself included i know people who can fire off a bolt action pretty damn quickly.  

but here you require yearly licensing, firearms training etc - it keeps the crazies away - also any gun related crimes even unsafe storage will result in having them taken away. 

when canada ran the rifle registration - only half the population registered.. it doesn't work.. nor does it stop anyone from doing anything with them.    its just a way for the police to know who has what guns.  
Gun control will NOT stop murderers! Do you people not realize that even if you stopped selling them today and everyone turned their's in that the criminal DOESN'T MIND BREAKING ONE MORE LAW!! Plus now he knows he has helpless, unarmed victims. What we need to do is to strictly and consistently enforce the laws we have. I see guys getting 2 years for armed robbery or 6 months for shooting up a house all because no body got hurt. Put them away or put them down and it will stop.... or at least thin them out. And stop making celebrities out of these demons. 
I am sure that when all is said and done the way the school treated the killer (the system of labeling kids and treating them with drugs) and the way his mother may have held a grudge and influenced him could be reason for his actions. Problems like this, stem from poor parenting (divorced parents) and a federally controlled public educational system.
My God, you people have no idea how they report the news in my country!!!
+anthony ellis you're assuming all gun violence is done with random people, and not a father who shoots his family to death.  (which happened recently) or a football player who shoots his family then himself...   those aren't crime commited against society
big media instills fear to distract you from the fact they are stealing/controlling all the money. fact!
How about supporting mental health and gun control? Seems to make sense to me. 
For the most part I agree with mr. Freeman. We have to stop broadcasting negative news. Why in earth would we let the whole world know that some guy assassinated innocent children? Wtf for? To let us know? Safety? No and no. As soon as we internalize news [like the one that just happened] we somehow make it a viable "option". For example, if I never knew what a caked looked like, I would be oblivious to the idea of cakes. 
if everybody had a gun, the shooter would have never even been allowed to draw hir weapon
Do you have to owe a gun and hide it? We are all Americans without love. How many off us care about your next door neighbors. My big screen TV got stolen in day light from my room and nobody saw the TV being carried out.
Why don't we just look at this for what it is and vow that this won't ever happen in our neighborhoods......ever again 
After reading this thread, I see that the discussion we need to have is going exactly as I predicted.

Gawd forbid reason should be used in the solutions to this issue. Let's use the old, hoary tropes.
+Olivia Rondeau i have no idea who the hell you are, or how old you are... but if you're using google plus you must agree to be at least 16 years old.   

also you might wanna take this advice seriously - your church might be a nice one  .. but they're not all like that.. and if god was great he wouldn't allow the bad ones to opearte...   and yet here they are still operating - still killing people ... still discriminating and spreading hate.  westboro is just one example i can name many others. 
Quite hypocritical, when you look at Hollywood and their glorification of violence. He ought to point the finger at the people that are paying his bills. 
In England guns are illegal and there are very few gun murders. If any Americans want to come over you are welcome. 
Leo T
Yeah. From the guy (Morgan Freeman) who's banging his own granddaughter....Eww.
I don't know who wrote this but it is genius.. It is 100% true. 
+Mark Fidelman Regardless of what he does for a living everything he said is right on the money.  At least someone said it.
+Timothy Fanning : crazy dude in China stabbed 20 kids, but they didn't die. maybe all those first graders should've been carrying concealed weapons?
+Olivia Rondeau only people who are under the age of 16.  i see you're not a very bright one...

hey lets play a game - lets name off some famous christians who commited mass murders. 

1. Hitler. 
2. Cortez
3. Columbus
4.  Elizabeth Bathory
5. Richard the lionheart
6. technically george bush

anyone else want to add?  theres hundreds of thousands of them.
We need to study/research, what happens to the human brain, when they(we) get hold of a weapon from all age range may be starting from 10-12 year, if I'm not wrong I think they just need to study male brain?
oh i forgot.. jeffrey dahmer... you know the guy who ate other people?  he was born and raised fundamentalist christian.  

see christians are good people..  
Lynn Scott....... genius really..? Did u bother to read it? If u did u would have noticed were only posting on this because it's MORGAN FREEMAN.... if I wrote this u wouldn't look at twice 
These people were not christians. Only in name, not by deed. Let's name all the Christians who have NOT commited murder!! Moron.
+Leo T Yeah but being shot by that load isn't deadly!!  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!  Remember the victims!!!
All guns including military weapons must be destroyed. Guns aided colonization and invasion in the stone age period. We are living in modern world where wisdom should be given a chance to rule rather than class room fools
i can't seem to find the article Morgan quoted; just the comments...
Read report that Freeman didn't say this 
+Olivia Rondeau Why am I against guns? Simple: their raison d'etre is to kill things.Not just wild beasts that if not killed would kill you or to kill animals for the purposes of food, but various other animals for "sport" (who quite frequently aren't then consumed), humans (who happen to be on the opposite side of you in a war), and for a small but significant minority, innocent humans.

However, given the vast circulation of guns in the US and the absolute devotion many have to them (citing the Second Amendment, which was written for a particular group of people in a particular set of circumstances at a particular period of time with as much reverence and devotion as Scripture), I can't imagine any serious attempt at gun control being successful. 
I keep seeing people commenting that gun control isn't the answer. Well, the quote says the same thing. It states "You can help by donating to mental health research instead of pointing to gun control as the problem."

That's a pretty stern statement against control on either side. Maybe you morons should learn to read. Whoever said this is right. 
I purpose a new law; criminals who commit a crime in order to gain fame, should instead be completely stricken of any identity. Let their names be permanently sealed away. Let their existence be forgotten. Let their every reference be deleted from our view.

Public recognition is feeding the dark fantasies of those who would commit such evil.

Do not reward evil with fame! 
+Olivia Rondeau but you said yourself god will fix what needs to be fixed... sounds to me like everyone does mean and nasty things in his name.   
I believe this was quoted from Abraham Lincoln. Just saying.
Lets sum this all up.  WHO voted for Obama, for the 2nd time when you saw the first time the man did nothing to help this country.  We all paid by doubling the deficit, GM was saved by using OUR TAX...but do I or you see any part of that?!!  How is it that CONGRESS VOTED to have popcorn while they watched 'Lincoln' movie?!! What the hell are we paying them for!!  The medias.....PLURAL, are owned by 1 man or a small group of rich people, who sway the people who watch them for their own means.  What is the easiest and fastest way to get heard in the country?? 'SHOOT SOMEONE IN A PUBLIC PLACE'...Now I know that is simply sick, but look in the past 5 years what has happened. 
+Roger Moore Apparently in the aftermath of the cinema shooting, there was a local spike in gun sales, as people suddenly felt less secure and felt that carrying a gun would make them feel more secure :(
Why do we need to know his name? Why do we need to see his picture. Convict 3278981611 would suit me just fine. 
Though its not entirely the problem Morgan has a huge point.
Morgan Freeman is spot on.
WHY do law abiding citizens need guns to begin with?  Do you live in the GHETTO?  ... is your neighbourhood unsafe?  do you live in a shit hole?
Yeah the CBC a Canadian news outlet actually doesn't call the boy out by name, simply as the gunman. 
Look what happen Saturday, a day after this, too many are media freaks wanting to grab attention. A school shooting at Perry Hall, lead to more than five different incidents of kids bringing weapons to school in a month following that. Sandy Hook was a tragedy, but this country love to lie and cover issues to seem resilient and self-controlled from threats of other countries.

You can only go so far to control this gun situation and try to ban the 2nd Amendment, before a majority want to say the increased security are violating their rights to deny "consent of search" and "open-carry a weapon" under any circumstances.

Our constitution is a joke to our own humanity; if somewhere like Germany have written the same amendments in the same order listed, we will call them "worthless bums or rednecks"... Awfully familiar?
I own a gun n it ain't never hurt nobody. Its these crazy ass white people that's killing innocent people
All we have to do to see the power the media has is look at what happened when they pulled a prank on a hospital in UK. Some poor woman was set under world scrutiny and KILLED herself. Enough said. 
I agree to turn off the news, mostly biased and certainly for profit. For those of us who say desperate times call for desperate measures... do not sacrifice permanent freedoms with temporary feelings of security. There is not a law present that will eliminate crazy and evil. 
I wrote about this on He has a good point. But also, look at how mental services are being cut. Look at the mother who was pissed at the school system where this man went, that they would not help her get help for him. 
every time he explanes some thing he erns a freckel
+Jacob Arredondo I think that the article is right it doesn't matter who wrote that. I live in Venezuela and of course we have millions of problems and violence but I'm almost 40 years old and I have never seen something like that in Venezuela.. Those people want to be famous ranking for massacres 
hey Cleopass, that's what HITLER said about the Jews, they need to be guided or restricted.......Cleopass just don't post.....spare us. PLEASE
+Olivia Rondeau again the fact your family lived in a shit hole - doesn't mean the rest of us do. If you believe in prayer,  pray that your family never has to live in a place where you need a gun for protection - because im sorry thats not a safe place to live.  
anyone notice a direct link between mass public shootings - and states with the death penalty?  

think about it - you're gonna get lethal injection for killing one kid.. might as well kill them all. 
This puts the issue into another light... one that I had been pondering upon and thanks for bringing this out!
Gun control differs from gun ban. It could reduce the risks to quite an extent and as for the killers, we all know they'll even steal a gun if they want to and maybe they don't even need a gun to do what they please.
Yet how many murders were commited in japan by other means than guns?? People will always find a way of killing each other. We are immersed in violence and sex. In all forms of media. How can we even wonder where it comes from? It is all around us. 
+Ben Norwood You are right to some point about the mental health issues.  When I met my ex husband 20 years ago, I thought he was just a fun-loving guy that everyone really liked.  I had no idea what pain was brewing inside.  There were clues, but I was young and overlooked them.  His family on the other hand (which I didn't meet until after we were married) had sufficient incidents to at least stop and question everything.  It wasn't until our daughters councelor told me that from info he heard from both of us, he was fairly sure he is full blown narcissistic personality disorder.  After reading countless articles on it, I know he's right.  But then you throw in alcholism and depression and you have a recipie for disaster.  And that is one reason he is completely banned from us right now.  I know, if they had paid attention better, someone would have at least realized that he needed help!!  Some famous NPD's for you.......Ted Bundy, Scott Peterson, OJ Simpson, and of course....Casey Anthony.
You are so right. No more news stations. Turn it off.
William Schneider "AMEN" he wasn't preaching.....FREEMAN wants me and you to foot the bill for the next MURDERER......this shooter was a GROWN ASS MAN AND MADE A HORRIFIC DECISION TO MOW DOWN LITTLE BABIES and Freeman says to foot the bill for him.......GO TO HELL FREEMAN WERE NOT ALL ACTORS MAKING MILLIONS
Ikr, its pretty sad how when you want some fucking fame you have too kill people for it, and yeah when you do it's like you become famous, Wtf.
Ban the use and sale of any guns ...anyone found to be carrying one is to be locked up for a substantial time. For all you gun lovers out there..what gratification do you get from shooting? ? This is a questionable sport imho. As for the nonsense comments about cars being killing machines I know which 1 id rather take my chances with ...a speeding car (id hear and see) or a speeding bullet (id maybe hear it? I wont see it! I will die from it.) guns are lethal pure and simple. Guns are the simplistic means to massacre hi numbers with little or zero training. Making a bomb to massacre hi numbers im quessing would be less simplistic. People who carry guns for self defence are cowards that need that lethal power to feel powerful. Rip all those small defenseless children who were shot by a coward.

So do we need to study a person who picks up a baseball bat? A filet knife when fishing? Such a study is useless.

We need to look at the life the person led up to that point. Did they lose their job, financial crisis, bad news from the doc, victimized by hoodlums or mentally disturbed. For gods sake people a gun, knife, anything you can pick up and wield can be used as a weapon. Its us as people that make the mental, moral choice to not hurt other people that way.

So stop blaming the tool and take in the bigger picture. Oh and Women are just as capable as Men to do stupid things. Seriously pissed me off with that one, thanks because I am a guy, i'm ADHD and i'm totally normal. The only thing I feel when I pick up a gun is that my dad taught me to use them right, make sure it isn't loaded first thing and it ain't a damn toy. >:(

Oh and my dad taught me from age 8 how to use a gun, shot a gun and I make 100k a year and would never use a weapon to hurt someone. EXCEPT in the defense of my family, like every person on this planet has the god given right to do so. It isn't just an american thing, because if you come to hurt my family or my neighbors you better be ready for hell.

And yeah Jeffery Dahmer, that was an excellent choice of argument. Seriously, because did he use a gun to kill people? No he made the mental and moral choice to hurt people because he could. Its not the tool, its the person behind it, understanding  them will lead to understanding the cause and effect.
wow very well put morgan freeman, very well put.
I've done just that... turned off the news. I have no desire to hear about this so close to Christmas. Unfortunately, in today's age it's not just the traditional media that gets the word out. Social media and word of mouth do too.
When I here people say that " If God existed then why would he let things like this happen".  Remember, The Lord let us have FREE choice.  When at the cross road its our choice to do what is right or wrong, and having free choice how can he always stop everything.  If there was no wrong in the world how could you know the difference between right and wrong?
This true just making news out of others heart ache 
Too all gun haters out there...guns are for hunting and for PROTECTION of the weaker members of a family. Greater mental restrictions are needed on gun licecnseing,true. But if we ban guns...theres gonna be a lot of stabbings.
I need help to listen from you about the Bible Word Revelation Chap: 12 kindly explain and send me to my mail. I will be more happy than any things.
+Joe Sivins when i hear crap like god gave us free choice i think its just a cop out.   He can create the universe and everything in it - but he can't make people not be dicks?  I highly doubt that. 
What was going on in this young man's mind? We may never know the truth because the media already had their program in place.....pray for all the families.
Colin R
You know the saying. Live by the sword. Die by the sword.
Gin control muy not be the answer...but it will be a tremendous help.
+Phil Fearless You'll have to show me how repeated impacts from a belt would kill 20 kids and six adults.
You can say guns are not the problem. Well, they are.
Statistics show domestic fights may end in violence, but 60% will end in deaths because a firearm is available at home.
Yes, knives, axes, hammers and all sort of things could be used to kill. But most people is dying by firearm inflicted wounds.
So let's address the issues.
Gun control, mental health, media accountability.
There's no single solution. 
As far as gun control... how about we make bullets cost $500 each like Chris Rock said?
We dont need to ban guns. Just have to see that only the people that need them get them. 
+John Meck i think the real threat is someone who is scared of a communist invation...  this isn't the 50s dude.  
I'm not saying that we should get rid of guns, I'm just saying that I love Morgan Freeman as an actor and speaker.
Totally agree.  The media could just say "There has been a mass shooting in CT, due to respect for privacy and not publicizing the shooters name, we will not be reporting on details".  I mean for god's sake they have hourly specials on what happened.  Interviewing the survivors, victim's families.  We do need to know who the heroes were, just not the shooter and what he has done.  
 gonna happen for another 5 trillion years
people that need them:   

security guards
department of defense

people that dont need them:  

school teachers
people who climb clock towers
your grandma
Congrats. I really couldn't care less about what kinds of guns we use, as long as there not used on me.
If the second amendment was a right for americans to own slaves they would all be crying about not having cotton pickers. 
Guns are tool simple and plain they are specifically designed for one thing and that is what they will be used for there is complexity it is simple 
Ya bullets $500 each... Real smart +Brian Duff So only celebrities and the govenment can afford them. Then we would have idiots who think they know everything because they act, with guns... And then the government taxing the people more who can't afford the bullets, to pay for their supply. 
+Cori Handsaker you fool its the simplistic use of a gun and its simplistic killing power that makes it the weapon of choice for mass murder and massacre. 
Thanks Morgan Freeman, for deciding it's my neighbors right to shoot me and then commit suicide.  

No, I'll remember the shooter because he was facilitated by the policies of my political opponents, and now so are you.

Don't talk to me as if the capitalist pigs we call Republicans give two shits about our country's mental health crisis.  The mental health crisis is caused by our society's obsession with wealth!!!  So fuck you Morgan Freeman for not seeing the real problem with America.   

The problem is we treat people like crap until their martyrs....
The devil is working and god is watching who helping him live right
I disagree with the argument that we make the perpetrators into celebrities.  I remember quite a few shooting events of the past 15-20 years, though I don't remember the names of any of the shooters.  I remember the events and the numbers, but the shooters are not names I recall. 
so it wasn't Morgan Freeman who said this...   but it's still a good post
Morgan Freeman is above the Frey . He my favorite actor/ individual in the Hollywood arena. A true genius with outstanding integrity. 
Very noble, very twee.
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