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Blog Update
I am making a move to another blogging platform this month. I will be back to blogging in September when the move is complete! :D

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Math Charts to Start the Year
The school year is almost here for us down in the South. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you my favorite math charts to start the year. These are the math charts that I use to set the tone and introduce a lot of my common procedures in math. In fa...

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Data Tracking Forms {Free}
With the new teacher evaluations in my state becoming more and more rigorous, I knew I needed to create some very specific data forms to show how I was tracking my data and what I was doing with the data in my instruction. I created these forms last year an...

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A Simple Strategy to Stop Arguing and Talking Back
Those first few weeks of school can be rough when you have students who test authority and like to talk back or argue when given a reminder or asked to do a simple task. It is even harder in the beginning because you have not had time to build a mutual rela...

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Solving Multi-Part Word Problems {Freebie Printable Chart}
 Solving multi-part math constructed response tasks is such a tricky skill for my students. Not only is the actual solving the problems tricky, but my students also struggle with organizing their responses and their work. I have spent a lot of time this pas...

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Using Wonder to Teach All the Common Core Literature Standards
The summer of 2014, I read this book and fell in love. I immediately knew I wanted this to be my first read aloud of the year. Not only are the messages and themes in this book fabulous for children today, but the book literally allows you to teach all the ...

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Constructed Response Freebie {Math is Real Life}
For this month's Math is Real Life, I am writing about a few of our recent trips to the lake. On the way back from the lake, my mom texted me and asked me how much gas we used on one trip. After telling her about 1/4 of a tank and that the tank held 32 gall...

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St. Patrick's Day Freebie!
I can't believe I haven't posted since Febru ary! We are in the process of moving and have been super busy! We also had some testing at school and you know how that is. I wanted to post a fun little freebie that I created for St. Patrick's Day. In this easy...

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Teaching Volume *Common Core Resource*
A few weeks ago I requested some clipart to be made for a resource on Volume that was aligned to the CCSS for 5th grade. Melissa from The Enlightened Elephant offered to make it for me and she did an amazing job. You can find it here . So using her clipart ...

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Organizing Papers in an Upper Elementary Classroom
After reading this post by 2nd Grade Stuff last summer, I knew I had to get a handle on my incoming papers for the following school year. This post shows three very simple ways I organized some of my student papers this year with great success. Since I have...
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