Before this disappears entirely off the news. A quote from Ed Miliband on Sunday 15th April 2012 Andrew Marr show: "When people don't vote for the mainstream parties, it's because they don't believe that politics can change their lives."
Next time you hear him talk about out of touch Tories, remember that. He means that if you don't vote Labour or Tory (or Lib Dems as an acceptable protest vote) you don't believe politics can change your life. He's referring to Respect voters in Bradford specifically but tars millions of voters with this absurd comment.
Now if he was referring to people who don't vote at all it would make sense. But people who actively vote for someone other than the same old establishment knows that politics changes lives. They just know a bit more about democracy than others and don't see why the same two failing parties should keep hold of power.
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