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i am super excited for tonight's yelp event! wine and friends= great way to spend the evening! :)
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it was so much fun!
you two def missed out!
Glad to hear it was a blast! I had no doubt. :)
the wine was delicious and not only did i get FREE shots because the GM liked me and my friend, but the wine vendors thought i would be a great addition to their team!
I wish I could have made it, but I had other plans. I love Indulge!

So does this mean you may have a new career opportunity?
i might :) i'll have to check it out and see if it's something worth pursing! wine sales....that can't be too hard right? however, i already have a full time job and another side job with the Broncos. not sure if could add another one! ha :)
Ahh, I didn't realize you had all these jobs. Yeah, you might not be looking for a third ;-)
that is true :)
however, it's hard to pass up!