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Heather Mc (Pret-A-Mummy)
Writer. Gossip. Chancer. Nickname is H Mean.
Writer. Gossip. Chancer. Nickname is H Mean.

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Jacamo - for men!
Hubby and I rarely get to go into actual shops, that is well documented on my blog. When the rare occasion does happen, we race round like animals desperately picking up some vaguely flattering clothes for ourselves, occasionally grunting at the other - "wh...

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15 ways to express your love on this Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s day, the
day of love, which falls on 14 th February every year is celebrated
by the couple all across the globe. As Valentine ’s Day is around the corner,
people have started looking for creative ways to surprise their loved ones and
exhibit the...

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January end of sale - ultra sale!
I have been waiting right until the last possible moment to get the best sale bargains - but unfortunately I seem to have left it SO long, that nearly all the sizes are gone. Anyway, from the leftovers, here are my top pics! 1) Baukjen Fleur Top  - £11 I ha...

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JD Williams My New Favourite Shop!
For some time now, I've been toying with the idea that I need a new favourite shop. In days gone by it was mega easy, I just bought all my clothes in Oasis. I still buy the odd thing in there, but truth be told, it's a bit young for me now. For a while now ...

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Every Day is Black Friday
It's definitely Christmas shopping time. As a person who once loved shopping,  I now find doing it in person, in actual shops and exhausting, fruitless experience - mainly because I got really hot, my nose runs constantly (no idea why this is but friends re...

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Savvy Shopper Find - LoveTheSales!
Even though I have been able to curb my shopaholic tendencies in recent years - it never really goes away.  I do comfort myself though, with the thought that even now, with an insanely hectic life. I would never NEVER pay full price for anything. I find it ...

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The TV Programmes of Christmas Past...
I remember many years ago when I was a child, Christmas was all about TV. Every year we would dutifully buy the Radio Times and TV Times (do they still exist?!) and sift through, looking for what we wanted to watch. If we were well prepared, we would even s...

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Snow White With White Rose Theatre
They say never meet your heroes. Or in my case, never cower in the dark near other people meeting their hero - Scotty T. We've been huge Geordie Shore fans forever, we consider our weeks to be less exciting when we're in between a series. I think for oldies...

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As a mother of three children, I am well used to bedtime routines. I once tried to estimate the number of bedtimes I had done over the past 8 1/2 years - I forget the exact figure as it was terrifying and depressing, but all I can say is that it was A LOT -...

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Holiday Rememberings
It's now a month since we came back from our holiday in Normandy and to be honest, I'm home sick for France! The food is incredible - it starts with baguette and croissants at breakfast time, followed by a lazy lunch in the sun, numerous coffees and then th...
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