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For N5
In personal preference priority order

-Stop access to notifications and/or quick settings when device locked
-Customizable quick settings 
-Quick Unlock with PIN
-Customizable NavBar (size)
-Customizable NavBar buttons (addition of menu)
-Addition of cursor keys to NavBar for text input
-Customizable battery %
-Standard reboot options for Power Menu
-Customizable clock format and placement
-Ridiculous battery consumption! 😋

#Lollipop #Nexus5
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I'm a firm believer in the stance of the cataclysm rom developer Atl4ntis, which is if an app does it well enough then don't bother building it into the ROM. So I'll happily continue to use:

lux for auto brightness
Light flow for led control
Do not disturb for quiet hours
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Ben Pyett

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Lost some vital information, when Google Keep web page on PC Win 7  (Chrome) didn't save correctly....just says "Saving..." and no error to let you know it hasn't sync'd correctly furious! Still doing the same a day later, whereas Android app is fine....doesn't help me get back all the content that I wrote yesterday though! 

Why no error message? Timeout? Why is this not linked to Drive yet! 
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Same problem for me for a couple of days/weeks (Windows 7). Very annoying :(
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Ben Pyett

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On nexus 4 (mako) MarcLandis 20-09 build, solid, stable and fully functional but have now experienced a series of deadlocks :(:crying:

I would love to hear an AOKP member comment or be pointed at somewhere where they've already answered the question or even an avenue where I can pose the question.

As with CM going the way it has, I'd rather stay AOKP but want to hear more, other ROMS have managed to remove the deadlocks so what is the aokp plan? Anyone?
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Had it on Swype, stock and other keyboards
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Ben Pyett

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Anyone know of any early AOKP 4.3 builds around #nexus4 ? Not chasing an eta, just in need of a fix #flashaholic #aokp #android
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Hello, on latest fku version 12p401
I've noticed that when using a large or huge font size (I'm getting old and have poor eyesight) the initial zip d/l and auto flash buttons aren't shown properly, see attached picture. This happened once before but you fixed it.
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Me too same thing happened to me.
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Ben Pyett

commented on a post on Blogger.
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Wouldn't disagree with a single word! 
This is the very first post of our blog, which we hope that will grow and eventually become one of the biggest Android related blogs. So, after bricking my old HTC Desire S after flashing a Kit Kat ROM on it, a little more t...
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Thanks for sharing!
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Ben Pyett

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C'Mon Google I'm ignoring your momentary world wide black out, everyone is waiting for you too release the API as I am....although what about android Google+ and chrome browser tab chrome casting?
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