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Now that Google+ Collections are a thing, I've decided that the best way to use them would be to route all of my posts into one of them.  This way, the experience all of my followers get from me can be customized by you, not so much me.  Yeah that's right: YOU decide what you want to see.  To aid you, here's what my current Collections look like.

Gamer's Corner: Any gaming news will be here:

Film Radar: I love me some movies!  When I'm excited about one, any news for it will go here:

The TV Watchlist: In my role at +Geeks of the Round​ I watch a LOT of TV, but there are also things I watch that we don't cover at GotR, and you'll find news about the shows I watch and/or am interested in here:

And Now The News: I'm a bit of a newshound, so news stories that I consider important for one reason or another will be posted here:

Dumbass File: If you've been following me for awhile, you already know what this one is about.  I love posting stories about unmitigated dumbassery, and you'll find those here:

The Cosplay Collective: The name kinda says it all, but I'm fond of cosplayers who really put work into their creations.  I post those I really like here:

MMA Madness: I'm a huge fight fan, so when I get excited for an event or a fighter, you'll find lots and lots here:

The Geekery: General stuff that's cool if and only if you're a geek.  You know what's up:

DeAno's World: This Collection is just me.  Things I'm doing, me hanging with my friends, pics of the family..this is me, personally:

Cool, Funny, Interesting, and Weird: This is basically my catch-all.  If it doesn't fit elsewhere, this is where it goes.  Expect random.  Lots of random:

Everything above this point is a part of the standard DeAno Jackson package.  You follow me, you're following these as well unless you opt out.  The next one, due to risque content, is totally opt-in.

Ginger Everyday!: Redheads are my kryptonite.  Here you'll see why.  Expect this to be NSFW:

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I tend to share this whenever I see it, because it needs to be read and understood.

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100% true.

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I've got nothing. Filing this and walking away.

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Okay, they have my curiosity.

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The Dark is rising again. I don't know why. I keep reposting this every time it does so. Going to take a nap before work and hope I snap out of it.
The Dark Is Rising

Most of the time I consider myself to be a fairly jovial person.  I'm quick to find humor in most situations and my own sense of self confidence assures that I can rise above most things that come at me.

Other times (now, for example), I can feel the Darkness creeping in, those old signs of a depression that plagued me in my late teens/early twenties.  It happens to all of us sometimes, and it's nothing to be ashamed about.  Depression can be an all encompassing and unstoppable monster - if you allow it to be.  Since it's happening to me right now, I thought I'd share with you some steps that work for me to overcome it.

1) Know The Signs - Depression affects us all in different ways.  It's important to know how it affects you in the early stages so you can get in front of it.  For me, it presents itself through sheer exhaustion all the time a definitive lack of interest in doing things, even things that I enjoy.  From there, if I allow it (which this time I guess I did because I didn't catch it in time), I'll start questioning my self-worth and developing a mild persecution complex (everyone hates me, why is such-and-such not talking to me, what did I do wrong, no one's on my side, etc.).  For most people it usually follows a familiar and somewhat predictable pattern.  Learn yours and learn to recognize it.

2) Take Immediate Action - Depression isn't something to be trifled with.  Left unchecked, it can utterly destroy you.  The instant you recognize it for what it is, act at once to get in front of it.  For me that first step is a Reality Check.  Depression will take your faults and magnify them so that in your mind that's all there is.  I stop everything and remind myself of the good things I have going for me, the friends/family I know I have in my corner, the good that I know I've done.  Exercise is also important - get your body moving!  Throw on a pair of headphones and go walk around the block a few times, look at the scenery, breathe the fresh air.  You'd be surprised what a change in locale can do to your mental state.

3) Talk To Someone About It - This is the most important part, honestly, and it's also the most difficult.  No one want to talk about their depression!  At best they're embarrassed and at worse they think it makes them weak.  Nonsense!  As I said earlier, just about everyone goes through this at one time or another.  It's all just brain chemicals fucking with you.  Trust me, talk to someone.  It's helps to have an anchor when those rough seas of depression are trying to smash your ship, and that's exactly what on outside perspective provides.  Depression likes to use your thoughts as an echo chamber; having that different viewpoint breaks through it.

4) Accept It - Have you ever been in a knife fight?  I've been in quite a few.  The key to knife fights is to accept going in that you are going to be cut and that it will hurt.  You have to know it, not think it, but know it, because once you've accepted that fact, when it actually happens it doesn't shock or surprise you because you were expecting it to happen, leaving your mind clear to counterattack.  Oftentimes that simple thing is the difference between winning and losing, and that same logic applies to depression.  Remember my first point about knowing your signs?  This is where it comes back.  Because you know how your depression is going to attack you, you can prepare for and counter it.  Does your depression cause you to overeat or not eat enough?  Immediately put yourself in an eating regiment.  However you know it to attack you, have a way to counter it.

5) It Won't Go Away Overnight - Even if you're absolutely on top of it, you have to know that Depression is a particularly persistent little shit.  There's no BFG 9000 you can shoot at it to make it just go away.  It tends to die a slow death, but the good news is that if you do it right you won't even notice when it actually happens.  Constantly push yourself to do things you enjoy and be mindful of the previous steps and eventually it'll just be...gone.  However, if it's not....

6) Seek Professional Help - If you've done all you can to fight against Depression and you start realizing that the fight isn't going your way, don't be afraid to go see your doctor.  If you don't have one, just do a search for 'mental health' and see where you can get some help in your area.  Again, no need to be ashamed.  Recognizing when you need help isn't a sign of weakness; it's a sign of great strength.  Even the toughest Marine in the world won't hesitate to call for backup when the shit hits the fan.

This post is a bit longer than I planned for it to be, but I hope it helps someone.  The important thing to remember is that the Darkness can be fought, and you are never as alone as you think you are.

Take care, everyone.

#Depression   #YouAreNotAlone  

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Another one for the File!

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Downloaded the entirety of season two of Sense8 on my phone. Locked, cocked, and ready to rock.

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Oh, fuck yes. The Defenders is going to be absolutely epic, and I cannot wait to see it!

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Holy shit! Be safe, people.
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