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Stephanie Pleasants
Chocolate today, shopping tomorrow.
Chocolate today, shopping tomorrow.

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Technology giveth, and technology taketh...

: )


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I rarely pay attention to notifications, but I think I should dedicate more time there.
How to Manage Notifications Like A Boss

For those of us who get an excessive amount of notifications from Google+ every day, learning how to efficiently manage said notifications is essential. This screencap shows you how I manage to manage 500+ notifications a day.

Step 1: Click Google+ Notifications link
When you click on the bell icon there is a link that says Google+ notifications. When you click that link you are taken to a page where you can filter all your notifications by the following stream views:

> All posts - displays all of your notifications 
> Your posts - displays only notifications from your posts
> Other people's posts - displays only notifications from other people's posts
> Mentions of you - displays only mention notifications

Step 2: Start with mentions
I always start by scrolling through my Mentions of you stream. Why? Because it means someone took the time to actually mention me. They were intentional about getting my attention and they had the savvy to mention my name. 

I go through my mentions and make sure to respond to and engage as much as I can to those who have mentioned me. 

Step 3: Your posts
I try to respond to as many comments on my posts as possible because I hate the idea of people thinking I'm leaving them hanging or ignoring them. 

This stream view allows me to see my most recent activity on posts so I can engage the people who are active on them. 

Step 4: Other people's posts 
Finally, I always check up on other peoples posts to see if someone left a reply after me that I want to respond to. Or, if I've got someone in one of my notification circles (for which I get a notification every time they post) I can easily see the most recent posts in this stream. 

Some people only go as far as clicking on the bell to tend to their notifications, but clicking through to the actual notifications page allows for a much more efficient tending to notifications. 

I hope this was helpful-- after asking my wife if she knew how to get to her notification page tonight, I realized it may not be as obvious to everyone. 

#googleplustips   #googleplushelp  
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Oh yes, I think we all do this.
Do You Tell Yourself These Common Entrepreneur Lies? -

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