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Elizabeth Rees
If you want to live forever, drink wine and eat pizza.
If you want to live forever, drink wine and eat pizza.

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The Undiscovered Family Pie
I always heard of rumors of a family
“strawberry-rhubarb pie” that would float around in conversations from time to
time, particularly around the summer time or around the holiday season while growing up as a kid. My
mother refused to make it, claiming that...

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Malay in Morristown
Southeast Asia has grasped my attention, particularly ever
since I started working around some amazing people in Jean-Georges’ restaurants
and lived not far from densely populated Asian community in Queens, NY.  Being someone from the southeast United State...

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The Life of the Single Serving (Favorite Single Serving Recipes)
  The culinary life of a single serving for me
is not Ramen Noodles. Nor is it microwave dinners or other packaged, boxed up,
frozen, or canned mystery findings. Don’t worry, I definitely do my fair share
of frozen pizzas (thank you, Dr. Oetker), ham and ch...

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Rum Runnin' It
Are you itching to get into warmer weather? Every year when
it becomes colder I always crave something that I enjoy during warmer weather,
like ice cream for instance. For me lately, it’s been a rum runner. It brings
me back to the moments in Jekyll Island,...

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Falling for a Revival
I fell in love in October 2015. I will never forget the
night we met. We were actually introduced through a friend of mine, and the
moment we laid eyes on each other, I knew it was going to be a relationship
that would for last a long time. That “special so...

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Cake Practice
I recently had a bridal shower and had to make a cake. Not my
first time making a cake for a special occasion, but it was the most formal
of them I have ever done. Especially for someone who has been to culinary art
school so there is a little bit of pressu...

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Weekend in Wilmington
A couple of friends of mine traveled to Wilmington back in
October to visit a friend of ours who just had a baby. I had little knowledge
of Wilmington other than the hit 1990’s TV show, “Dawson’s Creek” until we
actually visited there. Was I pleasantly surp...

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3 Stars Saturday
After my overwhelming experience at Wegmans, I decided to
join some friends at 3 Stars Brewery in Takoma Park. The afternoon was perfect:
overcast, not cold, just a perfect afternoon to spend with some beer and
conversation. I instantly regretted eating my ...

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Overwhelmed at Wegmans
After living here for six years, I decided to do something
different than usual for my weekend grocery shopping routine.  I decided to go Wegmans , the one grocery
store that a lot of locals have raved about the past. I decided to give it a go
and see what ...

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When I purchase my calendar for 2018, I need to make sure it
comes with every national ”food” holiday. If we are going to have national
holidays for food, we need to make sure they are labeled just like all the
other holidays we have on our calendars, no ex...
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