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Finally! The Red Shouldered Hawk stayed long enough for me get a series of photos, up close and personal!
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In all of my forty-something years I have never seen this before. What a treat!
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Beautiful blooms at the NC Zoo! #flowerphotography   #nczoo  
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Honesty helps one retain inner peace and live longer.  Telling lies creates inner tension, extra worry, stress and releases aging stress hormones each time worry appears or a lie is found by others.  Lies can even lead to wars between nations, so a habit of honesty helps not just the cause of longevity and well-being for oneself, but the cause of world peace as well. :)  ♥

One thing that has been discovered is that people who are always honest tend to develop true spiritual abilities of predicting accurately the future and even daily soul travel, being able to see who tells the most lies (intentional or just repeating lies they believe to be true) among the so called "movers and shakers" of the world.  :)  It's better to be silent than to tell lies.

The honest human being does not believe in "ideas others offer about soul or afterlife, about this and that" - but goes on to verify them with his/her soul by astral travel. For verifying soul travel and 17 free e-books on soul travel, see

It's needed to forgive oneself and others for past lies (because hate of self/others is destructive for humanity), but it is even better to try to make a huge effort to be 100% honest all the time, because one's intellect, honesty or dishonesty habits, spiritual abilities will remain at about the same level next reincarnation (slightly higher if we spend a lot of time between lives to grow spiritually) if we don't change. For 400+ case of reincarnation, see

The true spiritual abilities of bilocation to any place/realm and etc won't arise in a person who is honest with some people but lies to others of a different "gender, nationality, ideology, religion, group, etc".  Lies are the best way to waste one's time and stagnate spiritually, and even to create negative karma that require painful reincarnations to undo the damage done. We say to ourselves many lies each day, without realizing, so it helps to meditate and rest and ponder on the honesty of our words, actions, thoughts - so that we may achieve world peace faster.  World Peace is going to happen much faster if we try be honest all the time, besides meditating and perhaps using peaceful music to elevate our emotions.  :)
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#winteriscoming ... but Autumn comes first. Don't you need a #plasticcanvas   #pumpkin  face tissue box cover for your #Halloween  decor?
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Looking back on #Hurricane Frances in 2004, and the #amazing #sunset that she tried to hide from us. #naturephotography   #natureblog   #SkywatchFriday  
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Walking that sandy line between the solid and the fluid worlds. #beach   #Sand   #serenity   #stressrelief   #oceanside  
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Barn Swallows:
3 babies and their Mom

You could feel the exciting of all the babies when Mom came to feed them, look at those big open mouths, as if saying: Mom, me, me ,me.

Taken at Russell Creek Park
Plano, Texas

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He just showed up one day. And then so did the #owl. I haven't seen him since.   #bunny   #naturephotography   #natureblog  
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