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BigHeads (Founder) - Think Tanks - Open Innovation - Cross Pollination - Co-Creation - Product Development


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Here's one for all my friends and connections in healthcare, especially the ones I've met over the years who insist their industry issues and hurdles cannot be solved by tapping sources and perspectives from "outside" (even unexpected) fields and interests. Cross Pollination works...even for healthcare! I'm heading to Pfizer next month to do a lecture and will obviously be referencing this article and some of the examples. If anyone has other articles about healthcare innovations inspired by outside and surprising sources, please send them my way. Thanks.

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Here are two LinkedIn articles that made me jump up, spill my coffee and scream "Fuck Yeah!" this morning. Both are perfect examples of what my company, BigHeads Network, is designed to do - help corporate leaders to go OFF THE BEATEN PATH and spend time with OUTSIDE (even unexpected) sources...because THAT is what inspires new (and surprising) solutions, while making them more well-rounded, informed and impactful leaders.

The first is by Jim Citrin. In the article Jim talks about how he spent a week with the military and how that time taught him invaluable lessons about everything from leadership to keeping morale high. In other words, Jim connects-the-dots between military approaches and the corporate world (sound familiar?).

The second is by Calvin Soh. In this article, Calvin discusses a host of disparate experiences that he's had that led to insights and learnings he applies to the advertising industry.

Get out there people! Meet people UNLIKE YOU...people in UNEXPECTED fields. Trust me (and Jim and Calvin) will NOT be a waste of time. And if you need a turnkey way to do it, then pick up the phone and call me and I will set you up with a "subscription" to BigHeads.

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I was having a discussion on the beach this weekend with a group of friends that included a handful of entrepreneurs and others who work at larger corporations and the topic turned to this whole idea of being a "pioneer" and being "ahead of the curve." My "corporate" friends are (and have always been) a bit "envious" of those of us who are pushing the proverbial envelope. They find it interesting and exciting.

Of course, when we have conversations like this, I always have to remind them of THE CURSE OF THE CURVE (as I like to call it). The "curse" is something that those of us who are supposedly "ahead of the curve" all deal with...and it has to do with the fact that we rarely reap the rewards of the "things" we "pioneer." You see, people who like to create, innovate, disrupt or whatever fucking word you want to use are always creating something new. So we might "pioneer" a methodology (like "Cross Pollination") or an approach (like "experiential marketing"), etc...BUT by the time it takes hold we have MOVED ON to create something new...and the ones who came after us end up reaping the rewards.

Some call it impatience. Some call it A.D.D. Some call it stupidity. I just call it the "curse of the curve."

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I'll admit, I dig how Mark Wahlberg "blurs the lines" of fiction and reality by making key characters in his TV shows the architects of BIG ideas happening in our real world. For example, Turtle in HBO's "Entourage" was a key player in the creation of Avion Tequila, which hit actual liquor shelves as the season ended (still one of my all-time favorite product placement initiatives). And then there's Spencer (The Rock) on HBO's "Ballers." In this season's storyline he is the brains behind the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas (a move that was recently approved by NFL owners). Anyway, just and observation...and a nod to some innovative and clever "line blurring." Have a great weekend!

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Article about how "Tech companies are investing in artists to improve creativity"

And YOU should be too!

BigHeads ( can bring you together with tattoo artists, painters, fashion designers, architects, musicians, chefs, playwrights, novelists, documentary filmmakers, comedians, poets, directors and other artistic minds who will take your projects, brainstorms and culture to a whole new creative level.

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Elon Musk waving the Cross Pollination flag in this article.
And yet many of you still do not have a formal system in place (like BigHeads) to cross pollinate. You wait for it to happen by accident instead of doing it by design. Of course, I am hell-bent on changing that...which is why I am working more frequently with universities, startup accelerators and corporate talent development teams to teach younger people the ins-and-outs of cross pollination. Basically I am starting 'em young so they grow into fucking innovation beasts...and all of you who are too scared or lazy to think differently will sit there wondering how the hell these 'kids' are making you (and your same old ideas and thinking) look silly. And then you'll see me standing behind them smiling.

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Here's the HBR summary from "A Study Shows How to Find New Ideas Inside and Outside the Company" by Linus Dahlander and Siobhan O'Mahony:

"Much research suggests that exposing employees to a broad range of external partners can lead to more innovation at the company. But can this detract from the work they do inside the company? A study of 615 senior IBM employees found that those with a broad external network were more innovative only when they devoted enough time and attention to those sources. Managers have to ensure that employees searching for new ideas outside the firm make the best use of their time and network in ways that are likely to enhance innovation."

...and THAT, my friends, is exactly what we do at BigHeads - introduce employees to OUTSIDE perspectives using discipline and rigor.

#innovation #disruption #networking #creativity #johnpalumbo #bigheads #bigheadsnetwork #research #hbr

Some words of wisdom about looking OUTSIDE to #innovate within:

"If you’re not making room for the unexpected meeting of minds, you could be missing out on the next big breakthrough. Visionary leaders understand this. They set up the creative, collaborative environments that foster crossovers and the innovations that come from them." - Beth Comstock, vice chair of GE

“Research has shown that most innovation happens as the result of something outside your industry being applied to your own. These are usually the result of random conversations happening and ideas generated as a result of collisions.” -Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

"I meet regularly with our biggest retail customers, but I also go off the beaten path where I can stimulate the right side of my brain and discover new tastes in music, fashion, cuisine." -Mark Parker, CEO of Nike

Of course, most corporate leaders understand the disruptive benefits of collecting and applying inspiration from BEYOND their category, but many of them don’t do it as regularly as they should because they don’t have access to a time- and cost-efficient system/solution to make it happen.

So, we developed a unique "SUBSCRIPTION TO GENIUS" exclusively for senior executives. Here's some info:

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"The first thing you have to say to people is: MAKE ROOM FOR DISCOVERY. If I manage myself, I manage a team, I manage a division, there's a certain amount of your budget, your time, your people that need to be focused on what's next. " - Beth Comstock, vice chair of General Electric.

That's from a recent interview Beth Comstock did with LinkedIn's editor in chief Daniel Roth where she was talking about how corporate leaders need to set aside time (she recommends 10%) to look beyond their four walls for inspiration, insight and ideas. Here's a link:

Of course, when I read it I actually screamed out, "YES!"

Over the past few weeks I have been posting examples of senior leaders (Steve Jobs, Mark Parker, etc.) who also subscribe(d) to the "make room for discovery" practice Beth Comstock is talking about. In fact, yesterday I grabbed a coffee with Robert Reiss (who probably knows more CEOs than anyone) and even he said that the most effective leaders he knows set aside time to meet with people from beyond their four walls. "It's their job!" he said.

So the question to all the senior executives and leaders out there is this - are YOU "making room for discovery" (or just paying lip service to it)?

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