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Kriya Yoga Science of Self-transformative Spirituality.
Kriya Yoga Science of Self-transformative Spirituality.


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Ananda Answers
 MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES with Kriyananda and Self-Realization Fellowship. See
Members of Ananada [Expanding Light] may not be getting all the facts about their founders sad life.
How does a non- Swami found a monastic tradition, especially since he himself [JDW] did not have the discipline, willpower, or understanding to keep his own monastic vows most of his life?
He formally gave up his monastic connection in 1985 so he could marry.
Not even that worked out for him, after she really got to know him.

 November 25, 2014

I began the study of comparative religion at an early age. Out of this intensive search of many years for a better way, I was eventually directed to the life and work of Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of the honored Self-Realization  Fellowship/YSS. Essentially, He introduced himself to me when I was ready.
At that time my disposition was one of serious anti organization 
and strong independence - not seeking any kind of spiritual teacher or Guru.

When, after 6 yrs of seeking,  the LIVING prophet Paramahansa Yogananda  introduced himself to me through a book written about Him, it became immediately evident that through a series of very exact influences over those past years in my life, it was He alone who had been directing my steps and education for several years in the great quest of the Spirit. This is what
Living Gurus do even after they pass on. They do not need a body to work through such as lesser teachers do. It would become counter productive for the devotees. The body after all is just part of this unreal world of relativity!

At that moment of introduction, although I was in sort of a state of shock, 
I knew both intellectually and intuitively that Yoganandaji was the One.
 It was 1958 and I clearly felt His living presence radiating from this wonderful publication from SRF, “The Master Said,” by Paramahansa Yogananda.
This inspiring volume is now titled, “Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda” I took the SRF lessons course but momentarily hesitated re receiving Kriya Yoga, and only through a little reflection and some wise guidance from SRF Mother Center did I decide to go for it!
Eventually I experienced all the blessings that comes from
listening to the Guru. The Guru opens the doors to real freedom
and self-empowerment. He created this organization, this sacred
community, for a divine purpose. The soul of Babaji’s spiritual 
community is Self-Realization Fellowship/ YSS. And it was due to the devoted work and loyalty of many monastics and others who serve SRF that we can all enjoy the great benefits of their publications, personal guidance, initiations into SRF advanced Kriya yoga, retreats, counseling, and the many blessings that millions have known through various contacts with the life and work of Yogananda through Yogananda’s only church – the Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS.

For those of you who are still searching for a spiritual path
and salvation in God-Realization. I give my personal testimony
that if you are attracted to this sacred path of SRF, Yogananda, a 
Living Guru, still provides all that you will ever need to reach your goals. Be it greater creativity, self-empowerment, happiness, enlightenment through advanced Kriya Yoga, understanding and getting along harmoniously with others, inner psychological and spiritual healing, success, or cosmic consciousness. Between the SRF/YSS Lessons Course and other SRF/YSS publications, and the blessings and guidance promised by Yogananda to all SRF Kriyabans – it is all there. And this all comes with personal counseling and guidance from SRF/YSS monastics, ministers and other staff members always helpful.

Nowhere did our gurus say that “after you learn such and such
you need to find another path to take you further.” That is not
the way it works the Guru/discipleship system works, and any such 
talk is by those desperately seeking power and more followers. 
The record shows that without doubt, what the master left us 
in Self-Realization Fellowship /YSS works for all attuned sincere and loyal devotees.  In fact, Yogananda once said;” I you will do only 5% of what I have shown you, you will find God in this life.” 

With the right effort, loyalty, and attunement you will find it all in the 
SRF/YSS masters and teachings. These teachings supply
many important elements that have been missing from
most popular religious movements for a long, long, time.
It is this most advanced “science of religion” that makes all
 the difference in the world, and the living example of such 
divinely advanced leadership that we have seen in 
SRF/YSS lineage in both India and America.

This SRF Spiritual Legacy [a divine global dispensation] will
will surely go a long way to bringing peace, unity, and understanding
to this divided world for future millenniums.

ANANDA; a community misled by Walters for 40 years.
There was a time many years later that I met J Donald Walters
on about 3 occasions. Around circa 1979 I was driving through 
California after attending the wonderful SRF World Convocation
My family and I had the opportunity to visit Ananda up near
Grass Valley/ Nevada City area. We stopped there as I was 
considering getting involved in some kind or spiritual community.
I must credit Mr Walters with saving me from a very serious 
misdirection of my spiritual life. It wasn't anything negative he said.
But when I left Ananda after a long visit and a chat with JDW I had
the clearest feeling that this life was not for me. I felt something was
very wrong here and I could not put my finger on it. I was left with
the clear impressions that Ananda was controlled by a man full of 
guile and manipulation. He sounded charming but was really a 
shallow suffering egotistic yogin. SEE>>>>>>>

It took me many more years to understand that great 
evils can and do occur in these communities when the leader is
too spiritually immature to be any kind of real spiritual teacher.
Then there were those terrible court session that really exposed 
Walters ignorance of his own major psychological problems. 
It took too many more years before he was forced by his deteriorating condition to seek prof help via a shrink and medications. Had he given more time to changing himself instead
of being bitter and self-deceiving, things could have been different.
Problems that he failed to sort out even to the very end of his life.
He was truly the Judas of all of Master’s devotees, who did many
foolish and unspeakable things while struggling with obsessions 
that he should have been the leader of all of Yogananda’s great work. He was an insult to Yogananda's good name.
Even though Walters was very persuasive and cunning, he never had 
any real spiritual depth, this especially showed up in his later years.
He writes in his book that after moving to America, at school he was
made to feel like a “worthless human being.” [ The Path]The problem
never really went away. Shortly after Sri Daya Mata’s passing, Walters had
the nerve to call SRF and tell Brother Anandamoy that, “all would be
forgiven,” if SRF made him the next president. A similar comment was made to an LA Times correspondent.  Not on your life…..!
What egotism! What gall!
This shows the even a year before his passing he was still unaware of his psychological problems and the harm he tried to do to others.

Even Yogananda warned Walters about the future, “Donald, you are not going to disappoint me- are you?” said the Master. And when all is said and done, history shows Walters to be one of Yogananda’s 
very greatest betrayals and disappointments. He did much harm emotionally and spiritually to many naive, trusting devotees. The truth is out there, see for yourself!

Much of what J Donald Walters wrote and Crystal Clarity wrote was 
either twisted, plagiarized, and stolen from the intellectual material rights that Yogananda
 himself had clearly deeded solely to the Self-Realization Fellowship.
He was essentially a thief, and a liar, which he justified as he imagined himself
to be Yogananda’s number one boy. Such delusions are ever painful
for those who seek power long before they are ready. And I feel for all those
who innocently imagined that Walters was some kind of guru. He was not
even close to being anyone’s guru. He made the great error of not changing himself first.
He had broken his monastic vows in various ways [by his own admissions]
long before he was fired  from SRF/YSS. This continued on and on. He was fired only after extreme
patience on the part of Daya Mata, and the final straw was when he was
deported as “persona non grata” by the Indian government for 10 years. It leaves a 
very dark mark on YSS when the vice-president creates such offences that the government of India ordered Walters out of the country. Can you imagine how much that set back master’s work in India for many years! He was a failure as a monastic, the lack of control over SRF/YSS ate at him constantly.
You may wonder why the Self-Realization Fellowship has never detailed all the reasons why Walters was fired. SRF does no vilify persons publicly or privately.  [It also is very rare for an organization to fire and executive of such a position] This was a courageous and difficult decision for Sri Daya Mata and the SRF board of directors. But in the long run it proved to be a divinely wisdom guided decision that save the SRF from many future scandals and harms. Many thanks to the Board of Directors! Of course Ananda members will always want to cover up and stand by their pseudo guru. Ananda covering up his sexual exploits for years and decades. They are now using the name Expanding Light often.
Documents Proving Walters Not a Swami
Documents Proving Walters Not a Swami
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Annual Convocation in Los Angeles is a wonderful
Spiritual event for devotees of SRF.

SRF World Convocation
SRF World Convocation
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Recordings of Paramahansa Yogananda speaking to devotees
of the Self-Realization fellowship .
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Mary Peck Stockton reminisces about Yogananda
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Yogananda's 125th Birthday a song in praise
of a true realized Guru.
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Self-Realization Fellowship devotees
celebrate kriya yoga initiations in South America

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Brother Chidananda gives us inspiration on the 125th birthday of
Paramahansa Yogananda.

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How ancient is the science of YOga, and kriya Yoga from SRF/YSS?
Krishna live circa 3000BC , Rama lived circa 10,000 BC etc, a fossilized yogi in yoga meditation posture was recently dug up in Mohenjo-Daro arch sites that was carbon tested at 7,200 years old ...etc

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