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Sean Steadman
(Garden Basics) A Self Employed Gardener,in the Ellemsere Port,Great Sutton,Little Sutton & Whitby area's.
(Garden Basics) A Self Employed Gardener,in the Ellemsere Port,Great Sutton,Little Sutton & Whitby area's.

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On the day we celebrate #Shankly101, the 101th anniversary of Bill Shankly's birth, here are some iconic images of the great Scot at #LFC.
101th anniversary of Bill Shankly's birth
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Not been on here for a While, busy working in the Garden, 7 days a week. A quieter day today. One job done this morning. A couple more this Afternoon, followed by another busy week. No time off until 2 Weeks time and then it's only a few hours off. The joys of Self Employment. Enjoy my job, some really nice customers who make me feel i'm doing a job worthwhile to the General Public. Plenty of Happy Customers makes the hard work worthwhile. If the day ends in Y, weather permitted i'll be working. Not many jobs give Job satisfaction, i'm pleased to say my Job does exactly that. 

Weathers alot milder than it was a few weeks back, so at least i'm alot warmer when i'm Tidying peoples Gardens. Never a chore Gardening in Mild Winter Weather. Be great if it was dry and mild Winter, will get most of my Gardening jobs done!!!!! Happy Days!!!!(smiles)

I'm sure Xmas arrives earlier each year. Summer arrives you blink and then all of a sudden it's Xmas time again!!!!!(smiles)

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A good draw for LFC! YNWA

My company is GARDEN BASICS, i work all year round and 7 days a week if needed at no extra expense to my Customers. So if you need an extra Pair of Hands in your Garden to collect Leaves, Tidy Borders, Prune Shrubs, Plant Bedding Plants, Paint Fences and Sheds-etc!!!!! Feel free to get in touch. Thankfully i do a job i love and always do my best who ever i'm working for. I believe in a fair days work, for a fair days pay and i appreciate all my Gardening Customers who i work for! Thanks for taking the time to read this message.

Keep it simple in the Garden. Grow what suits you and your garden. Regardless of garden size, you can have colourful garden in very short period of time. A mixture of Annuals, Bi Annnuals and some Perennials should do the trick.

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