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Pursue the LIGHT!


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Lifestyle: 5 Items You Need for a Stunning Bedroom
Bedroom is a place we
seek comfort in, a place to rest, and a place to sleep. Therefore, a stunning
bedroom should look like a place to relax and not a place of work. By that, we
mean an inviting resting place that
not only feels soothing to the body but al...
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An Awakened Man & His Evolved Woman
Written by Saqib Hussain “An awakened man looks for an evolved woman as a partner on his life journey because he knows that as their souls merge she will help him to make the shift and become a man of higher awareness .” -
Daniel Nielsen When Creation
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Love: Becoming a complete human
  Few years back I heard something in a morning show that
had me ponder for months. This lady nutritionist talked about health and
spirituality damage teens do to themselves over a twisted idea of love . She said that a
desperate-incomplete-individual looks...
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Poem: Deforestation
Written by Aliza Hasnain (6th Grader) Oh! Little
deer, Why are you
so sad? I'll be
honest, There's no
forest, My home was
in trees, Now I am on
streets.  Oh! Little
deer, What can I
do to help you?  Do this
please, Plant more
trees! I'll spread
the word and...
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Just get along...
Ever faced that awkward moment when
you try to fix one thing but end up ruining ten other things? So much so that
it starts to make you question all of your recent decisions. It becomes a chain
of catastrophic reactions. Hence you are left with only two opt...
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Short Story: Fifteen Steps - Part 2
He had been following her for quite some
time now. A beautiful girl was walking beside a man, her husband he supposed.
He carefully kept his distance about fifteen footsteps as he followed. Suddenly
they stepped, her husband got busy on the phone while she ...
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Short Story: Fifteen Steps
She suddenly stopped, thought she saw
something, someone. Yes, it was someone she had known, someone who had been
close to her, but she wasn’t sure if it was real or an illusion of him. Should
she approach him? This could turn her life upside down. Maybe ac...
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Weight Loss: Stuck in the middle
When we start a workout routine, we
shed weight off faster. You’d start to feel change in your mood, your body
would feel lighter, and all the daily tasks get easier. Whether it’s inner or
the outer self, either way the change will be visible. Overall it fe...
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Weight loss: How to lose Belly fat?
Are you doing Abs workouts to lose
belly fat? Stop! You are doing it wrong. Abs workouts are there to help you
build abs, not lose fat! Our mistake is we fantasize too
much. We start doing abs exercising hoping to magically wake up with six packs
the next d...
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Weight Loss: How Long Should I Workout?
I get asked many question
about fitness , health and workouts whenever I meet my friends. Thus I’ll try my best to
respond to all of your frequently asked questions. First question always
is how long should a girl workout in a day to lose weight? When I rep...
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