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...I am not who I seems to be...
...I am not who I seems to be...

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"Son, we never heard of this 'Darth' fella.
And what's with your hat?"

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Visit this page @ to enroll yourself as Grassroots Tester.

Then u can download, update alpha version of the app @

Current version don't have any functionalities, but just the UI Navigation and flow. So dont keep ur expectations so high :-)

Kindly post ur thougths / issues @

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Hey Volunteers,

Here is the first test release (alpha) of `Grassroots` Mobile app for Public testing.

* This test release of app is not functional.
* There is no data, no events to join and contribute.
* You can just navigate and explore different screens.

If the app mis behave at any point, like screen freezed, or too slow to respond, not working as you expected, kindly post the problem as comment to this thread.

Posting a screenshot depicting the problem will be much helpful. To take screenshot in android phone, press `Power` button and `Volume down` button at same time.

With next release, I will be giving a Google form where u can filling ur experience through app and report bugs/issues/problems.

Thanks. Have fun :-)

Dear friends,

First Alpha release will be done late night.
Expect to try out the version tomorrow morning :-)

Looking for a volunteer to #Admin this Community. Admin role involves
* Approving People in Community
* Moderating posts (removing spam, unwanted posts)
* Make and share `Google Forms` to get feedback on App releases, which u ppl will be getting from tonight.
* Go through Form submission and let me know on any high priority issues.

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Grassroots will be mobile platform to connect NGOs and Volunteers, to be launched on Nov 19, 2016

Our Volunteering Scenario
On one side,
There are already 100s of NGO, who identified the social problems, formed solutions and working on them. But they lag on getting volunteers.

On other side,
There are 1000s of ppl, who want to contribute to the society and Nation building, but dont know when, where, how.

So Grassroots connects these 2 groups and take existing Volunteering activities to a whole new level, with live action on ground.

#grassroots #volunteering

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you cant really be like him, he is The One Above all

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Problems are stable, which can't be changed. But,

"The Problem is, not a problem, The Problem is your attitude about the problem"
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