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Unfortunately there will be no Grim North next week because I am working late all week.

Last night in the Grim North..

The PCs set off even further north across the Plains of Sanguine Desolation towards the distant White Mountains. They are in search of the Black Metal in the hopes that they can use it to create magical weapons.

Base xp for the session is 200. Adjusted for bonuses the new totals are...

+Neil Benson Ragnar lvl1 Ranger 680/2500
+Jürgen Mayer Nymnax lvl 1 Fighter 1071/2000 XP bonus +5%
+Chris H Blep Lvl5 thief 13,188/20000 XP bonus +10%

Word on the frozen streets is.....

A huge deformed creature that could not possibly be a mole man went on a short lived rampage in the Black District before burrowing into the very cobbled streets to make its escape.

The city has seen a glut of out of town heavily armed, itinerant scum and villainy lately. Apparently they’re being drawn in by the rumours that the Eye of Seros is to be found somewhere in town.

A shipment of hollow melons, containing wine, has been seized at the Mountain Gate by the Day Watch. It is unknown who would be foolish enough to attempt to smuggle such a valuable commodity in broad daylight.

A bar room brawl in Dockside apparently got seriously out of hand resulting in the deaths of a dozen Dockside Boys and three or four of the Alleyway Brotherhood.

There will be a hour of silence at midnight tonight as a mark respect to the most Most Holy Mother Twirila Veydt, who finally died this morning.

Tonight in the Grim North...

They encountered the new incarnation of the Otter Cult, led by the mysterious Steve and now decidedly new age..
They smuggled a silver candlestick from the Bridge District to the Black District. It had been used as a murder weapon by Ethan Von Valian (the younger.)
They fought Storm Moles in the street and unmasked their sorcerous master. He summoned a Mankiller Molehemoth however and they bravely, bravely ran away.
At the house of Shul-Nazidar they dealt with the demon Argenvorax who eats silver in exchange for knowledge and power.
They got paid and returned to the Secret Shack with barely a scratch. Largely because Ottsa healed everyone.

It’s 600 for the job minus 10% house cut is 135sp each (except Silvie who receives 150 as she exempt from the cut)

Base xp is 470... New xp totals are

+Brian Wille Thuul-Botha Cinth Lvl3 Mage 6031/10000 XP bonus +5%
+Chris H Blep Lvl5 thief 12,968/20000 XP bonus +10%
+Eric Nieudan silent Sylvie lvl3 acrobat 2969/5000 bing Sylvie levels up!
+Rachael Tew Ottsa lvl4 mystic 8216/12000

I was going to make a second sticky post along with the NPCs one but G+ will only allow me to pin one thread >:( So I have combined the too into an über thread.

Outstanding Jobs available at the Secret Shack of Mercenaries, Sellspears and Blades for Hire..

Being a list of work offered but not taken, or incomplete tasks attempted, or avenues pursued unsuccessfully, rumours not followed...

Smuggling criminal evidence across the city for a collector of books, not attempted

Investigate corruption/nefarious activities on behalf of a wizard, not attempted

Obtain the liver of a Ghost Serpent from the sewers for Bulbaan of the Eightfold Night (resides in terrace district) - unsuccessfully attempted

White alligator hunting in the Sewers. Skins apparently extremely valuable. Live specimens even more so. (Rumoured)

So, for tonight’s game the Secret Shack takes 10% of the payment so it’s 450 divided by 5 or 90sp each. Plus the potential eternal gratitude of the House Von Arrin.

Base XP is 480 each so with modifiers, the current totals of xp are

+Brian Wille Thuul-Botha Cinth Lvl3 Mage 5538/5000 XP bonus +5%
+Chris H Blep Lvl5 thief 12,451/20000 XP bonus +10%
+Jürgen Mayer Nymnax lvl 1 Fighter 861/2000 XP bonus +5%
+Rachael Tew Ottsa lvl4 mystic 7746/12000 480
+Neil Benson Ragnar lvl1 Ranger 480/2500

Latest news from Nox Aeterna...

The carriage of all poles, wooden or otherwise, over six feet in length is now outlawed within the city. This follows a series of unfortunate blinding accidents and is informed by the folk wisdom “Be careful, or you’ll have someone’s eye out with that”

Wine is apparently being smuggled into the city in melon shipments. The wine is somehow concealed inside hollow melons.

The up coming midsummer festivities have been postponed for yet another year due to the repeated failure of any sort of summer to actually materialise. It continues to snow, moderately.

The living saint Mother Twirilla Veydt is reportedly about to die after a hundred and seven years of good deeds and selfless acts. It has been decreed by the Tyrant that her remains shall be interred in the Black Cathedral of the Aeternal Lords for posterity.

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The Grim North Returns, Wednesday 2nd of May @ 2000 GMT+1

“We who are about to die pointlessly in the snow, salute you” as they say in the Battlepits.

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Help a wilderlands noob? I saw noted on a map of the wilderlands “Free Lords of Horaja “ and this piqued my interest. I have the 3.5 wilderlands book and it’s not mentioned. My google skills are failing me also, so could anyone point me in the right direction to expand my knowledge? Thanks in advance.

The Dragon Warriors “One Shot” continues...

While the Gods Sleep; part unknown... the PCs are tracking a stolen pig, belonging to a mysterious forest woman, through a mist enshrouded marsh. They are beset by the incessant cawing of crows, strange torchlight processions, weird bloated swamp things with weeds for hair that drag you into the bog, eerie black shadows that slink through the fog, and every night their rest is disturbed by the unearthly howling of wolves...
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