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Still proper, Fendi leather skirt!
I worn my Fendi skirt to the city for dinner last night. San Francisco's weather is perfect for wearing leather anything.... It is almost windy all the time around the bay and I find leather is the best shield for blocking out brutal wind in the city. I eve...

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Dress to Impress!
Needless to say, this Karla Spetic Rose print one piece sheer dress certainly made my day brighter. The best view and weather in San Francisco.  Happy end of summer! xoxo Rachel 

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Healthy Skin, the first impression of how you show off your beauty statement.
Halloween is approaching fast which means our season is changing and it also means time to feed your skin and keep up its moisture. Drinking lots of water keeps the skin hydrated and most important thing is that water is a natural detoxing agent, it helps y...

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Mesmerizing tidies things after my Asia trip. Resting, recharge until I am ready for my next one in October.
I have been away from USA for more than 2 weeks.  After Taipei and Bali, I am finally HOME, San Francisco.   New acquisitions during my Asia trip: Fendi monster slip-ons and monster pouch.   My fancy oolong tea with tasteless gold flakes.  Chicken soup befo...

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Anything works : 70s, 80s, even 90s as long as you pull it off with your confidence.
Friend and I were talking about how the fashion trends are so mixed these days. It pretty much blends in all the looks in different eras and it doesn't seem we have a boundary at all. Oh yeah, no boundary!! Personally, I don't think I have figured out all t...

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A paradise trip in Bali, Indonesia.
I have been neglected my blog for a while but definitely not neglect fashion trends nor heathy life style. As a matter of fact, if you browse my side bar on FB, you will see lots of updates and even my IG is full of updates too. Well, I know, that is not an...

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Denim Overall Look is Classic and Sexy!
Overall is easy to wear except troublesome enough when you have to go to the restroom that you might think twice before you wear it. Even though, I still like the posh look when wearing my tailored one. I wore my jean overall a lazy way that I left several ...

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Culottes, how easy!
Culottes, I never think it is man-repellent nor categorize into a tom-boy look. It really depends on how you accessorize your look. Heels will always make any outfit instantly feminine and sexy. Don't you think so? As for the tops' options, you can always c...

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Cropped, Stripped and Printed casual outfit.
Everytime I see this rooster cropped top with a lapel in my wardrobe, I gasped the unique rooster prints, the baby blue and the sheen. Happily recycled it from my wardrobe and I doubt I will ever get tired of wearing it. As for the stripped bottom, I bought...

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Plz "like" Heidi's essay : Who inspired me most? On Writer's square!! This will makes her article "audience's favorite"! Thank you soooooo much! 😘
Heidi Purnama, Division 1, 4th grade

There are many celebrities and family members that inspire me in different ways like One Republic the band and my cousin Chloe, but past all those people, my mom inspires me the most. She is everything you can ask for and she inspires me in the most fascinating ways and the amazing qualities in her.

First of all, my mom inspired me into learning art. Every weekend in the late afternoon, she would come home with a perfect drawing or one in process, that I would try to mimic. My mom taught me how to draw circles and basic shapes when I was very young. Also, she would teach me strokes and techniques in painting and take me to see art works by artists like Monet. She never gave up on teaching me even if it meant trying a million times. She believed in me.

Second of all, my mom is heartwarming and cares for me. When I have the blues, she would cheer me up by making silly jokes like knock-knock jokes. For example, when my ankle hurt., she carried me to the nearest bench and made me laugh. She made me delicious food like chow mein and fried rice.  She encouraged me to be an upstander and not let anyone to try to be a bully to anybody or let anyone get bullied. Also, when my friend was stuck on a math division problem, I helped her using candy to demonstrate the problem, and she understood better.

Third of all, my mom is smart and sets good examples She helps me with homework everyday and she works hard late at night to earn money for the family. She helped me get an A+ in my math test. My mom is the best teacher and I want to be like her when I grow up because she is very kind and courageous. She stands up for her opinions and doesn’t let anyone stand in her way of imagination. 

In conclusion, I want to be like my mom because she is heartwarming, inspiring, and she is everything you can ever ask for!

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