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This week in the Plus! - 11th January

Welcome to the second edition of this weekly community summary.
Using http://www.circlecount.com/communities/ and will a little help from +CircleCount, I have created the activity below. 
Also, some great Plussers have been curating as well.
If you would like to curate a category, or suggestion one, then please let us know!

Communities created to date:  
Woohoo 33,366! (up from 29,940 last week)

What’s Hot in ‘communities’...

Top 5 communities (based on members) 
Space: 65,000
Android: 54,500
Landscape Photography 45,900
Star Wars 43,900
HDR Photography 42,690

Fastest growth of smaller communities (a selection, with links)
One Game a Month 252%

Beauty and Fashion 179%

Tourism Rural Espana 187%

Language Practice Hangouts 155%

Harley Davidson 133%

Communities with the highest engagement
Top 7: Based on average comments per posting 
DeCode Ingress
TK Topics
Relatos de G+
Arch Linux

Top 4: Based on total engages (average per post)
(members/comments/reshares/+1s per posting)
TK Topics 1434/8/0/28
DeCode Ingress 6819/14/3/15
Versus 5140/20/1/1
HDR Photography 49,773/2/1/18

Featured new Community
‘Plus Your Life!’ - FREE personal development courses, weekly goal setting and more!

Events coming up this week:
+Jessica Northey is hosting American Idol/country star +Kellie Pickler on on her CMchat Twangout 1/14 6pmPT
(Thanks +Peg Fitzpatrick!)

Nutritionist, +meghna sharma will be premiering her Juicing HOA - Joyful Juicing with Meghna - Power Juices : E01 on January 12 @ 11:00AM(EST)/8:00AM(PST) : https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/ch70fhnsk7dfl50ecoaso30hrk8

Would you like to write a book? Live Hangout On-Air with Guy Kawasaki and Martin Shervington Sunday, January 13 at 7 pm GMT/ 11am PST/ 2pm EST. https://plus.google.com/events/ca5rv2qmjsrrihulnqe0q0ji48g

Learning How To Cook Caribbean with +Larry Fournillier  
Trini Style - Sweet and Sour Pork : S02E02  on January 13 at 4:00PM(EST)/1:00PM(PST) https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/ctcr1vs0k05hu735vjkkmhmtln4

Friday On The Pirate’s Pub Show, Hangout On Air
+George Sepich +Larry Fournillier +Richard Wooding and +Paul Platt, and their crew of The Silver Shark once again sail the virtual seas of G Plus Friday at 5:30 PM Eastern on the +ThePiratesPub
Great Grub, Grog, And Music Are Guaranteed!  This week the talented singer/songwriter +James Olmos returns to the Pub, so be sure to tune in.  Watch it all on http://thepiratespub.com or on
the +The Pirate's Pub page.  

Featured photographers of the week - curated by +Ugo Cei and +Mark Gaw 
+Ronnie Boehm is a dance photographer based in Vienna, Austria. If you like photos of perfect bodies seemingly suspended in space and captured in a moment of grace, you can’t miss his work.
His style could be defined minimalistic, as all of the viewer’s attention is directed to the dancer, thanks to careful composition, masterful lighting and the elimination of every unnecessary distraction from the frame.
Photo link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/114212590760165338713/posts/4v8ZLbKyaj1

This week we would like to also introduce to you +Barry Blanchard 
Currently, he is a jewellery designer by day and a photography enthusiast on the side. Barry has a love for the ocean and you will find this love expressed in the photos’ he makes. In light of this, it is clear why he makes his residence on the coast of California. The link here provides a look at a photo Barry posted this week of a flower. It’s an amazing shot. Be sure to visit his profile to view his other works. 

Awareness - by +Jack C Crawford 

“Is heavy meeting attendance a mild addiction?.
..Professor Peter Drucker once said that the sign of a dysfunctional organization was a preponderance of frequent, long, heavily attended meetings.”
Read more of Jack’s thoughts on this subject here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/118301801570268856235/posts/1RGHAnmtbov  
Featured Page +Helping Others 
 “HELPING OTHERS is my broad initiative, and while I know we'll start out small, I have grand visions for producing actual, measurable results with this page. Big or small, national or global - I'm convinced that our community can affect change, and that doing good matters.

Art and class in the Plus! - usually curated by +Susanne Ramharter  
Google+ Art Communities
There are communities for all manner of topics on Google+. Among them quite a few dealing with art. Many of these are focused on artists sharing their work. One community that is a bit different is the ARTLandea community.  

ARTLandea is a community for discussing art. Many, if not most of the members are artists, but, unlike some others, this community is not one continuous stream of images. Instead, there are discussions about methods and techniques, inspiration, materials and tools, and the possibility to have others critique one’s work. The point is less sharing finished work in order to gain recognition, but rather to to engage with others interested in art, which makes for any number of fascinating discussions for both those who create, and those who enjoy looking at art.


Essential Google+ tips of the week - curated by +Ronnie Bincer 

CircleCount has a great addition to there Hovercard function… (1/7/13)
CircleCount has an extension that adds greatness to the ‘hovercard’... when you mouse over a Person’s or Page’s name what pops up is called a Hovercard... learn why this has been improved by CircleCount’s Chrome Extension.

Hangouts Inside Communities… Join in or Start a New One (1/5/13)
GPC (Communities) and Hangouts are a great combination. Jump into an existing Hangout session or start up your own. All inside the Community...(Public ones or Private ones). New options for us make it even more compelling.

Social Media by +Elaine Lindsay 
Quick tips for Social Best Practices...
On average you should +1 and comment 85% to 90% of the time and add your own bits the other 10% to 15%.. Social is about engagement.. Engagement is a two-way street.. 

Featured meme day: Google+ meme day of the week

Favourite meme from last week from +mortiz
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Other trends from last week check out +peg Fitzpatrick’s post here

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