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Dieter Rams' "Ten Principles of Good Design"

Good design is...
1. Innovative.
2. Makes a Product Useful.
3. Aesthetic.
4. Makes A Product Understandable.
5. Unobtrusive.
6. Honest.
7. Long-lasting.
8. Thorough Down to the Last Detail.
9. Environmentally Friendly.
10. As Little Design as Possible: Less, but better – because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity.

- discussion:
- via Avinash Kaushik newsletter

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“We’re talking about programmers. I’d call that a cat-herding task, but cats are prettier and less vicious, in my experience, than most private-sector software people.”

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“Playing games is one of the top media activities conducted via smartphones”

"Insecure, check. Super obtuse UX, check. Tiny low contrast text, check. Unclear error message, check. Not mobile accessible, check."
... Mental auto commentary of any web developer / digital marketer when browsing any site. You can't look at anything normally again...

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Linus: “I'm an engineer. I'm happy with the people who are wandering around looking at the stars but I am looking at the ground and I want to fix the pothole before I fall in”

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Software developer Matthew Holt: “I want Caddy to make a bold statement to the world:
We expect security and privacy on the Internet by default,
transmitting any content unencrypted is unacceptable,
and security's usability problem is, in fact, solvable.” #https #sysadmin #security

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"Responding to digital disruption isn’t about creating a list of digitization priorities; it’s about identifying where you are vulnerable and where you can create value"

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Google Is Finally Redesigning Its Biggest Cash Cow: AdWords

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“File system as two words refers to the layout of your directories, which includes things like the /dev directory that represent different hardware devices and don't actually refer to files on your disk drive. And "filesystem" refers to the software that manages the files and directories.”
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