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I really hope Google doesn't go forward with this utterly stupid decision. Removing H264 support from HTML5 support in chrome will only serve to fragment the browser market more causing browser incompatibilities and undue pain to web developers.

"Chrome deserves special mention since Google will actually be removing support for one of the three HTML5 video formats. After its acquisition of On2, a developer and sponsor of the WebM format, Google announced that future versions of Chrome will no longer support H.264. Instead they’ve released WebM under a BSD license, granting worldwide users a free, non-exclusive, royalty-free patent license. So while Chrome is currently the only browser to support all three formats, the market will soon split between the two OS default browsers, Internet Explorer and Safari, supporting only H.264, and all other browsers supporting everything but H.264."

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SONAR X3 is now steam powered!
Pretty cool since its the first non gaming app ever to be featured on the site.

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Funky mashup at the Banks :)
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Some random screen shots from the excellent +Craig Anderton mastering workshop at +Audio Engineering Society (AES) 2013.
Too bad I got there a few mins after it started. There were no headphones left due to full attendance, so I had to lip read the first half and follow the slides :) Craig had some great and very practical tips on mastering using Sonar and the prochannel plugins.
I had a video camera but it didn't make much sense to record since the audio was headphones only. Maybe I can convince Craig to post his slides...

It was fun bumping into some SONAR users. I got recognized by one and rapidly feature requested for named automation lanes. Lol :)
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Highly recommend the lunch buffet here!

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Lol my cat is too shrewd to fall for that one :)

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I already have a smart TV but this could be an nice way to get access to web streamed shows. I currently have to connect wired to the TV to do that.

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