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I've moved....
You can now find me at

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Introducing Lift '16!
Months ago, a small group of us 30-something women started brainstorming and praying about an idea that eventually became "Lift '16." Our passion? To come alongside our 20-something sisters and say, "Lift up your eyes: God is right here with you, in the mid...

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A Word to the Wise
When my son was only a few months old, I had a mother-of-four
walk by me and say, “Oh, I remember the days of only one child. Enjoy it—you
have it so easy!” She was right, you know. Mothering one child is enjoyable,
and it is much easier than taking care of...

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Raise That Warrior
I don’t write much about motherhood because I don’t know
much yet. I have one son, and he’s just four years old. But it doesn’t take experience to know what I’m about. I am raising a warrior. I’m not called to raise a cute conversation piece or a

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An open letter to the Bride
My heart has been heavy this past week, heavy over sin that takes down families and spiritual leaders—and entire countries. It's been a week of bad news and it's tempting to say, "What's happening to the world?!" But really, the problem isn't "out there" or...

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On your 40th
She was the It Girl in college: drop-dead gorgeous, smart, with a slew of handsome suitors and a voice that earned her a recording label. She was going places, and we all anticipated the day when we would say, “I knew Lisa Kolbo before she was famous….” We ...

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The women pictured here with me are extraordinary. Among them are former White House Director of Personnel, Tim Tebow's older sister, a singer who gave up a promising career to care for her family, a prestigious Nashville editor, and a lawyer (to name a few...

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Do the Next Thing: Wisdom from Elisabeth Elliot
As a young teen, I read her books and articles with a voracious appetite for her wisdom. When I was 20, I attended one of her conferences and met her in person. Even now, one of her books sits at my bedside. Few women have had the influence on my life that ...

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Common Things
This poem has deeply encouraged me these past few months and helped me keep perspective. May God bless the common things we do today, dear one. (After all, He's the One who works miracles in our mundane.) Common Things by Ruth Bell Graham, 1942 Lord, let mi...

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Revisiting His faithfulness
Writing has taken a back-burner for the past couple of months, and while I miss it like crazy, I'm grateful that these other pressing life matters have forced me to silence my fingers and re-evaluate the words I post here. To be honest, I'd like to rewrite ...
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