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iLuv iHP 635 review - really bad, not even a contender in extreme budget category
Pros: Nice design, inline smartphone remote, foldability Cons: bloated, muddy mid-bass, very recessed mids, muddy and veiled sound, transparency and soundstage totally unseen, durability is an issue (my friend's pair broke after 1 month at the hinges, which...

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Sony MDR-1RMK2 review - Luxury at a more affordable price, but more is still to be desired
     The Sony MDR-1RMK2 has been widely lauded for its looks, and is now about to be replaced by the new MDR-1A which comes in a version that includes a built in DAC. With the 1A coming out, the 1R has potential to be of a great value as prices drop to make...

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Creative SBS A40 review - 2.0 desktop speakers on an extreme budget
promise to offer a decent improvement over the poor quality inbuilt computer
speakers. At a really low price of S$15, what remains to be seen is how much
they deliver in terms of audio quality. The creative SBS A40 The speaker packaging. Pros:

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MDR-EX110LP - Sony, you can do better
     The MDR-EX110LP is a budget IEM with good fit, a nice compact bud design and comes with a cord winder. It comes in a variety of bright colours that fit well with the shiny chrome finish. Pros: Compact, comfortable, should fit almost all ear sizes, good...

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Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear review
     The Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear review is very nicely designed and has great sound, and come in red, green, ivory, black, brown, blue and pink shades, but in a very competitive price range, retaining at S$299, is it worth it? Let us get into it.      Th...

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Sennheiser PX 360 review
     A great looking travel headphone, these headphones have a few cons some may not expect, coming from a pair of cans from Sennheiser. the PX 360 (above), and partially in its case (below).       The Sennheiser PX 360 headphones look good, and are very co...

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ATH-S300 review
     The ATH-S300 is a budget "street monitoring" headphone from Audio Technica. Audio Technica is one of the world's most foremost audio brands, so can they please with this pair of budget headphones for the daily commuter? The ATH-S300 come in 5 different...

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MDR-ZX300 review
     I am here today with an MDR-ZX300 review. These are a pair of budget cans costing S$55 from Sony. They are basically the more expensive sibling to the MDR-ZX100. The styling of both headphones are the same except that the earcups of the MDR-ZX300 are s...

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Razer Hooligan review
     Recently, I had the opportunity to review the Razer Hooligan headphones. Razer is generally known as a "fashion bling-bling" brand which produces headphones of good design but bad sound quality. Can they overcome this with the limited edition Razer Hoo...

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MDR-ZX600 review
     The MDR-ZX600 is a budget offering by Sony. Sporting stylish good looks with a brushed metal plating on the earcups, good sound quality and the price to match, at S$89.90. However, is it truly worth it? Let's find out.      Firstly, the comfort. These ...
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