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Rich Church

Hi Alan,
How might you handle this use case: Someone submits a request via the form, someone else approves the request and the approval is emailed back to the requester and to a third party. Is that all doable within your add-on, or would the approval have to be a reply to the requester and forward to third party all via email?
Also, after someone submits the form, rather than just emailing a link and/or PDF to the approver, is it possible for the approver to receive the filled-in form as the body of the email and respond directly from there?

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Thanks for your efforts!
I'm brand new with this, so this is probably a id10t error, but... Just using the Advanced Split tab to try to separate info entered based on inputs. The output goes to the correct tabs, but I am getting "dd" in Column A and gibberish in Column B. None of my data shows up.
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