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Get Creative. Build Self. & Contribute... x
Get Creative. Build Self. & Contribute... x

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Quarter 3 blogger: +Saunya reminds us that,

When Passion Meets Purpose..

You forget your fears
You erase doubts
You remember your story
You remember you have a story
You are reminded that your story is worth sharing
You find a reason to live
... a reason to dream
... a reason to accomplish & achieve
You remember that other lives are attached to your purpose

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You have so much that is WORTH Fighting For...

- Win your battles !

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One of those piece before the actual piece you decide to begin afresh so, here is part of it. The lines I think might be felt most.

- Have a great week ahead !

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Just caught onto Moonchild this one song GOT ME, really got me. Soulful story all the way through.

I need that Voyager album !

#vibes #vibesession

When you get the time, empower yourself with Edgar A. Guest's - "Equipment" poem.

#pebblesreads #Train4Reigning

the face/surface of a person or thing, can be totally different from the power that lies within.

#pebblesreads #Train4Reigning

I know that we're still enjoying 2017 but just a question.

Should my '2017 In Review' be a YouTube Live Stream?

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Remember this. Still applicable.

#DearGiant  if you are to stand tall you need to tower above quick-fixing voids within yourself.

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Thank you +Marilyn Ward. I'm finally delivering on this tag 😊

Your petals spell sunrays
It takes a while realizing you have that light inside
Inside you will dig and find your mine
Collection of goods
They spent an awfully long time nested below your skin
Soil deep, as roots draw the resource of the sun's goodness
Light a path in broad daylight
Be a resource of inhale, exhale exercises
You bear no scent
But you are relaxation in a breath
The sight of you
Like diamonds in dirt

© 2017 PebblesWroteIt

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Beautiful piece by a fellow poet. I felt and I imagined.

Joseph's Star
1, 3, 5, 7, 7, 5, 3, and 1

holding the
soul of dying sun
in its arms, hues of scarlet
spreading their magic around
the mountains till dawn
breaks the spell

silhouettes of fears
on the ridges, climbing up
the silent thoughts to capture
my heart aching with
long lasting

in the air
cold shadows of night
hovering, touching, shaking
the small wildflowers around
a fence spreads
in the air

September 2017 ©Hifsa Ashraf
(words & image)

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