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Get Creative. Build Self. & Contribute... x
Get Creative. Build Self. & Contribute... x

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Every creative has a toolbox, some tools are shared among creatives but for each creative these tools are used differently or there are more tools needed for some compared to others.

See what tools I have in my creative toolbox, maybe you'll be inspired !

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Got to fill your garden with daisies & place your attention there ..ain't nobody got time to receive cactuses

Illustrated by my curly friend +Tall N Curly.

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My newest read is full of material that I know that I'll turn into a blog post or upload to empower my fellow readers, writers, poets and ordinary people. Rebels to society I'm here for you.

#pebblesreads #ScarletAndBlack #Stendhal

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When your wonderful friends in the Canvas To My Soul community invite you to join in on a prompt for Women's History Month, what do you do? You accept!

So thank you +maricris cabrera and +David Palmer for inviting me to this prompt.


Hey babygirl
I hope that your eyes are open wide
That your every question finds its answer
And those answers lead to more questions
I want you to grow in a world that you adapt to your own experience
I want you to challenge norms
And climb mountains
Make it look like you're skipping stones
Remember that your worth can only truly be grasped
When you know what you bring to the table
You will not allow anybody to treat you any less
Punches and insults may break bones but
Confidence knocks down every wall
Every wall that they will trick you into building
So that you hinder this success with that hurt
And that limitation with this doubt
That stereotype with this uncertainty
This height with that fear
Remember what you bring to the table
Let that be your strength
In the knowing what you will and will not accept
In looking defeat in its eyes and scaring it away
Telling societal standards to take a backseat
The present needs what this woman has to offer
Not what women have been told to hold off
I need you to speak to the decibel that causes deaf ears to hear
Closed hearts to open
Dormant destinies to arise and achieve
And causes the ignorant to call themselves out.

" 📷 credit © 2016 Maricris Cabrera"

© 2017 PebblesWroteIt

I'll tag my fellow Poets & Writers below.



Leaving old CDs
Sweet nothings whispered aloud
Play through the morning

© 2017 PebblesWroteIt

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You don't know what your reach means for someone else. Until the day you die people still wouldn't have seen the best of you.

#thursdaythoughts #vibes #vibesession

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Thank you for inviting me to this prompt +Mai .

Happy Valentine's day everybody! The Single, the Mingling & the Taken.

Look me in my eyes one more time
And tell me those beautiful words that do proceed
If I had not seen a love like this
I would have said it was non-existent
What you have done, is brought the lost into existence
You have caramelized the fudge
Snowed on the smoooth Belgians
Gone all nutty with the Pralines
Now a sista left with a sweet tooth

I proceed to keep on moving
If I remember you said to meet you in the booth
Strictly by 10, or else I'll meet lions in the den
I read your note this morning had me coolin
Cause I was schoolin with the love meister
And Forever My Lady was my jam when I got in the car
I wonder who hooked me up with that Jodeci

Could it happen to be a sweet tall figure
About my size or an inch taller
Rockin Jheri Curls like a poster child for S Curls
Could he happen to have made reservations for two
Came through for his girl like always, I call him my boo

Now the clock's hitting nine fifty-five
I'm dressed to put his myocardium in function
But not severe enough to cause collateral damage
It's five minutes later, a young Teddy Pendergrass whispers in my ear
"Do you mind joining me for dinner this evening"
I took a step forward and turned round
And indeed it was a sweet tall figure
Flattering with compliments and a rose for a pretty lady
We waited to be seated and then set into the night

" 📷 credit © 2017 M Macharia"

© 2017 PebblesWroteIt

one of the hardest things for me as a writer, is naming my pieces. you define the sheet with your words & now it judges you on the lack of a title.

- you don't want to be so creative that you name it something totally different from what it represents.

#thoughts #writer #poet #blogger

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Motivation on a Saturday by Sophia Thakur.

#sitbackandreflect #explore #standout #risks #movinforward 

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