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If at all I am to work in your favor and work alongside you, it is best to want what you want and to both understand and see life from your perspective.

- Often I will use my hopeful heart to encourage you and keep you alive, but can you want that too ?!
I'm standing here in your presence smiling And no, it's not because you are dying I'm playing old reels to make them anew Renewing your strength while you're still here Promise me you'll live on like my prayers to keep...
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This is a beautiful piece and the added visuals too !
The sun is going down
Nature is spreading love in the sky
The golden reddish rays are all around
This scene is touching my heart's eye

©Baleshwar Purohit (Poem)
Photo by Jerod Foster
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+Pebble$ Blog Thanks.................Thanks
What a heart touching reply
Your words are touching my heart's eye
By your words, I'm going to seventh heaven of delight
Oh! my dear friend, have a wonderful night

Good wishes
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I think anybody would remember what they were saying when Robin Williams enters the room, he got all the juice so yours would seem irrelevant when he leaves lol ! Amazing man. 😂😂
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That time Mr Scarecrow had to voice out to +David Palmer . 😁

Out of order?
It's out of order that you call me scarecrow
It is scary that your wiring isn't connected
Mechanical as I should be you couldn't wait for me
To function?
This is beyond judging books by cover
This is the fear that your wiring could be used to judge mine without diagnosis
Out of order?
Standard procedures state that you recognize my order in movement
Too quick to move on you make it
If out of order, out of mind
Mr David walked by laughing
He stood puzzled "out of order?" but he moved !
Yeah Mr David it's that young buck
Smacking her gums on stall 10
Someone needs to engineer her patience
The claim is he is broken, fix him
But connect doesn't come before disconnect
Judgement is unnecessary without an appearance
Out is not needed when order is in
So please do not ask Mr Scarecrow where he has been

" 📷 credit © 2016 David Palmer"

© 2016 PebblesWroteIt
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+Pebble$ Blog very much you made my morning brighter
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Thank you +Amanda Anna​ for this prompt.

Don't believe that she just sits there
Sits there to let sands sink beneath her feet
She's reading body language
Using the sky to set the scene
This is a getaway not for her
A warning for you
Getaway from the water and in plain sight
You will be her source of material tonight
Don't mistake a fresh bikini lady
With shades a perfect umbrella & book!
She is in observation
Watching every activity but hers
That book is a distraction
This sand is just a replacement for harder ground
Can I take you by the sandcastles one time
Let's stand under a palm tree
Engage in conversation
I have my material, I'm using this as a pastime
My. Umbrella. Is. Up.

" 📷 credit © 2016 Amanda Anna"

© 2016 PebblesWroteIt
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+Pebble$ Blog -- we enjoy every submission you give us
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Cute faced cookie-monster lover who doesn't play when it comes to acquainted tastes !

#pebbleswritesthis   #Poet   #Writer   #pebblesantics  
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How many more go unreported? You can only imagine.

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Many thanks to +maricris cabrera for this prompt. It was an interesting one, the more I awaken my creativity I realize how amazing the journey is in creating a piece. I enjoy your work too !

Mines is a bottle, no genie
Mines is on layaway
The cost for reading messages washed ashore
Is one too daunting and expensive for me
This yellow sheet has me thinking that I..
Have I? Have I met my fate.
I make out a classroom in my imagination
Place the title to the left, date on the right
I looked to the right of the sky
But the sun ceased in telling time or date
These waves are creating more imagery
These pebbles are giving me false reassurance
Harmony of waves to pebbles
Can't be the same as me to this bottle and this note
Why. Somebody ask me why I had to be here
Why me when this bottle washed ashore
How comes my eyes weren't busy some place else
Wait. Do you think this could be the reply from grandpa
Yeah that letter I sent him while he was at sea
Nah. Maybe the one I sent to Corduroy
Probably part of his fan mail Lisa forgot to read
Or maybe it's that thesis I wrote barbie
On the false promise of intact limbs at 7
Nah. It's probably from somebody anonymous
Hoping, yes.. hoping to scare me
It worked. It did not!
Alright let's take out this cork
Pull the yellow note open
Actually retrace your steps, put that note back
Put the cork back in and lay it on the pebbles
I don't know whose tentacles and barnacles
Shimmied on this bottle
Leave it alone!
Just keep it as one of life's mysteries
This one's a bottle? Yes genie.

" 📷 credit © 2016 Maricris Cabrera"

© 2016 PebblesWroteIt
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+Pebble$ Blog your most welcome my pleasure 
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Yup, need to know the difference.
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If this is not your relevant right now, it may be your relevant later.. so hold tight onto it in one of your hands.

#encouragement   #motivation  
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Is you ready ? You sure you ready?! Listen..

#vibes   #vibesession  
4 Page Letter 1 by Bubblerap
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My gaze tells yesterday's story to show the content of the day before,

An outlook on today challenged by yesterday's mind.

#pebbleswroteit #Poet  
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