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Kobie Snyman
HR Professional • Music Lover • Health Enthusiast
HR Professional • Music Lover • Health Enthusiast

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4 Energy Management Techniques That will Help Increase your Productivity.
I am excited to share a post by guest writer  Patrick Del Rosario. He is a freelance photographer and business blogger. He currently works at , an online platform where employers and remote workers meet to find jobs and hire people online. ...

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climbing the international career ladder and seeing the world
Today's post is written by first-time wannabe-employee guest writer  Eileen Archer. Working abroad is such a current topic - thanks for charing Eileen! Oftentimes, it’s difficult to see anyone
other than an English teacher living abroad and doing what they ...

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why can't we all just get along...?
Something I really enjoy about watching employee behaviour is how different things irritate different people. And in the workplace, where we spend big chunks of our time in relatively close proximity to others, there are bound to be a variety of potential t...

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who are you calling average?
I was doing my daily reading when I came across a post discussing how to manage the average employee . At first I thought "Wow, I hope I'm never referred to as average", and then I wondered if this post might actually help me to ensure that I'm never catego...

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reading about management if I'm not a manager?
A reader asks:  "Dear Wannabe|Employee, Is it a little over ambitious for me to start reading books on management when I'm still an entry level professional?" One of the best things (career wise) I've started doing is to read up on management even though I ...

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stressed much?
Statistically we are all bound to have a terrible day at work once in a while (if this is happening very often, you might want to rethink your choice of career or employer - or maybe step up a notch in your commitment J ).  The worst kind of day for me is w...

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yes, I am a recovering perfectionist
I am not obsessive about order or having everything in it's perfect place. I am also not extremely focused on getting every detail of everything I do just right, but I am someone who struggles with allowing myself to make mistakes. So in that sense I feel t...

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bored at the office?
  Servicing employees can be a full time job and most of the time there’s a lot to work on (especially when we’re recruiting for multiple vacancies and the occasional crisis comes along). But there are days (like today) when everyone is happy, we’re not rec...

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sitting up straight
Hunching in front of my computer all day is certainly not the reason I chose HR as a career. Am I the only one with neck spasms tense back muscles over here?? I have been craving a massage for weeks! So there are a number of ways in which I can improve my p...

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stretching your comfort zone at work
I am very excited to share this week's performance pointers with you! Stretching (or breaking out of) your comfort zone is something we know we should try from time to time. It's human nature to stick to things we are familiar with, but if you want to achie...
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