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Looking for an Android app to manage all your podcasts ? You've come to the right place !
Looking for an Android app to manage all your podcasts ? You've come to the right place !

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Podcast Addict v2.30 is currently rolling out.

This new version improves podcast discovery by replacing the Top podcast screen with a new 'Discover' screen.

You can now display :
 • Trending podcasts
 • New podcasts
 • Top Audio
 • Top Video

Every screen can be filtered by language and/or category

This makes it easy for example to find new Technology podcasts

Another new feature is that you can now swipe the episode artwork to the left in order to display the show notes from the player screen
Many other small features, fixes and improvements are included in this new version.

Next version will also include some major improvements...
A new beta should be available before the end of the week

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Podcast Addict is now officially available on Chrome OS !

A new beta is available with a lot of new features.
Please let me know what you think of those features and if you find some  bugs so I can fix them ASAP.


 • [New] The app can be used as a standalone player to play local files or stream remote content
 • [New] Player equalizer (Settings/player or from the player screen toolbar)
 • [New] Setting to resume playback when headset is plugged (Settings/Player)
 • [New] Podcast and episodes can be manually flattred when the Flattr id is provided in the podcast RSS feed
 • [New] Widget font color can be changed (Settings/Widget)
 • [New] Delete podcast sub folder when its last episode is deleted
 • [New] German translation thanks to Torsten (
 • [New] Italian translation thanks to Pier Luca Cantoni (
 • [Improved] Settings menu now displays currently selected values
 • [Fix] Multiple bug fix

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New version available with some player/playlist new features like repeat mode, shuffle playback as well as some optimization and bugfix

A new version will be available in the next couple of hours:

Version 2.17

• [New] Setting to only allow streaming and downloading over specific Wi-Fi networks (Settings/Network)
• [New] Setting to disable toast messages (Settings/Notification). Be careful it might hide error messages as well
• [New] Menu entry in player screen to display the current podcast episodes list
• [Improved] Player won't autorewind anymore in case playback is paused temporarily for a short notification
• [Fix] Download issues when remote sever doesn't return the file size

Version 2.16

• [New] Quick access button to podcast and episode contextual menu
• [New] Help menu that displays icons & buttons meaning (main screen menu)
• [New] Virtual podcasts now support m4b files
• [New] Help dialog in the Podcast description screen
• [Improved] Headset controls behavior
• [Fix] Player notification can be pressed on to open the player screen (was limited to the podcast thumbnail since the latest update)
• [Fix] Chromecast related crahes
• [Fix] Small bugfix

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A new Beta is available.


 • I added a new checkbox in the Search Engine screen that allows to use iTunes Database rather than Podcast Addict one when looking for a podcast
 • You can now subscribe to iTunes podcasts feeds by opening the url with Podcast Addict or by pasting the url in the app (ie:
 • You can now play a video Podcast with the screen off. Make sure to enable this in Settings/Player/Screen Off
 • The search engine now displays the approximative date of the last episode
 • I added a workaround to fix the resume playback feature on devices with MT65xx CPU. Only enable it if you're having issue with this feature (Settings/Player/Resume Playback Workaround)
Feel free to let me know if it works or not ;)
 • Lots of bugfix and improvements.

Podcast Addict v1.17.4 changelog:

 • [Nouveau] Intent pour déclencher la mise à jour des podcasts depuis les apps Tasker et AutomateIt (Paramètres/FAQ)
 • [Fix] Crash aléatoire du player
 • [Fix] Récupération du nom des épisodes pour les podcasts virtuels


 • [New] Intent to trigger podcast update from Tasker and AutomateIt apps (Settings/FAQ)
 • [Fix] Random player crash
 • [Fix] Episode name retrieval in case of virtual podcasts

Podcast Addict v1.17.3 changelog:

 • [Nouveau] FAQ en ligne (Paramètres/FAQ)
 • [Nouveau] Contrôlez Podcast Addict depuis des applications tierces (Tasker, AutomateIt) grâce aux 'Intents' (Paramètres/FAQ)
 • [Fix] Son trop aiguë sur certains podcasts lorsque la lecture accélérée est activée
 • [Fix] Le bouton 'Effacer' n'apparaissait plus sur les épisodes des Podcasts virtuels
 • [Fix] Echec de lecture de certains épisodes de podcasts virtuels à cause de caractères spéciaux dans le nom du fichier


 • [New] Online FAQ (Settings/FAQ)
 • [New] Control Podcast Addict from 3rd parties apps (Tasker, AutomateIt) using Intents (Settings/FAQ)
 • [Fix] High pitch issue when variable playback speed is enabled on some Podcasts
 • [Fix] Delete button not appearing anymore for virtual podcast episodes
 • [Fix] Some virtual podcast episodes weren't playing because of special character in their file name

Podcast Addict v1.17.2 changelog:

• [Nouveau] Possibilité de supprimer des épisodes depuis le menu contextuel de la Playlist
• [Nouveau] Maintenir appuyé sur un épisode pour copier son url dans le presse papier
• [Nouveau] Affichage de la durée de la Playlist (menu)
• [Optimisation] Détection du type d'épisode (audio/video) sur des flux RSS invalides
• [Optimisation] Récupération et affichage des vignettes de podcast
• [Fix] Bascule sur le Player par défaut lorsque la vitesse de lecture variable échoue
• [Fix] Episodes tronqués lors du téléchargement


• [New] Episodes can be deleted from the playlist context menu
• [New] Long press on an episode to copy its url to the clipboard
• [New] Playlist duration can be displayed (Option menu)
• [New] Episodes can be deleted from the playlist context menu
• [Improved] Episode type (audio/video) detection with invalid Rss content
• [Improved] Podcast thumbnail retrieval and display
• [Fix] Switch back to default player when variable playback speed failed
• [Fix] Downloader to avoid truncating episode files
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