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GCBHK Capoeira Hong Kong 香港巴西戰舞

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When the temperature drops but the work must go on.

Why I have my Malandro Roda blazer in an unfinished studio is beyond me but I'm damn grateful it is.


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Playing with my tourist camera again.
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It can't always be Capoeira...
But with this bad boy behind me it's going to become a hell of a lot more than it used to be.

Wait, hang on. It pretty much almost always already is!
If it's going to become more then I better think about giving up some of those useless time consuming habits that currently engulf my life... such as masticating... shut eye and umm... turning a blind eye.

With the World Capoeira Federation competition coming up in May 2018 I think I'm going to chase that Elite Athletes status first. Send a proper organised Hong Kong team to Azerbaijan rather than just a bunch of randomly self registered individuals.

National pride and government support. let's bring back gold for Hong Kong.

Maybe then we can have the chance to train ourelite athletes at the Institute of Sports with all the specialised trimmings... Nutritionists, trainers, physiotherapists, psychologists and scientists.

This is the future of capoeira people. With ever developing technology at our disposal it's time for the future.

The history of Capoeira to learn and know is important for every Capoeirista, but let's not forget that history is in the past.

I see a new breed of player emerging in the not too distant future,
one that cares not about the in depth history of Brazil,
one that cares not about hardships Capoeira has endured to be here today,
one that cares not about learning Portuguese and integrating into Brazilian culture,
one that cares not about dancing Samba... Let's be honest, there are even a lot of Brazilians that don't even like Samba...

These players of the future who, while they will never go on to become "Mestres" of Capoeira, will bring home gold medals for their countries.

This is not the end.
This is not the beginning.
This is the transition into the new world.
There has always been Capoeiristas.
There will always be Capoeiristas.
Be ready to welcome the new era.
Be ready to meet the Sports Capoeira Athletes.

Daniel Hemsworth.
Post Graduate Diploma in Sports and Recreation Management.
(The University of Hong Kong - School of Professional and Continuing Education).

#GCBHK #GCBGZ #GCBSZ #Capoeira #Chumbinho #巴西戰舞 #巴西战舞 #Hemsworth #Capoeira很好
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It can't always be Capoeira... Except for when it's Batizado time and then it's quite literally written all over you.

Naturally I would like to thank all those that put in the extra effort to travel from afar to join the events.
(See appendix A.)

For 2 weeks now I have been trying to write this post to express myself about the events this year in Guangzhou and Hong Kong... But the words are just not coming. Or they are words that just can't be written.

In the beginning anxiety and excitement build as the day approaches. Watching all the Players prepare themselves for the evaluations with anticipations of graduating to their next level, of receiving their new Corda.

As always some are confident and some are nervous and some go outright crazy thinking this is the one day of the year it's ok to challenge a Master or Teacher.

Batizado Day is a celebration.
Batizado Day is a ceremony.
Batizado Day is a moment of recognition for all the wars you already fought throughout the year, years, inside and outside of the Roda.

This is where I transition into the super congratulations for Professor Rasta. The first in Hong Kong to reach such a prestigious level of Capoeira. In my first few years in Hong Kong he was an amazing student. Afterwards he continued to become an amazing companion along this road of Capoeira. Always supportive, always ready and always ready to challenge, not just in the Roda but also outside of it. His finger always on the pulse.

The start of the implementation of the new system went smoothly. With the support of the local Hong Kong and Guangzhou instructor team as well as positive recognition from visiting masters and teachers I am confident that the future of Capoeira has just stepped off the starting blocks with a clean start. The next eighteen months will be the real judge however.

Right now though that the event is over it's time to knuckle down and start planning for the future. With the next event just 24 weeks away it's time to start preparing, booking and negotiating. It's time to start looking at the dozen other projects in my project folder, Capoeira program courses, kids Capoeira program, BESHK next production plan and grant proposal, Vietnam Capoeira program, Jornada Brasileira 2018, discovering more opportunities to spread Capoeira throughout Greater China, Capoeira competitions and bringing our elite Hong Kong team to winning in international competition meets.

Appendix A.
Attending in Hong Kong.
Mestre Peixe Ensaboado, Mestre Eddy Murphy, Mestre Junior. Professors Javali, Agua & Choco. Instructors Tartaruga, Shaolin, Café, Coche, Paulinha, Titan. Monitors Jamaica, Batatinha, Jimmy, Zoinho, Chiclete. And visiting students Lenka, Energia, Astral, Anestesia, Mr OneTwo, Toro Preto, Harmonia, Ana, Jungle Boy, Corda Brilhante, Baqueta, Sara,

Attending in Guangzhou.
Professor Javali, Instrutors Café, Rasta, Maluquinho & Coche. Monitora Zoinho. And Visiting students Jungle Boy, Corda Brilhante, Pobrezinho... That's all? Not a single one from GCBHK? 😒😒😒

Appendix B.
Special thank you to Miss ChoYi and APA School of Dance for hosting us during our event this year. Looking forward to many more interactions with the SOD kids in the future.

#GCBHK #GCBGZ #GCBSZ #Capoeira #Chumbinho #巴西戰舞 #巴西战舞 #Hemsworth #Capoeira很好
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Roda do Mes - August.
GCBSZ Capoeira Shenzhen.
Saturday 26th August.
Shenzhen Civic Centre.
Everyone welcome.

#GCBHK #GCBGZ #GCBSZ #Capoeira #Chumbinho #巴西戰舞 #巴西战舞 #Hemsworth #Capoeira很好
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Coming up soon.

12th Batizado Festival GCBHK Capoeira Hong Kong.
2nd Batizado Festival GCBGZ Capoeira Guangzhou.

From September 9th - 17th.
2 cities, 12 workshops, 2 Batizados, Tons of players, Capoeira, Capoeira, Capoeira.

#GCBHK #GCBGZ #GCBSZ #Capoeira #Hemsworth
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First time to receive a payment in WeChat wallet Hong Kong $$$ by credit card.

Credit card payments in HK$ now available at;
GCBHK Capoeira Hong Kong.
GCBGZ Capoeira Guangzhou.
GCBSZ Capoeira Shenzhen.
Gravity Ballet.

#HKD #HK$ #WeChatWallet #GCBHK #GCBGZ #GCBSZ #Capoeira #GravityBallet #HongKong
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It can't always be Capoeira and that's only because I have Tuesday off.

Now that school is finished I am back to full schedule. No more loafiing around at HKU Space anymore on Monday and Wednesday nights.

Training schedule with Mestre Chumbinho effective immediately.
Mondays 20:40 TST Studio.
Wednesdays 20:00 TST Studio.
Thursdays 20:00 HongLing, Shenzhen.
Fridays 20:45 TST Studio.
Saturdays 14:00 TST Studio.
Sundays 19:30 HongLing, Shenzhen.

Just weeks out from the Batizado the pressure is starting to mount. 12th in Hong Kong and 2nd in Guangzhou. The players of Shenzhen vadiando between the two.

Taking back my classes. Taking back my studio. Taking back my life.

Starting my second weekly class in Shenzhen. On the first day we were off to a great start.
Pouring down with rain.
Metres from the door of class broke my thongs.
A special little spectator watching me all the way through class.
Saved by the ¥29 pair of Quiksilvers... 4 sizes too small.
Found a great place for dinner. Lucky BBQ = great chicken.
Made a new friend, Richard, as we watched the diving together.
Live band helped soothe the senses after a roller coaster ride of a day.

Don't let this roller coaster life become your normal life.

Pick up, get up, prep up, motivate and focus. Only so many weeks to go. Another up, another down, another turn around, loop the loop and upside down.

Don't blink your eyes it will be all over, it will be mid October...

And nothing will be the same again.

#GCBHK #GCBGZ #GCBSZ #Capoeira #Chumbinho #巴西戰舞 #巴西战舞 #Hemsworth #Capoeira很好
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August 12th - GZ music workshop & assessment

August 19th - HK music workshop & assessment.

September 8th - GZ final assessment.
September 9th - Q&A, Maculele, *Roda, Batizado, workshop, snack break, Beribmbau Jam, Singing Knowledge, Workshop, Open Roda, photos, Dinner.
September 10th - Workshop, *Roda, Snack Break, Workshop, Demonstration, Workshop, Open Roda, Sharing.
September 11th - Workshop, Roda.
September 12th - Workshop, Roda.

Mestre Chumbinho.
Professor Javali.
Instrutor Café.
Instrutor Rasta.
Instrutor Maluqinho.

September 13th - Day Off.

Hong Kong.
September 14th - Workshop, Roda.
September 15th - Workshop, Roda.
September 16th - HK final assessment, Q&A, Workshop, *Roda, Snack Break, Beribmbau Jam, Singing Knowledge, Workshop, Open Roda.
September 17th - Warm Up, *Roda, Workshop, Snack Break, Maculele, Batizado, Open Roda, Photos, Dinner.

Mestre Peixe Ensaboado.
Professor Javali.
Professor Agua.
Instrutor Café.
Instrutora Paulinha.
Monitora Batatinha.

GZ Entire Event $1800.00 ¥1500.00.
HK Entire Event $1800.00 ¥1500.00.
HK & GZ Package $2800.00 ¥2500.00.
International Guests $1000.00 ¥880.00.

Music Workshop & Assessment $180 ¥150.
Batizado Day $800 ¥680. (inc t-shirt).
Workshops $350 ¥300.
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3rd All China Capoeira Competition 2016. (ACCC)
2nd - 4th September.

Comp rules and links to registration are on the website.

Competitors from China, Hong Kong, Macau& Taiwan.

Register early to be eligible for upcoming bonuses.

#internationalcapoeirasociety #3rdaccc #capoeirainchina
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