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dinWahyuqudew Moehammad Widyo Pratama (Chotaddin)
Baik dan tidak sombong haa
Baik dan tidak sombong haa

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I reached the landmark of 10 000 coins in 8 Ball Pool!
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I got 1 Free Spin on Spin & Win in 8 Ball Pool!
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My lord,

If you are getting a "PACKAGE FILE INVALID" error when trying to install our game Clash of Kings or any other app from Google Play, you will need to clear your Google Play app data and cache.

To do this, please follow these steps: 
1. Go into your device's Settings menu. 
2. Select Applications (may also be labeled Application Manager). 
3. Tab over to All Applications. 
4. Open the Google Play Store app. 
5. Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache. 
6. Restart Google Play and install or update Clash of Kings again.

Since this is an issue with the Google Play Store, for further support with this issue you will need to contact the Google Play Store customer support directly:
Hope it works for you, and if it doesn't work, please feel free to contact us again and send us the failure screenshot.

The COK Team
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Thank you very much
Clash of Kings Lord Wars update coming soon!  With this new update coming out today, it's going to let you battle for the throne with millions of people from your Kingdom! Lord Wars will be open as soon as possible. Here's a list of what's new in the version 1.0.70:

Lord Wars feature coming soon
- Modified the war areas
- Added the palace and 4 war machines in the middle of Kingdom Map at (X=600; Y=600); players will be able to battle for the throne

Alliance Optimizations
- Alliance leader can modify member's title
- If alliance leader doesn't login for 7 days, R3 and R4 members can spend some gold to become a new leader

Other Optimizations
- Added a new feature that lets players use a batch of items quickly 
- Optimized the Wall rules; added a fire extinguishing feature 
- Optimized the Invite system
- Optimized the Science description
- During the marching process to attack others, the use of Peace Shield is prohibited 
- You can quickly navigate to any location by clicking on its coordinates in the Battlefield Report and Bookmark
- When attacking Monsters, Stamina damage will be displayed
- Added new shapes for high level castles

Click "SHARE" if you are ready for the #LordWars. Click this link to update your game now and gain free 100 gold: "".

What do you think about this new update? Tell us in the comments!
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Come and play Rollercoaster Tycoon with me!
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